Business Model Generation


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How to clearly visualize your business model in one canvas.

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Business Model Generation

  1. 1. Nicholas Chan 27th February 2014
  2. 2. Patterns ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Unbundling Business Models The Long Tail Multi Sided Platforms FREE as a Business Model Open Business Models
  3. 3. Unbundled Business Model
  4. 4. Private Banking (3 Business In One) Advise Other Product Providers Product R&D Marketing Platform Management Custom Tailored Wealth Management Services Financial Products Brand/Trust Transaction Management Intimate Personal Relationship Wealthy Individuals & Families Key Account Management Private Banks Private Banks Personal Networks Product IP Sales Force Transaction Platform Independent Financial Advisors Transaction Platform Platofrm Management Management & Advisory Fees HR: R&D Product & Performance Fees HR: Private Bankers Transaction Fees Relationship Business Product Innovation Business Infrastructure Business
  5. 5. The Long Tail
  6. 6. Book Publishing Industry Platform Development Logistics Platform Self Publishing Services Marketplace for Niche Market Communities of Interest Online Profile Niche Authors Niche Audiences LULU.COM Print on Demand Infrastructure Sales Commissions (Low) Platform Management & Development Publishing Service Fees
  7. 7. Multi-Sided Platforms
  8. 8. Google Platform Management, Managing Services, Expanding Reach Targeted Ads Advertisers Free Search Web Surfers Monetizing Content Content Owners Search Platform Platform Costs Keyword Auctions FREE
  9. 9. Wii / PSP / Xbox High Performace Console Hardcore Gamers Game Developers Console Audience Platform Costs Hardware Sales At A Loss Royalties
  10. 10. FREE as a Business Model
  11. 11. Flickr (2010) Yahoo! Platform Management Free Basic Photo Sharing Premium Photo Sharing Mass Customized Switching Costs Flickr Platform High-Volume Users Brand Casual Users Platform Development FREE Limited Basic Accounts Storage Costs Annual Subscription Pro Account
  12. 12. Open Source: Freemium with a Twist (Linux) Open Source Devleopment Community Software Support Services Software Versioning & Testing Red Hat (Linux) Software Free (Linux) Open Source Based Software Self-Service & Direct Access to Engineers Self-Service Users Enterprise Clients Continuously Upgraded, Services, & Guaranteed Software Red Hat Global Branches Cost Structure Contains Elements of a Service Company Free Software Professional Subscription
  13. 13. Skype Software Development Payment Providers Distribution Partners Free Internet & Video Calling Mass Customized Cheap Calls to Phones (Skypeout) Web Users Globally People Who Want to Call Phones Telco Partners Software Developers Software Headset Partnerships Software Development FREE Complaint Management Skypeout Pre-Paid or Subscription Hardware Sales
  14. 14. The Insurance Model: Freemium Upside Down Insurance Companies Rescue Operations Sponsoring Patrons Rescue “Insurance” Patron Membership Rescue Operations Fleet of Helicopters & Planes Sponsoring Patrons Other Rescue Victims (Web) Paper Publications Fleet of Helicopters & Planes Sponsorship Fee Rescuing Payments From Insurance Companies FREE Rescue Operations
  15. 15. Bait & Hook
  16. 16. Bait & Hook of Free Mobile Phones Device Manufacturers Services Free Phones Contractual Lock-In Customers Subscription Network Network 1 x FREE Phones N x Monthly Subscriptions Services
  17. 17. Razor & Blades: Gillette Manufacturers Marketing Razor Handle Retailers R&D Blades Built-In “Lock-In” Customers Logistics Brand Retail Patents Marketing 1 x Handle Purchase Manufacturing Frequent Blade Replacements Logistics, R&D
  18. 18. Open Business Models
  19. 19. The Connector: Innocentive Major “Seekers” Platform Management Acquire Solvers & Seekers Innocentive Platform with Base of “Solvers” & “Seekers” Access to a Broad Network of Scientiest “Solvers” Online Profiles Connect “Seekers” & “Solvers” Access to Scientific Challenges With Cash Rewards “Seekers” (Company) “Solvers” (Scientists) Platform Management Free Access to Challenges Acquisition of “Solvers” & “Seekers” Fee to List Challenges to Solver Commissions on Awards
  20. 20. Habis