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  • 1. 1222000
  • 2. CONTENTI - IntroductionII - The background of the market Market share Competitors Consumers Special time SegmentationIII – Unique Selling PointsIV – Threats and OpportunitiesV – Recommendations
  • 3. Introduction. Small family supermarket chainFounded in 1847 by Edwin J Booth. Specificity : regional supermarkets (North England) local products. 26 stores located in the north of England. Headquarters in Preston. £250 millions in 2009 (+5,4%). 3000 employees. Edwin Booths philosophy : “Sell the best goods available, in attractive stores, staffed with first class assistants”.
  • 4. MARKET SHAREo Oligopoly marketo Strong competitiono Smaller player : 0.3% Booths
  • 5. COMPETITORS  The “Big 4” Tesco – ASDA – Morrison’s – Sainsbury’s 47% of British shopper’s spending on food in supermarkets  Other “ethical supermarkets” The higher the rating the more ethical the brand. BRAND RATING Co-op supermarkets 7 Booths supermarkets 6.5 Farmfoods supermarkets 6.5 Budgens supermarkets 6 Londis supermarkets 6 Mark & Spencer supermarkets 5.5
  • 6. CONSUMERS ETHICAL CONSUMERS Since 2006, BOOTHS focus on a green issue comfortable standard living consumers price of products environment-conscious consumers local products (less transport, focus on local activity)
  • 7. Product segmentation • Product classification Foods: fresh, hot, gerneral2/1/2013
  • 8. Product segmentation Drinks:water, cola, energy drink, bizzy drink, and wine E.g wine Homecare: baby, pet, toilet2/1/2013
  • 9. SEGMENTATIONWho buys Economic conditions Demographic psychology
  • 10. SEGMENTATIONWhere it is bought• Location: Far from the city centre Suburbs
  • 11. SEGMENTATION• Purchase frequency: daily weekly monthly• Booths open every day
  • 12. UNIQUE SELLING POINTSo Fresh productso Typical north English productso Products and brands which directly come from other countries Meats 80% of the fresh meat is regionally sourced.CheeseLocal, national and continental with over90 varieties to choose from.
  • 14. STRENGHTS STRENGHTSo High quality producto Wide product range in foods and drinkso Big car parko Comfortable buying atmosphereo Good market segmentationo Strong regional supplierso A very strong label position
  • 15. WEAKNESSES WEAKNESSES o Price - very high o Location - far away from city centre o Lack of promotion - less advertising o Limited choice of non-food products, such as household ware
  • 16. OPPORTUNITIES OPPORTUNITIESo Government and people preoccupations concerning fresh products Booths USP : high quality products and organic foodo Brand identity Brand image in customers’ heads Booths refers to quality
  • 17. THREATS 4 BIG THREATS o Strong competition from other supermarkets from other types (One Stop, small stores, etc …) o Material price . Product from global . New products ? . Requirement from global . More export
  • 18. THREATSo Global marketingo Local economy . High unemployment rate . Economic crisis . Financial windstorm, debt crisis . GDP
  • 19. RECOMMENDATIONS RECOMMENDATIONS FOR BOOTHS . Product . Price . Promotion . Place . Service
  • 20. RECOMMENDATIONSProduct strategy maintain the product advantages high quality; complete varieties extend the private lable product keep the product sourcing & inventory
  • 21. RECOMMENDATIONS Price strategydiscount pricing quality eg: dozen cheaper than odd sale festival eg: Christmas studentpsycological pricing break even point sales buy one get one free oddment eg: £1.96 is much cheaper than £2
  • 22. RECOMMENDATIONSPromotion strategyadvertisingpublic & social relations
  • 23. RECOMMENDATIONSPlace strategy open more convenient store location choice eg: near the shopping center
  • 24. RECOMMENDATIONSService smiling service after-sales service eg: online-shopping; delivery weak peoples facilities & service