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Report in philippine history by beed 1a zyraville 7 anna

  1. 1. ENCOUNTER WITH THE WEST (1400-1600)
  2. 2. The coming of the Spaniards The trade routes Early voyages to Asia The division of the world The Magellan expedition The first baptism The Battle of Mactan The Importance of the Expedition Passed by :
  3. 3. The Villalobos Expedition The Legazpi Expedition Passed by: The Discoveries of a new Route First settlement in Cebu The settlement in Panay The first Spanish Voyage to Manila The Founding of Manila Expeditions to other Parts of Luzon
  4. 4. “Orient”- the European’s term for Asia or the East. Oriental spices, silk, fruits, attar of roses, Persian rugs, perfumes and precious stones were easily sold in European market at big profit. The Venetians or citizens of venice which later became a city of italy. The Portuguese, the Spaniards, and other peoples of Europe began to trade with oriental countries. As a result, rivalry develop among the European countries.
  5. 5.  The Europeans were developing their trades with Asia their three trade routes connecting Asia to Europe.  Northern Route  Central Route  Southern Route  1453 – the TURKS captured the city of Constantinople through which two routes passed.  The Venetian monopoly compelled Portugal and Spain to look for another route to Asia so they could continue their lucrative trade with the Asian countries.
  6. 6.  Portugal – was the first to send expeditions to the east.  Prince Henry – famous Portuguese navigator, who was called “The Navigator” . He sent an expedition to the Azores near the coast of Africa in 1421.  INSTRUMENTS IN NAVIGATION  Astrolabe  The windrose compass  Caravel(kind of ship)  Bartholomew Diaz- discovered the “Cape of good hope”.  Christopher Columbus- a native Genoa, discovered North America in 1492.
  7. 7.  Amerigo Vespucci- also an italian, was sent by the Spanish king and queen to explore what columbus had found.  Vicente Pinzon- discover what is now Brazil in 1500.  Nuñez de Balboa- crossed what is now Panama and discover the pacific ocean in 1513.
  8. 8.  Portugal- was the first country to sail to the East and establish colonies.  Pope Alexander VI- a Spaniard, issued a bull in 1493 dividing the world into two.  Two avoid any conflict between the two nations, they concluded the TREATY OF TORDESILLAS on June 7, 1494.
  9. 9.  Ferdinand Magellan- was a Portuguese who went to Spain to offer his services to the Spanish king.  Magellan was able to see King Charles I of Spain. The meeting between the two was held in 1518.  Mollucas- known as the Spice Islands.  The expedition consisted of five ships:  T he flagship Trinidad  The Concepcion  The Victoria  The Santiago  The San antonio
  10. 10.  September 20, 1590- the expedition left port and sailed Southward across the Atlantic.  Strait of Magellan- a strait to the Pacific Ocean whose named after him.  Islas De Landrones(Islands of Thieves)  March 17, 1521- magellan sighted the mountains of Samar.  Magellan proceeded to the islet of Limasawa ruled by Rajah Kulambu.  Father Pedro De Valderrama- who accompanied the expedition celebrated the mass near the seashore.  Pigafetta said “After the cross was erected in position, each of us repeated Pater Noster and an Ave Maria, and adored the cross; and the kings did the same.
  11. 11.  Magellan ordered his captains to sail for what is now Cebu guide by Rajah Kulambu the ships entered the Cebu in April 8, 1521.  Rajah Humabon- the Cebu chieftain, welcomed the Spaniards and soon a blood compact ensued between him and magellan.  April 15, 1521- mass was celebrated in Cebu. Some 800 natives became christians that day.  Infant Jesus- was now the patron of Cebu.
  12. 12.  Magellan and around sixty of his men, all well-armed , sailed for Mactan early in the morning of April 28.  Si Lapulapu- refused to listen to Magellan’s demand that he pay tribute to Spain.  In the Battle, Magellan was wounded in the leg. Seeing this, the brave people of Mactan rushed at him and killed him with their spears.
  13. 13.  The Victoria and the Trinidad was the two ships remained with the remaining Spaniards who decided to leave Cebu.  The Trinidad was captured by the Portuguese while the Victoria commanded by Sebastian Del Cano succeeded in reaching Spain.  Magellan’s voyage proved conclusively that the earth was round.
