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Digital inclusion & social housing 4 april 2013



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Digital inclusion & social housing 4 april 2013

  1. 1. Section Divider: Heading intro here. Digital Inclusion & Social Housing Helen Milner Chief Executive, Online Centres Foundation 4 April 2013
  2. 2. Social Housing: You care about • Social Justice – equality, improving lives • Financial Security – keeping your businesses afloat Therefore you need to think about digital inclusion
  3. 3. You will be a digital business in 3 - 5 years The question is how and how fast?
  4. 4. The internet is important for Growth • The internet economy accounts for over 8% of UK GDP, a higher share than any other country in the G20 • This figure is forecast to rise to over 12% by 2016 • The internet now accounts for c. a quarter of UK’s economic growth Sources: 1. Boston Consulting Group “The Internet Economy in the G20” 2012 2. McKinsey Global Institute “Internet Matters: The Net’s Sweeping Impact on Growth, Jobs and Prosperity” May 2011
  5. 5. For most citizens the internet is part of everyday life: UK consumers buy the most online per capita globally Boston Consulting Group “The internet economy in the G20”, 2012
  6. 6. 82% of internet users say they have saved money in the last six months by using the internet with 46% saying they’ve made significant savings Source: Ofcom UK Adults’ Media Literacy Report, 2011
  7. 7. Comparison before users lives – before and after UK online centres Feel less concerned I do not feel concerned about my levels and after using the of qualifications, training or skills about skills, work n=75 100% internet and health 80% 60% I do not feel concerned I communicated as much about my work position as I would like to with friends n=51 40% Communicate 20% more 0% I communicated as much I do not feel concerned about as I would have liked my health with my family n=75 Feel more connected to local community I felt part of my local community "Yes" Before "Yes" After “Does the internet improve lives?” Freshminds April, 2009
  8. 8. But, 16m adults are not frequent and competent internet uesrs
  9. 9. Who is excluded • 18% of adults have never been online (ONS) • 21% are not regular internet users (BBC), meaning that 1 in 5 do not use the internet. Of those: • 71% are in social group C2DE • 51% over 65 • 50% have no qualifications 2012 data
  10. 10. “Offline” – different definitions • Never Used the Internet (ONS) • Hasn’t used the internet in past three months (ONS) • First Generation Users (OxIS) • Household hasn’t bought broadband (Ofcom) • Household doesn’t have access to Broadband at > 2mbps (BDUK) • People who aren’t “Regular Internet Users” (BBC) – my opinion the best to use
  11. 11. Three main barriers why PEOPLE aren’t online Freshminds 2007 and 2009
  12. 12. 5.2 million households in the UK without internet access: Why? • Of those households who haven’t bought broadband: – 54% said they did not have a connection because they felt they didn’t need one – 22% cited a lack of internet skills – 15% reported equipment costs were too high – 14% said that the cost of connection was too high – < 1% reported a lack of broadband availability in their area as a reason Source: ONS “Internet Access Households & Individuals” 2012
  13. 13. Targeting is important Everyone in Job Older Parents of [a place] seekers residents school age children Clear geographical Mostly online, Mostly offline Mostly online, focus need help with jobs try for 100% online
  14. 14. Some possible ingredients
  15. 15. Work with a local UK online centre Centre search and free phone number search or 0800 77 1234
  16. 16. Free online courses for digital inclusion, financial inclusion and employability -
  17. 17. Supporting Volunteers and Digital Champions • Excellent way to involve staff and volunteers • UK online centres – 45 minute digital champion online course (free) – • Digital Unite – online course to get started (£95 + VAT) – qualification for Digital Champions (ITQ) (£625 + VAT) –
  18. 18. Involve local community groups, and help them to use digital
  19. 19. Take part in national campaigns Get Online Week – October 2013
  20. 20. Lots of technology options – refurbs at
  21. 21. Go On UK Umbrella movement for digital inclusion
  22. 22. Click to watch video
  23. 23. Digital by Default & Channel Shift
  24. 24. Government Digital Strategy 6 November 2012 Digital by Default • “Central Government where possible must become a Digital Organisation. These days the best service organisations deliver online everything that can be delivered online. This cuts their costs dramatically and allows access to information and services at times and in ways convenient to the users rather than the providers.” Francis Maude
