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Tentative presentation


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Tentative presentation

  1. 1. REALLY..... WHERE IS WALDO ? In this research project I will attempt to under-stand the graphic tendencies of how Waldo is hidden.I will seek to understand the methodology and andre-occuring themes involved in the hiding of Waldo. In doing this resarch i hope to create a series ofdiagrams (tools) that will aid in finding waldo in anybook.THESIS
  2. 2. THEMES -Location on the page -Decoys vs. Waldo (Proximity) -Eye movement on the page -Isolation vs. clustering (Density) -Compare effiecencies between books -Forward vs. Reverse -Importance of the color yellowDISCOVERED THEMESBOOK ONE (FORWARD)BOOK TWO (REVERSE)SO FAR....... I have gone through two books of similar char-acters and themes. The first book i went through anddocumented my experience in how i found and howlong it took to find waldo in each of the 12 puzzles. Irepeated these steps in the second book however, icompleted the book in reverse to see if there was anycorrelation between how you find Waldo. After docu-menting the experience in the both books i formulatedthese common themes between them.
  3. 3. METHODOLOGY... UNDERSTANDING HOW I would begin by mapping waldo’s location oneach puzzle. Then compile the findings from bothbooks together into a layered map.WALDO’S LOCATIONBook OneOne PuzzleBook Two Combined
  4. 4. METHODOLOGY... UNDERSTANDING HOW I would find all of the decoy waldo look-a-likesand then measure the distances between them andWaldo. Then i would map those distances into a dataform and compare the first book with the second.DECOY PROXIMITIESBook OneDecoy CharactersWaldoBook Two
  5. 5. METHODOLOGY... UNDERSTANDING HOW For each puzzle concerning Isolation and cluster-ing, I would map out a 1” x 1” grid and then recordhow many figures are in each square. I would thenassign a grey tone that is a reflection of the numeri-cal value of figures. Once this is has been done I canthen begin to compare to the other book and see ifthere is any trends.DENSITY RELATIONHIPS TO WALDO One Puzzle
  6. 6. I also will be comparing the rate at which Waldois found. For both books I had timed how long it tookto find waldo in each puzzle. After this was completedI now can begin to make a data form that comparesthe reverse strategie to the forward strategy to see if ithas an effect on how quickly you find Waldo.EFFICIENCY OF FINDING WALDOMETHODOLOGY... UNDERSTANDING HOW
  7. 7. CONCLUSION.... METHOD TO HIS MADNESS? In the aftermath of this project I hope to aftercompiling a kit of tools, apply these to a final un-viewed book. From this point I can really see if thefindings of my earlier discoveries are actually helpfulor applicable.CONCLUDING THOUGHTS