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Slim RedBeanPHP and Knockout


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Slim RedBeanPHP and Knockout

  1. 1. Knockout.js With Minimal PHP by Vic Metcalfe
  2. 2. Minimal Framework Slim is 3.2MB Symfony is 50MB
  3. 3. Minimal Framework <?php $app = new SlimSlim(); $app->get('/hello/:name', function ($name) { echo "Hello, $name"; }); $app->run();
  4. 4. Minimal ORM 325K B RedBeanPHP is 8.8MB Doctrine is 9.2MB
  5. 5. Minimal ORM $post = R::dispense('post'); $post->text = 'Hello World'; $id = R::store($post); //Create or Update $post = R::load('post',$id); //Retrieve R::trash($post); //Delete
  6. 6. Minimal JavaScript Knockout is 46KB Angular is 100KB
  7. 7. Minimal JavaScript
  8. 8. Symfony Doctrine Angular
  9. 9. No MVC G Sh ou ld G Sh ou ld p p View View En ds U sU End M odel M odel o UI o Domain Logic Controller Controller
  10. 10. Slim: Git R’ Done Authentication? Content Negotiation? Middleware Middleware Massage Input Data? Page Generation! Content Negotiation? Decoration? Caching?
  11. 11. Knockout: MVVM Model M odel View View ViewModel ViewM odel How your PHP represents your data HTML with data-bind attributes Two way binding of data and UI
  12. 12. The Demo
  13. 13. Knockout is Testable JavaScript! • ViewModel must be a class • Sinon is helpful for testing AJAX
  14. 14. Slim is Testable! • Create your own App class • Create an invoke method: public function invoke() { $this->middleware[0]->call(); $this->response()->finalize(); return $this->response(); }
  15. 15. RedBeanPHP is almost Testable! • Use in-memory sqlite: public function setUp() { R::setup('sqlite::memory:'); require('seed.php'); } public function tearDown() { R::close(); }
  16. 16. Thanks Y’All! • Demo source available at: • I rarely tweet @v_metcalfe • I even more rarely blog: