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Can start-ups be social enterprises?


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Two years ago when we first thought about Infogram Ambassador Network - our corporate responsibility program, we thought it is not possible. Now we see more and more fast growing social enterprises emerging. Check out my presentation about the topic I shared at a meetup on March 14th, 2016.

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Can start-ups be social enterprises?

  1. 1. Can a start-up be a social enterprise? Rīga, March 14
  2. 2. @nikaaleksejeva
  3. 3. @nikaaleksejeva Can a start-up be a social enterprise?
  4. 4. Social innovations are getting possible thanks to IT and hardware solutions @nikaaleksejeva
  5. 5. Hackatons “Tech against..”, encourage social innovation @nikaaleksejeva
  6. 6. Non-profit start-ups @nikaaleksejeva
  7. 7. There are problems with investors’ interests @nikaaleksejeva
  8. 8. Profit comes before a social good @nikaaleksejeva
  9. 9. 53 % of consumers would be willing to pay a 10 % premium for products when companies use a portion of the profits to contribute to social good.  Survey by Havas @nikaaleksejeva
  10. 10. Investors are more willing to put money into a startup if they have the personal satisfaction of knowing the startup is heavily involved in social responsibility. @nikaaleksejeva
  11. 11. Thanks! @nikaaleksejeva