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Minicurso Objective-C LinguÁgil 2011 (parte2)

Esta segunda parte do minicurso introduz o assunto iOS.

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Minicurso Objective-C LinguÁgil 2011 (parte2)

  1. 1. Parte IIObjective-C minicurso 16/09/2011
  2. 2. 2011
  3. 3. Foundation FrameworkNSArrayNSCalendarNSDateNSDateFormatterNSDecimalNSDecimalNumberNSDictionaryNSExceptionNSLocaleNSNotificationNSNullNSNumberNSNumberFormatterNSObjectNSSerializationNSStringNSThreadNSTimerNSXMLParser...
  4. 4. UIKit UIHardware UIApplication UIWindow UIView UIImage UIImageView UINavigationBar UIButtonBar UITextView UITextLabel UITextField UIKeyboard UISliderControl UISwitchControl ...
  5. 5. Coccoa Touch Framework Core Animation UIKit Core Audio Foundation Framework Core Data
  6. 6. Aulas da Stanford University iTunes U
  7. 7. Aulas da Apple iTunes U
  8. 8. iOS Dev Program
  9. 9. US$ 99 /ano US$ 299 /ano
  10. 10. Purchase FormApple Developer ProgramsTo complete the purchase process, fill in all the sections of this form clearly, sign, and fax to+ 1(408) 862-7602. You will receive an activation email once your order has been processed.Fax Number: +1 (408) 862-7602Attention: Apple Developer Programs Billing1. Select the program you wish to purchase. iOS Developer Program Standard USD $99* iOS Developer Program Enterprise USD $299* Mac Developer Program USD $99** Your Order will be charged in US dollars2. Enter your account information.Full Name: ____________________________________________________________________________Company Name (if applicable*): _____________________________________________________________*You must include your Company Name if this information needs to reflect on your purchase invoiceApple Developer Program Enrollment ID: ____________________ Person ID: _____________________3. Enter your billing information. Amex Visa MasterCard DiscoverCredit card number: ____________________________________________________________________Expiration date (MM/YY): ______________________ CVV/CVC2 Code: ___________________________Name on card: ________________________________________________________________________ (Please ensure you provide your name exactly as it appears on your credit card)Street/House number: __________________________________________________________________City: _________________________________________________________________________________State/Province: ____________________ Country: ____________________________________________Postal code : ______________________4. Cardholder Signature: _______________________________________________________ (Your signature is required for us to process your purchase)5. Email address to send activation code: _______________________________________ Once your order has been processed, your activation code will be sent to the email address provided above. Follow the instructions within the email to activate your Apple Developer Program.
  11. 11. Quer alguns links? iosdevbahia
  12. 12. Você vai levar Mac?Sim 3 Não 5 Talvez 1
  13. 13. Mãos à obra