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Republic of the philippines policy

  1. 1. Republic of the Philippines CITY SOCIAL WELFARE AND DEVELOPMENT City of Tarlac POLICY I. CHILD AND YOUTH WELFARE A. DAY CARE SERVICES It is the provision of supplemental parental care by a Day Care Worker to a child 3 to 4 years old during part of the day when parents cannot attend to his needs. Republic Act No. 6972 also known as the “Barangay-Level Total Development and Protection of Children Act” provides for the establishment of Day Care Center in every barangay and to carry out a program for the total development and protection of children. The Day Care Worker aside from conducting Early Childhood Enrichment Activities serves even greater role by closely monitoring any signs of neglect or abuse among the Day Care Children. B. COMMUNITY-BASED SERVICES FOR STREET CHILDREN Those below 17 years old who cannot benefit from structured rehabilitation in a center to get them off the street. II. EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE A. RELIEF AND REHABILITATION DISASTER RELIEF Those who are victims of disaster and are in need of food, clothing, temporary shelter, emotional and morale support through efficient and effective management of evacuation center/institution. B. REHABILITATION SERVICE *PHILHEALTH (PARA SA MASA)
  2. 2. The office conducts assessment to qualified families within the city. This is crucial to rank and prioritize indigent families who will benefit this program. ASSISTANCE TO INDIVIDUALS IN CRISIS SITUATION (AICS) The assistance shall depend upon the professional assessment of the office’s Social Worker. Assessment shall be based on the need of the client and resources of the LGU. III. SELF-EMPLOYMENT ASSISTANCE (SEA) The program inculcates the value of self reliance to the client/person. IV. PERSONS WITH DISABILITY PROGRAM Republic Act 9442 – Magna Carta for Disabled Persons of 1992 refers to services on disability prevention, rehabilitation, and equalization of opportunities for physically, mentally, and socially disabled persons. A. DRUG REHABILITATION AND AFTER CARE PROGRAM The client who had voluntarily surrendered for drug rehabilitation. The office will interview and assess the financial capability of the family; and if the client is eligible to avail of the service, the City Government will shoulder part of the rehabilitation expenses of the client. B. SENIOR CITIZENS Republic Acts 9257 & 9994 – an Act to Maximize the Contribution of Senior Citizens to Nation Building, Grant Benefits and Special Privileges and for other purposes 1992. Expanded Senior Citizens Act of 2003 refers to person age 60 years of age and above. V. WOMEN’S WELFARE PROGRAM Refers to Social Welfare Services to disadvantaged women ages 18-59 years old.