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FOWA 2012: Native, HTML5, and Hybrid Mobile App Development: Real-Life Experiences - Eran Zinman


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One of the biggest dilemmas every mobile developer faces is deciding on a development strategy — should I go for native, HTML5, or hybrid mobile app development? Over the past two years, Eran has led Conduit’s mobile client development efforts, experimenting with cross-platform development in various flavors: from complete HTML5 solutions (using PhoneGap and other technologies) to hybrid solutions, semi-hybrid solutions, and fully native solutions. In this session Eran will share some real-life experiences in cross-platform development, describe changes Conduit implemented along the way, and share what the “big players” are doing in their mobile app development (e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter).

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FOWA 2012: Native, HTML5, and Hybrid Mobile App Development: Real-Life Experiences - Eran Zinman

  1. 1. < my real life experience > Native, HTML5 & Hybrid Mobile Development Eran Zinman @ zzeran eran
  2. 2. ABOUT ME Manages R&D in Conduit Mobile
  3. 3. Mobile App DevelopmentHTML5 NATIVE HYBRID Objective C, Java, Native code +CSS / HTML / JS C# / XAML, C++ HTML5
  4. 4. Chapter 1 theBIG BANG
  5. 5. Chapter 1 Product requirements: • Cross-platform Native app • Mobile web app • Web Simulator • Small, agile team The solution: • Cross platform, cross browser HTML5 native app & web app
  6. 6. Chapter 1Initial POC Technologies: • PhoneGap 0.7.1 • jQTouch beta / jQuery LOOKING GOOD! POC included: NOT SO FAST… Design app in HTML / CSS Native features (PhoneGap) RESTful services (ajax) iPhone + Android
  7. 7. Chapter 1First RealProblem Scrolling × No support for “position: fixed” × Can’t place fixed position elements Alternative scrolling • iScroll.js (3.7.1 ?!) • 11K lines of Javascript code (yikes …)
  8. 8. Chapter 1Inconsistentexperience All browsers WebKit based, but: × No H/W acceleration × Slow performance × Render breaks × Missing events × Memory problems
  9. 9. Chapter 1 SUMMARY HTML5 Native The Good The Bad • Cross platform dev. / bug fixes • Bad performance on Android • New features are easy • Bad performance on BlackBerry • New platforms are easy • Same UI for all platforms • Small, agile team (2 dev.)
  10. 10. Chapter 2AndroidPerformance
  11. 11. Chapter 2 Problem: Slow scrolling performance Native UI Solution: Move fixed position elements to native UI WebView WebView Needed to create a 2 - way bridge Native Tabs HTML5 Native
  12. 12. Chapter 2 Problem: Slow page transition Solution: Use native code to make the transition, by taking a screenshot and moving the webview underneath
  13. 13. Chapter 2 SUMMARY HTML5 Native The Good The Bad • Smooth Android exp. • Bad performance on BlackBerry • Good iPhone exp. • Some spaghetti code • Dedicated Android dev.
  14. 14. Chapter 3The Eraof theWindowsPhone
  15. 15. Chapter 3 VERY UNIQUE UI but… 7.0 × No HTML5 and CSS3 × No H/W acceleration × No touch events
  16. 16. Chapter 3 WE NEED TO RETHINK OUR STRATEGY Moving to Cross Platform MVC (BackBone.js) Javascript HTML / CSS Data Business Views Models Logic C# / XAML Views
  17. 17. Chapter 3 SUMMARY HTML5 Native The Good The Bad • Good, native WP7 exp. • The pain of cross platform dev. • Separated WP7 solution • Dedicated WP7 developer
  18. 18. Chapter 4 This what we do now NATIVE UI Services Cache Notifications Logic Core Settings Usages Data Models Login Objective C Java C# HTML5 / CSS
  19. 19. Chapter 4 SUMMARY HTML5 Native The Good The Bad • Smooth UI • Big team, dedicated dev. • Doesn’t rely on browser render • New features are hard • Core sharing • Platform specific bugs
  20. 20. Let’s have a lookat the big players
  21. 21. iPad• One of the best HTML5 hybrid apps• Native / HTML5 combined UI• 4MB of minified JS / HTML / CSS• Same code for web / native• Different Web / Native UI per platform• Great engineering blog HTML5 Native
  22. 22. iPad• Native → HTML5 → Native• Server based HTML / JS / CSS• Same code for web / native• App got bad reviews, very slow• Android is next to move to native UI HTML5 Native
  23. 23. SUMMARY HTML5 vs. Native is not just about technology. Development is an ongoing process, you can make amendments along the way and adjust your product. Don’t be afraid to experiment and admit you were wrong!
  24. 24. < / Thank you > Questions? @zzeran Eran Zinman