Github for Serious Business Professional


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Github for Serious Business Professional

  1. 1. Github: What It Means to You! A Professional’s Guide to the Business Professional, Professionally
  2. 2. First things First: The OctocatThis is the octocat.This is the first thing youShould know.
  3. 3. is Git?• Git is a source code management tool (scm) and a version control system• Neckbeards use git to keep track of their codez.• Project source code get big. A lot of people work on it. When you change a lot of code you need to keep track of changes. – If you break something you can “revert” – During code review you can see what other people changed – Other stuff that you don’t care about
  4. 4. I don’t care about source code. I don’t code!
  5. 5. Thats ok…• Github is a lot more than git.• Github adds functionality on top of source code management to include product management features.• To paraphrase our fearless CTO – everybody at Zaarly works on product, and our product is a web technology – it is important that we all kinda speak a similar language.
  6. 6. Product management for neckbeards
  7. 7. Neckbeard words we use in github• Repository: the main code base of a project. A fancy name for a directory or folder in your compooter. – [API / Web / Admin]• Branch: A “version” of the source code. – We have a “master” branch which is considered “production ready”. It might not be in production yet, but it is considered bug free and ready to deploy. – Usually we have “feature” branches. This is not in production and totally buggy, but it is something someone is working on. – [api/read-states, admin/email-cms, admin/fix-profiles-bug]• Commit: A commit is record of changes to code in a project.• Push: You “push” code from your computer to github.• Pull: You “pull” code from github to your computer.• Merge: To combine one branch into another branch – usually done to and from “master”• Pull Request: Telling the world that you want them to merge your (feature) branch into master. It is a call to code review.• Diff: A list of changes, the “diff(erance)” from one commit to another.
  8. 8. How should I, a professional business professional, use Github?
  9. 9. Okay!
  10. 10. Home is where the devs live• We kind of live in Github. It is our Google docs.• If you can speak to us on github effectively, you will get your issues heard.
  11. 11. Our Repos (repositories) that you care about• API - this is the “back end” it handles all the behind the scenes stuff that all the other applications use to talk to / most database stuff that happens – Also product emails• Web – Web front end, this used to be the same thing as API until about a month ago – web / mobile web problems go here• iOs – iphone app• Android -- android app• Admin – internal tools, listings, users management, sales crm, exports, SOME product emails
  12. 12. Neckbeard stuff Github! Business Professional Stuff
  13. 13. Issues
  14. 14. Super secret cool stuff!
  15. 15. Resources for further edification and self development• (duh)• Markdown - cs (formatting for github -- make shit pretty)• (if you want to be a nerd)• (moar neckbeardy stuff, but might be interestante)