Notes for analysis of performance based music video 1


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Notes for analysis of performance based music video 1

  1. 1. Notes for Analysis of Performance BasedMusic Video 1 Music Video Title:Closer to the Edge Artist: 30 Seconds to Mars Duration of Music Video:5:23 Shot Count:221 N.O shots per minute: 41 (average) Beats per minute:148 Lyrics and Visuals – Examples of the visuals complimenting the lyrics: - “It was a thousand to one and a million to two” shows visual of the lead singer holding up two fingers around his eye, this emphasising the number two. - “No nonono” the lyrics are shown as words typed on top of the visuals, which appear at the same time as the singer says them, thus emphasising the emotion of the song e.g. frustration. - “Can you imagine a time when the truth ran free? The birth of a song, the death of a dream” whilst showing images of the band/artist as a child and their love of music beginning. This inferring that they have always dreamt of this moment of being a famous band who perform in front of millions of people. Examples of the visuals amplifying the lyrics: - “Closer to the edge” shows the lead singer jumping into the crowd off the edge of the stage as well as showing visuals of the band standing close to the edge of the stage. It emphasises the lyrics of the song. Music and Visuals – Examples of the visuals complimenting the music: - The drummer playing the drums in the visuals at the same time as in the song - The guitarist playing the guitar in the visuals at the same time as in the song - The singer singing at the same time as the lyrics - The stage lighting flashing/pulsing to the beat of the music - The editing cuts at the same pace as the drums
  2. 2. - The crowd jumping and fist pumping to the beat of the song - The jolty camera movement at the same time as the beat of the music - Slow motion of the band performing when the music slows down in the middle of the music video. Genres Exist – The genre is Performative based music video. Generally the genre includes: - Vocalist shown in one or more setting. - Song performed - Footage from a concert, gig Examples in this video are: - Footage from the concerts that the band have played around the world. - Concert footage of the song being performed in particular. - Stage and Lighting - Footage from the band on tour e.g. meeting the fans Artist Close Ups – Examples of close ups: There are 33 close ups of the artist in the music video. This creates a connection between the audience and the artist, as well as creating the star iconography for the music video, through the visual reminder of who the artist is. Star Iconography – Examples of branding or unique selling points highlighted: - The appearance of the band e.g. the lead singer’s bright pink hair - The popularity shown through the visuals of the crowd singing the lyrics of the song and raving. - Footage from actual fans who say how they like the artist - The artist singing within the crowd, crowd surfing etc. Voyeurism – Examples of voyeurism (Artist): - Footage of the artist’s/band’s childhood