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World Trade Organization


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a presentation done by Alex on the wto can be help for mob.

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World Trade Organization

  1. 1. 
  2. 2. 
  3. 3.  Trade without discrimination Predictable and growing access to markets Promoting fair competition Encouraging development and economic reform
  4. 4. 1. The system helps promote peace2. Disputes are handled constructively3. Rules make life easier for all4. Freer trade cuts the costs of living5. It provides more choice of products andqualities6. Trade raises incomes7. Trade stimulates economic growth8. The basic principles make life more efficient9. Governments are shielded from lobbying10. The system encourages good government
  5. 5.  Reduction of tariffs so as to allow access to Jamaican markets and predictions of available markets in the Jamaican economy.