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Think Ahead

  1. 1. Joost Heijthuijsen External communications
  2. 2. About ZXZW • A festival and community on independent culture • 275 performances during one week, Spread over 25 locations in the city of Tilburg • Multidisciplinary; music, visual arts, dance and film • Driven by artistic development
  3. 3. To build up our community, we (a.o.) use: • GetSatisfaction for customer service, discussions etc. • for input on acts • Our own blog for more social talk • Our own (open source) site for user generated content, such as band descriptions • Social media like Facebook, Flickr, Hyves, MySpace, YouTube, Twitter etc.
  4. 4. With a community built up around the festival, we asked ourselves: If so many people feel connected with the festival in September, why not try and get them involved in the actual organizing of the festival? But how do we do this?
  5. 5. Let’s open up our whole business model!
  6. 6. We called it the Social Festival Model • An open source site, with all policy documents included • All documents can be edited by everyone • We’re asking input from everyone committed to the festival, with the policy development and with new digital interactivity • Hope to further build up & make use of our community and acquire fresh perspectives Check it out at
  7. 7. How nice, but what’s in it for me? Everything at the Social Festival Model is licensed with Creative Commons 2.5 Think you can use anything? Be our guest.
  8. 8. So, why apply for Think Ahead? - For a thing we call the Social Festival Model 2.0 This is aimed at: • Further developing the Social Festival Model • Getting it marketed & getting people involved • Implementing new technologies • Making it applicable for other organizations
  9. 9. Objectives for Social Festival Model 2.0: • International marketing of SFM • Interviews in the cultural industry for qualitative improvement • Presentation at ZXZW festival 2009 • Implementing new technologies such as GetSatisfaction • Documenting process & media attention • Resulting the above, making the SFM applicable for other cultural organizations
  10. 10. Thanks!