The Best of Buddypress Plugins Karla Campos WordCamp Miami Buddycamp 2014


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In this presentation we will look at different BuddyPress plugins and discuss their features and functions so that you can build a community that people enjoy using. We will discuss what turns a BuddyPress site into a community and talk about different ways that you can recruit members via social media channels without being a nuisance. This session is intended for those new to BuddyPress and for those who might already have a BuddyPress website but are looking to add to the core functionality.

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The Best of Buddypress Plugins Karla Campos WordCamp Miami Buddycamp 2014

  1. 1. THE BEST OF BUDDYPRESS PLUGINS Speaker: Karla Campos @SocialMediaSass #WCMIA
  2. 2. WHO USES BUDDYPRESS? Speaker: Karla Campos @SocialMediaSass #WCMIA
  3. 3. Tamrial Foundry – community discussion site about gameplay for the game The Elder Scrolls Tamrial Foundry uses BuddyPress & has 29,074 members Tweet @SocialMediaSass #WCMIA
  4. 4. CUNY – An academic social network created by and for CUNY (City University of NY). The City University of NY uses BuddyPress and has 4,948 Members. Tweet @SocialMediaSass #WCMIA
  5. 5. Cultura Digital – Site from Brazil using BuddyPress People in other countries use BuddyPress too, here is a site from Brazil : ) Tweet @SocialMediaSass #WCMIA
  6. 6. BUILDING COMMUNITIES Speaker: Karla Campos @SocialMediaSass #WCMIA
  7. 7. WHAT NOT TO DO, DON’T BE A NUISANCE  Try and force people to be in your community  Chase people around on other social networks  Send another 20 emails and private messages asking people to join because the first 100 weren’t enough on the same day.  Take people’s emails from networking events and add them to your email list, what was that last thing about the 100 messages?  It’s all about me, wait what about the user? Tweet @SocialMediaSass #WCMIA
  8. 8. WHY DO PEOPLE WANT TO BE PART OF ONLINE COMMUNITIES?  Similar Interest  Similar cause  Similar lifestyle  They are all part of an organization and want to stay connected  Language  To stay focused on a topic  Privacy Tweet @SocialMediaSass #WCMIA
  9. 9. WHY DO PEOPLE LEAVE WEBSITE COMMUNITIES?  The site is difficult to navigate  Users can’t find what they are looking for  User doesn’t feel welcomed or wanted in a community – no one says hello  The community is an abandoned town  People are too pushy – join me now, buy this, buy that  Content doesn’t match with offering  Culture mismatch  People don’t feel appreciated for their contribution Tweet @SocialMediaSass #WCMIA
  10. 10. WHAT TO DO  Know your audience, if you don’t know who they are take the time to learn  Treat people the way you want to be treated  Create great content that talks to your audience  Instead of asking people to join, join, join show them why they should  Use other social networks to spread the reach of your content Tweet @SocialMediaSass #WCMIA
  11. 11. BUDDYPRESS PLUGINS Speaker: Karla Campos @SocialMediaSass #WCMIA
  12. 12. rtMedia for WordPress, BuddyPress and bbPress • Enables front end photo, video and music uploads. • Paid video encoding option • Adds media tab to user profiles Tweet @SocialMediaSass #WCMIA
  13. 13. rtMedia for WordPress, BuddyPress and bbPress • Allows different privacy levels • Plays well w/mobile • There is a Pro version $149 Tweet @SocialMediaSass #WCMIA
  14. 14. BuddyPress Social • Adds social sharing buttons to posts. • You can change button color Tweet @SocialMediaSass #WCMIA
  15. 15. iFlyChat – Real Time WordPress Chat Plugin • You need to create iFly chat account • Badword filters • Public Chat Room • Select pages you want chat to appear Tweet @SocialMediaSass #WCMIA
  16. 16. BuddyPress Group Email Subscription • No Email • Weekly Summary Email • Daily Digest Email • New Topics Email • All Email Tweet @SocialMediaSass #WCMIA
  17. 17. BuddyPress Profiles Statistics (Premium) • Discover the time your users are active • What type of activity is more important for users • See which users have empty profiles Tweet @SocialMediaSass #WCMIA
  18. 18. Eyes Only: User Access Shortcode Show or hide any portion of post content based on usernames, user roles, capabilities, custom groups, or logged-in status. Tweet @SocialMediaSass #WCMIA
  19. 19. WangGuard • Protect your BuddyPress site from unwanted users. • Security questions at registration • Ability to report users Tweet @SocialMediaSass #WCMIA
  20. 20. WP-FB AutoConnect • Existing users who connect with FB retain the same local user accounts • New visitors will be given new user accounts • Facebook profile pictures can be used as avatars, even on pre-existing comments. Tweet @SocialMediaSass #WCMIA
  21. 21. BP Profile Search • Insert the search form in your Members Directory page, in a sidebar or widget area Tweet @SocialMediaSass #WCMIA
  22. 22. Private BP Pages • Make BP pages private while leaving WP pages and posts public. Tweet @SocialMediaSass #WCMIA
  23. 23. THE END, THANK YOU! Tweet @SocialMediaSass #WCMIA “No matter how good the tools are, communities don’t form themselves; our facilitators keep up the energy and activity levels on the site, moving the community forward.” ~Developer Boone Gorges on the CUNY social network