  14. 14.  King Charles sent other expeditions which however, failed.  The Loaysa expedition of 1525-1526 commanded by Father Juan Garcia Jofre De Loaysa  The Cabot expedition of 1526-1530 commanded by Sebastian Cabot  The Sayavedra expedition of 1527-1528 commanded by Alvaro De Sayavedra  Spain and Portugal quarreled over the possesion of the Mollucas.  April 22, 1529- Spain and Portugal signed the TREATY OF ZARAGOZA.
  15. 15.  Ruy Lopez De Villalobos- commanded the expeditions with six ships to the East.  Villalobos named the Islands of Samar and Leyte FELIPINAS in honored of Prince Philip of Spain.  Villalobos tried to sail for Mexico but died in Amboina in 1546.
  16. 16.  In 1556, an expedition to the East was sent by King Philip II.  Father Andres De Urdaneta- who was a member of the Loaysa expedition as pilot of the new mission.  Miguel Lopez De Legazpi- was appointed head of the expedition with four ships and about 380 men.  November 21, 1564- legazpi sailed from the Mexican port of Natividad.  The expedition reached Cebu in February 1565.  Bankaw- datu of Limasawa conclude a blood compact with Legazpi.  Datu si Katuna and Si Gala- had a blood compact with Legazpi in Bohol.
  17. 17.  Legazpi ordered the return of the ship San Pedro to Mexico. It was to be piloted by Father Urdaneta and accompanied by Legazpi’s grandson Felipe De Salcedo. Sailing from the port of Cebu on June 1, 1565.  Father Urdaneta discovered a new route which the Manila galleons would follow in later years.
  18. 18.  Legazpi and his men entered Cebu harbor on April 27.  Policy of Attraction- applied by Legazpi, this was a form of a triangle one side of which faced the land and the other sides faced the sea.  A fort was constructed and the Spaniards called it FORT SAN PEDRO.  The Spanish settlement was called SAN MIGUEL. Legazpi renamed the settlement “City of the most holy name of Jesus”.
  19. 19.  Mateo Del Saz- the captain of the boat and Master of Camp.  Gonzalo De Pereira- the Portuguese captain, harrassed Legazpi by blockading Cebu in order to starve the Spaniards.  He and his men sailed for Panay in 1569.  Legazpi founded the second Spanish settlement in the Philippines.
  20. 20.  Masbate, Burias, and Ticao were claimed in the name of King of Spain.  Captain Enriquez De Guzman- sailed for southern Luzon and reached Albay.  Juan De Salcedo- Legazpi’s younger grandson,led a small expedition to the north.  Manila- was a prosperous Muslim Kingdom.  Legazpi decided to send an expedition in manila which left Panay for mindoro on May 8, 1570.  Martin De Goiti- who succeeded Mateo del Saz as Master of Camp.
  21. 21.  Manila or Maynila was a thriving Muslim Kingdom ruled by Rajah Sulayman or Soliman.  Lantaka- answered shots from the native cannons. The Founding of Manila was the First governor-general of the Philippines. Legazpi Father Diego de Herrera- an Augustinian friar, suggested that they settle in Luzon instead, Rajah Sulayman gatherd a force of fierce warriors from the Barangays of Pampanga and Bulacan, and fought the enemy in the Battle of Bangkusay in tondo. Legazpi took over Manila in 1571. June 24, 1571- Legazpi made Manila the capital of the Philippines. King Philip II- called Manila “Distinguished and Ever Loyal City”.
  22. 22.  Legazpi thought of sending expeditions to other parts of Luzon with Sulayman defeated and Sulayman’s uncle Lakandula , cooperating with the Spaniards.  Taytay , Cainta and other towns of Rizal Provinceconquered by Salcedo.  Salcedo founded the town of Villa Fernandina in honor of Prince Fernando .  Prince Fernando- the first born son of King Philip II.  Salcedo greeted him by the tragedy in manila, for he was informed that his grandfather had died.  Miguel Lopez de Legazpi died on August 20, 1572.
  23. 23. THE END