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North korea introduction


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Gary GIss

Published in: Education
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North korea introduction

  1. 1. North Korea
  2. 2. Location • Relative Location: Eastern Asia on the coast of the Sea of Japan, it is located on a peninsula. • Absolute Location: 39.2 N 125.45 E
  3. 3. North Korea Physical Features/map
  4. 4. Background Infor • Japan invaded North Korea in 1905 • Korea split into North & South Korea in 1945 • On June 25th 1950, North Korea sent 75,000 soldiers across the 38th Parallel attacking the South.
  5. 5. TimeLine 1944 1948 1960's19531950 Japanese occupation of Korea ends Soviet troops withdraw South declares independence , sparking North Korean invasion Armistice ends Korean War, Rapid industrial growth.
  6. 6. 1980 1991 200320011994 Kim Jong-il, moved up party and political ladder. North and South Korea join the United Nations Death of Kim Il-sung. Kim Jong-il succeeds him as leader North Korea agrees to freeze nuclear program Worst drought in history North Korea withdraws from the Nuclear Non- Proliferation Treaty (NPT)
  7. 7. North Korean Leaders • North Korea is a communist state led by a Dictator. That Dictator is now Kim Jong-un
  8. 8. Human Environment Interaction • North Korea's agricultural economy is 35% while its industry and services are 65% of its economy
  9. 9. Floods and Food shortages
  10. 10. Religion • Buddhist, Hindu or a Confucius
  11. 11. Movement • The government has total control and they decide where people are, and how everything works and flows.
  12. 12. The government provide the illusion of religion.
  13. 13. • Closed economy
  14. 14. Continuity Through Change Of North Korea • In 1994 : The ‘Arduous March’ • Kim Jong il died in December 2011 • Economy was in meltdown • Kim Jong Un has become the head of a new collective leadership that appears firmly in control
  15. 15. Biography Kim Jong-il • Kim Jong-il was the powerful leader of North Korea from 1994 to 2011 • By that time North Korea had become one of the most isolated countries in the world, with frequent famines and an economy in a shambles • Kim's attempts to acquire nuclear weapons for North Korea • He reportedly suffered a stroke in 2008, and died three years later