Lightning Talk at Semantic Technology & Business Conference 2014 by Bernadette Hyland


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Bernadette Hyland, CEO & co-founder of 3 Round Stones, winner of Best Semantic Technology Company 2012, highlights how leading North & South American organizations are using publishing trusted, authoritative data on the Web. She highlights a US health care company using Open Government Data to notify asthmatics on air quality. Bernadette highlights the Energy Innovation Center at the Inter-American Development Bank who recently launched energy statistics using Linked Open Data for improved SEO, discovery, access and data re-use.

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Lightning Talk at Semantic Technology & Business Conference 2014 by Bernadette Hyland

  1. 1. !!!!!!!!! ! !! How America’s Leading Authorities are Publishing & Consuming Open Data on the Web ! Bernadette Hyland, co-founder CEO, 3 Round Stones, Inc. ! Level: Business/Strategic ! For people who need data to do their job, the biggest challenge is simply ge7ng access to the informa9on they need. Government agencies, interna9onal development banks, and educa9onal ins9tu9ons are among the many organiza9ons crea9ng and publishing high quality data intended for worldwide discovery, access and re-­‐use. Join us in a fast-­‐paced overview of how and why organiza9ons are taking an Open Data + Open Source approach. Learn who benefits. You may be surprised! ! 3 Round Stones has over a decade of experience with government agencies, interna9onal development banks and the private sector facilita9ng discovery, access and re-­‐use of data on cultural heritage, healthcare, our environment and energy innova9on. !3 Round Stones ac9vely supports several widely deployed Open Source projects including the Persistent URLs Project (hQp:// and Callimachus (hQp:// 3 Round Stones also provides commercial licenses & support for Callimachus Enterprise with Ac9ve PURLs. Callimachus Enterprise is soYware that allows you to easily explore and create visualiza9ons from a variety of data sources. !C allimachus Enterprise breaks down barriers in order to access, integrate and visualize data from a variety of sources. This means you can spend less 9me naviga9ng a technical obstacle course to combine the data you need, and more 9me doing what’s really important — finding insights. ! ! Ms. BernadeQe Hyland is as a subject maQer expert on Web-­‐scale data integra9on projects. Author of interna9onally peer-­‐reviewed data best prac9ces published by the W3C and Springer, she has helped pioneer discovery, access and re-­‐use of some of the most popular open data sets. A trusted adviser to senior execu9ves, journalists and researchers, she is invited to speak at na9onal and interna9onal fora on the topic of digital innova9on and strategy.