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Account Planning in Digital Age



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Account Planning in Digital Age

  1. 1. Presentation in ADCR Campus on Digital Communication (Art Director Club Russia), May 2, 2010 Account planning in digital age v0.3 (Beta) Zigurds Zakis Strategic Planning and digital director INSTINCT (BBDO Group, Russia) BLOG:
  2. 2. Ad agency Creative competences Client Account service Planning/ competences Strategy competences
  3. 3. Account Planning: 1960s-2000s Understanding customer Understanding Understanding creativity business
  4. 4. With networking economy Understanding the social aspect of every activity becomes customer and society increasingly important. Understanding Understanding economy creativity Economy in a broader sense - business is to narrow. We have to think whole picture, including also economy of client and its stakeholders, economy of household etc. Behavioral economics - new source of inspiration and knowledge.
  5. 5. Understanding customer and society Understanding Understanding economy creativity Understanding technology what it enables rather than what is possible to do by it? what does it mean to people, society and culture? What does it change in our lives, culture, society and economy?
  6. 6. Consumer economy Culture technology
  7. 7. Competences • Understanding consumer (incl. flexible use of research tools) • Understanding creativity and creative Creative processes • Understanding communication Account • Understanding channels (media) and Planning platforms • Understanding culture Client • Understanding clients business • Understanding economy, marketing and strategy in broader sense
  8. 8. Don’t focus on technology. Focus on customer needs, wants and behavior Focus on trends and changes in society, culture and consumption
  9. 9. What technology does to people, society, culture and economy rather than what technology can or can’t do
  10. 10. What do Account planner does?
  11. 11. Insight The Brief Briefing session
  12. 12. Before creative brief Simplifying and refocusing client brief to focus and inspire creative team: What are specific business goals? Where the business will come from? What is the role of marketing communication? Who are customers associated with growth? A: What do they do (think/feel/do) today? B: What do we want them to do (think/feel/do)? What experience do they need to move from A to B?
  14. 14. JvM Creative briefs M&C Saatchi Fallon BBH via:
  15. 15. Creative brief BBDO get•to•by Get: (whom / target) Who: (think/feel/do this) To: (do think/feel/do this) By telling them : (proposition)
  16. 16. Great account Planner *Advertising Man
  17. 17. The Convergent Planner (Advertising Man!) should have: 1) Intellect of the brand architect 2) Financial acumen of the management consultant 3) Geekiness of the hacker  4) Curiosity of the social psychologist Mark Hancock AMV BBDO
  18. 18. Dig Deep! Investigate things deeply
  19. 19. Curiosity
  20. 20. The most important letter
  21. 21. “People that are T-shaped: Broad and Deep”. Broad in their skills and interests and able to work with wide range or people. Deep in their knowledge and experience in one or more disciplines.” 2000
  22. 22. Reading “Read. Feed your Head. Think about what it means to you personally. Discuss with others.” (Merry Baskins) “Reading is for awesome people” (Faris Yakobs)
  23. 23. People skills, rather than technology knowledge
  24. 24. Participate
  25. 25. + Participating = Listening + Talking + Listening + Sharing + Listening
  26. 26. Challenge assumptions
  27. 27. The border between Planning and Creative is disappearing: Alex Bogusky MDC Chief Creative Insurgent “An insurgent is defined as someone who challenges the status quo. My job is to question the very definition of marketing and communications and corporate structure”.
  28. 28.