  25. 25. Channel Shift: 1000 people x 2 contacts saved a month = £133,800 a year Costs per Saving if contact (SOCITM shifted online research 2012) Face to face £8.62 £8.47 Phone £2.83 £2.68 Online £0.15
  26. 26. Some inspiration from your peers (not exclusive, just what I know about)
  27. 27. Wakefield District Housing • 80 volunteers (employees & tenants) have helped 640+ tenants to get online so far this year • All Board, Executive Management and SMT meetings are now digital through the use of iPads • Top 3 tiers of management use their iPads to support mobile/flexible working, moving towards paperless • New ‘responsive’ website for any internet-ready device, including mobile phones and games consoles • Wireless WAN (2013), all offices & independent living schemes
  28. 28. @loveburntoak – Barnet Group • Chose a place based approach • Faciliated multi-partner action to inspire and support local people to use the web • Now working with Barnet Council • And replicating across the borough • Using tools freely available
  29. 29. Barnet Group & community e-learning Click to watch video
  30. 30. Family Mosiac • A digital strategy agreed: focuses on Care and Support • 200 connections supporting wi-fi hubs in care & support centres – touching 5,000 service users • Great deal from BT • Currently asking “how to assess and feedback benefits?” • Next step: More broadband to support issues around DWP and Universal Credit • Real good news stories: a young service user in has created • “...there is a huge opportunity to improve lives...” • “...starting small is better than doing nothing..”
  31. 31. Peabody Trust • Have a cross organisation Digital Strategy led by CEO • UK Online Community Capacity Builders in 2010 • All its sheltered schemes have pcs & internet access • 45 trained volunteers (Digital Champions) support learners on a 1-2-1 basis, learning at their own pace and focus on areas of their interest • Formal ICT training programme, branding this Net Worx in 15 locations (20 by March 2013) • Peabody has made a commitment to get 80% of their residents online by March 2013
  32. 32. Peabody’s revenues team will deliver roadshows with its Digivan. Roadshows will target residents affected, providing information and support. Digital Champions are being trained to offer support with opening bank accounts online and searching for jobs.
  33. 33. Birmingham City Council • Launched new mobile apps, integrated into back end systems so that citizens can access services on the move and provides greater incentives to go online • Universal credit pilot: all new housing tenancy agreements within pilot area will be online using digital logbooks as primary point of contact and will provide the primary route to access benefits • Plan focuses next on telecare and telehealth, and delivering personalized and targeted services
  34. 34. Mobile/tablets part of the mix • Breezie – trialed in Barchester Homes, linking older people in care homes with their family via a new tablet interface
  35. 35. Example digital strategies on the ning #digihousing • Cross Keys Homes • L&Q • Freebridge Community Housing • Wakefield District Housing • -your-strategy • Skeleton Starter for your digital plan:
  36. 36. Need action in all of these areas What can be done for free? - signposting, free online resources, volunteers What can be done with partners? - Local UK online centres, JCP, local employers What needs investment to make happen? - Staff to organise volunteers, computers in foyers and common areas, set up a ‘UK online centre’
  37. 37. Seven Point Plan 1. You will be a digital business in 3 - 5 years - the question is how and how fast 2. This is a digital strategy that drives digital inclusion: achieving efficiency and quality for everyone 3. Think about your existing headline KPIs and how digital is going to help you to achieve those 4. Understand your digitally excluded residents and target them 5. This is a change programme not a technology project 6. You need action in all three of the main barriers to take- up: Motivation; Skills & Confidence; and Access 7. Start quickly - make small changes as soon as you can, and don’t delay. Small actions help big change happen.
  38. 38. “The Web as I envisage it, we have not seen it yet. The future is still so much bigger than the past.” Tim Berners-Lee
  39. 39. It’s not about technology, it’s all about people
  40. 40. Please keep the conversation going and join the digital housing hub
  41. 41. Thank You @helenmilner on twitter

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