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Major tasks


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Published in: Education
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Major tasks

  1. 1. 2. LINKS AND HELP PROPER OBTAIN RESOURCES - Means that the Social Worker must knowledgeable to help the clients. One who directs, guiprs or supervise the delivery of relevant social service to the client so that he may solve his problem or one who links the client with the resources that he needs. 3. MAKES THE RESOURCES SYSTEMS AND ORGANIZATIONS RESPONSIVE TO THE PEOPLE - Which means the Social Worker must see to it that these resources organization and services are fix in the needs of his client which they have been set up. 4. INFLUENCE AND CONTRIBUTES TO THE IMPROVEMENT AND DEVELOPMENT OF SOCIAL POLICY - Means Social Worker has a contribution for the development of social policy by sharing their contribution, experiences and knowing those feedback from the client and deliver these problems to the attention of government authorities and policy maker.