Secure Portals for Communicating with your Customers, Partners and Mobile Staff


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CommuniGate Systems and 1toGo Enterprise allows private and public sector organisations to extend their internal messaging systems to secure public and private portals to communicate with their customers, partners and mobile staff using tools such as secure encrypted email, instant messaging and VoIP, regardless of the groupware technology used in-house

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Secure Portals for Communicating with your Customers, Partners and Mobile Staff

  1. 1. • Create Private and Public Clouds, separating internal and public communications whilst allowing them to interact securely and cost effectively. • Extend Unified Messaging to web and mobile devices using secure encryption transport technology, supporting today’s BYO demands in diverse populations of tablets and mobile devices. • Get closer to your customers with secured email and instant messaging, delivering loyalty programs and self care portals that reduce costs whilst keeping your community in your brand. • Provide online appointment setting or verification of orders for your customers, partners and suppliers. • Give secure email and instant messaging with chat rooms to your remote workers on their smartphones or tablets. Manage these devices with security policies and the ability to wipe the device if it is lost or stolen. • Enable centralised office staff that might be on MS Exchange to securely chat in real-time with remote branches or ware houses that are on the web based CommuniGate Pro system. • Extend central phone systems and directories to branches and remote locations. U n i f i e d M e s s a g i n g | E - m a i l | G r o u p w a r e | P r e s e n c e | V o I P | M o b i l i t y w w w . c o m m u n i g a t e . c o m Integrating with your headquarters’ group- ware technology, this extension enhances collaboration through public and private clouds, supporting populations in excess of 50 Million users. This scale allows large Enterprises to extend their brand into cus- tomer loyalty programs, self service portals, and much more. With CommuniGate Pro you can quickly: CommuniGate Pro securely extends your existing messaging systems by creating a web and mobile service for your remote and mobile workforce, partners and even to your customers.
  2. 2. Secured workforce and customer communications on any web client or smart device Enterprise security is being aggressively challenged by decentralization and an increasing number of smart Internet enabled devices in the workplace. Communicate across the business with confidence CommuniGate Pro enables real-time secure and encrypted communication between thousands of employees in hun- dreds oflocations, on a variety of smart mobile device, both in the office, in the field and with the customer base. Enhanced customer experience Building trusted, secure communications with customers is crucial in maintaining customer loyalty and value. CommuniGate Systems’ white-label HTML5 web interfaces enable you to deploy powerful communication tools for your customers, that enhance your brand and provide an im- proved customer experience. Integrity, authenticity and privacy With CommuniGate Systems’ technology your communica- tions and data are protected in-transit and at rest, with mul- tiple levels of security, mitigating the possibility of sensitive information being leaked or intercepted. Bio-metric, two-factor authentication, remote wipe and security revocation technologies provide the highest levels of security and usability, ensuring end-user authenticity, miti- gates data loss and protecting the system from unauthor- ized use. Forensic tracking and archival ensures compliance and accountability. Easily integrate with existing systems CommuniGate Pro provides simple, secure and open application programming interfaces (APIs) which means it can be easily integrated with existing web, email, telephony, alerting, notification and operational environments, providing a seamless experience for your staff, users and customers. U n i f i e d M e s s a g i n g | E - m a i l | G r o u p w a r e | P r e s e n c e | V o I P | M o b i l i t y w w w . c o m m u n i g a t e . c o m