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Oracle scm


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Oracle scm

  1. 1. SC en M be ds st ul d w art ith s co n t h w it h ai e ht c cu h ly op st e c pp l o om u su a er sto of as m pt of er ce ht an o n ug C o d th Customer could be an internal customer or an external customerA supply chain is a network of supplier, manufacturing, Supply Chain Management is the management of theassembly, distribution, and logistics facilities that entire value-added chain, from the supplier toperform the functions of procurement of materials, manufacturer right through to the retailer and the finaltransformation of these materials into intermediate and customer.finished products, and the distribution of these productsto customers SCM has three primary goals: Reduce inventory, increase the transaction speed by exchanging data inSupply chain management (SCM) is a systematic real-time, and increase sales by implementingapproach to manage the entire flow of information, customer requirements more efficientlymaterials, and services from raw material suppliersthrough factories and warehouses to the end customer
  2. 2. Developing new products is the starting Create a network for receiving point of a supply-chain cycle where defective and excess products back Product specifications are created. from customers and supporting customers who have problems with delivered products. Marketing and Sales generates demand for theCoordinate the receipt of orders from Product by publicizing its features and how itcustomers, develop a network of Develop would address customer priorities. In thewarehouses, pick carriers to get products to Service & process, Marketing also gets customercustomers and set up an invoicing system to feedback and communicates to Product Maintain Marketreceive payments. development group. Fulfill Plan Planning is the strategic portion of SCM. You need a strategy for managing all the Schedule the manufacturing activities resources that go toward meeting customer Manufacture necessary for production, testing, Sell & Manage demand for your product or service. packaging and preparation for delivery. Orders Procure Maintain and manage the customer orders, order holds, notes and release the orders Choose the suppliers that will deliver the goods to warehouse for fulfillment based on and services you need to create your product. requested date, product availability and Develop a set of pricing, delivery and payment customer credit limit. processes with suppliers and create metrics for monitoring and improving the relationships. Supply Chain Management Processes Overview
  3. 3. • Oracle Product Lifecycle Management . Oracle Advanced product • Telesales • Depot Repair Catalog • Trade Management • Field Service • Incentive Compensation • Install Base • Order Capture • Service Contracts • Partners Online • Service Fulfillment Manager • Spares Management Develop Service & Maintain Market• Release Management• Shipping Execution • Advanced Supply Chain• Inventory Management Planning Fulfill WMS Plan • Global Order Promising• Transportation Execution Manufacture Sell & Manage • Cost Management Orders • Configure to Order Procure • Process Manufacturing • Order management • Project Manufacturing Advanced Pricing • Quality • Configurator • Work in Process • iStore • Purchasing • iProcurement Oracle Supply Chain Management Solutions
  4. 4. A supply chain is a network of suppliers, manufacturing, warehouse, distribution, and logistics facilities including the customers. Product flow happens in a supply chain from supplier to manufacturer to distributor to retailer to customer where as cash & information flow happens in the reverse direction. Supplier ManufacturerCustomer Retailer Production Facility Distributor
  5. 5. Su s rt pp pa lie rs en td dS ds an req RM uir ed Supplier ts es ma qu re ter t ur er ia l fac nu Ma Customer Places Order Manufacturer Ships Goods Manufacturer order Mfr PlaCustomer es tim utes job ns and at s er ord & Ma or exec r k oc eleases uf n St ac ns tu i ta re in rS Shop flo a hi Job Od m ps or ut Go Reta iler rib od Place st s s Orde Di rer Stocrk shes Retailer ni reple rib utor Dist Production Distributor Facility
  6. 6. Oracle Oracle Order Management Advanced pricing Enter Order Review Order and Line Price and details Adjustments OracleShipping OracleExecution Oracle Global ATP Transportation Management Check Availability, Ship Confirm Schedule Order Oracle Mobile Supply Chain Oracle Application Order Management Pick Confirm Oracle Book the Order Shipping Oracle Execution WMS Oracle INV Pick Release the Order
  7. 7. Oracle Oracle Oracle Purchasing iProcurement Purchasing Create Create RFQ Requisition (Optional)Oracle Oracle Oracle INV WMS Purchasing Inspect Create Quotation & Deliver Oracle (Optional) Mobile Supply Chain Application Oracle Oracle INV Purchasing Create Purchase Receive Order
  8. 8. Oracle Oracle ASCP ASCP Analyze Plan Output Launch ASCP Plan and Release Work orderOracle Oracle OracleASCP Demand Planner Oracle WIP Do Forecast and WMS Issue Components setup ASCP Plan Oracle for the Assembly Parameters INV Oracle Oracle INV Oracle OSFM WIP Process and Move Complete and Assembly thru’ Issue Assy to FGI all processing steps