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Green Life

  1. 1. Green Life GroupWay of Life<br />
  2. 2. For many years common problems associated with cleaning grease, oil and dirt from floors has been the nature of the products damage the floor and more importantly the run off of the chemical and hydro carbons present contaminate the water system which in turn harms the environment.<br />BLUE SKY has developed a user friendly chemical detergent degreaser to clean grease, oil and dirt from floors whilst simultaneously breaking down the hydro carbons making run off safe for the drainage system.<br />
  4. 4. Green Life Group<br />SAVE OUR WATER RESOURCES<br />
  5. 5. 5<br />The rationale<br />Green Life Group<br />*The “most commonly used” detergents are based on: alkalis ,acids, polluting chemicals containing metals, borates, phosphates, etc, which can have adverse effects on the air, rivers, seas, water treatments, food chain and the environment in general.<br /> *Our body is exposed to all these hazards, there are dangers that sometimes can be seen but sometimes not.<br />*Our lungs, eyes and skin are the most vulnerable . <br />Ecological cleaning substances will replace <br />these types of detergents.<br />
  6. 6. Green Life Group<br />Green solution from natural sources <br />
  7. 7. Green Life Group<br />Green Life GroupCommitment:<br />7<br />To us in Green Life Group , being a developer and concept leader of- GEL Green environment, it is clear that in an industrialy developing world we have no choice but to take responsibility and leadership through the wise use of biodegradable products that protect us all : ENVIRONMENT ANIMAL AND HUMAN.<br />
  8. 8. “Green Life Ggroup " Commitment<br />Green Life Group<br />Green Life Ggroup sees as a target to be a leader and activity developer for a green environment, to keep and protect the environment and the human health. <br />.Green Life Ggroupsees it’s target to be the leader and actively develop products for a green environment, to keep and protect the environment and the health of those that use them. <br />Green Life Ggroupas the developer and producer of line,<br /> will continue and strive to lead this field through the <br /> development of new products for a safer and healthier life.<br />8<br />
  9. 9. 9<br />Activity range<br />Green Life Group<br />“Blue Sky Ind.” A member of the Green Life Group , specializes in 3 fields:<br />Ecological products that protect the environment :<br />Developing, manufacturing and marketing unique ecological products.<br />Transportation :<br />Importing, developing, manufacturing and marketing products for the transportation Industry: aviation, ships, vehicles.<br />Energy and petrochemicals :<br />Developing and modifying oils forvarious industries and marketing them throughout Israel Europe and the former USSR countries.<br />
  10. 10. Green Life Group<br />Protecting the environment<br />To us in Green Life Ggroup, being a developer and concept leader of- GEL Green environment, it is clear that in an industrially developing world we have no choice but to take responsibility and leadership through the wise use of biodegradable products that protect us all : ENVIRONMENT ANIMAL AND HUMAN.<br />10<br />
  11. 11. Green Life Group<br />Changing to cleaning products that protect the environment, are user friendly, improve the cleaning efficiency, eliminate obstacles, and cut expenses<br />HAS TO BE THE RIGHT MOVE!!<br />Moving to product<br />11<br />
  12. 12. 12<br />The Product<br />Green Life Group<br />A Concentrated water based cleaning, antibacterial sterilizing fluid, that is readily biodegradable and ecologically acceptable.<br /> Non caustic.<br />Can be broken down by the microorganisms in the sewerage treatment<br />Does not become an environment polluting factor.<br />specialty and excellence has the perfect ability to dissolve, detach, and remove various types of fats, dirt, grime and waste.<br />
  13. 13. Green Life Group<br />Main Characters<br />An ultimate powerful aqueous cleaner sterilizer liquid concentrate for all purposes. <br />Cleans, sterilizes, removes and dissolves fats, soil and dirt instantly,<br />Burnt fats, grease, soot, charcoal coal and sludge. <br />Eliminates bacteria, microorganisms fungus and mould, leaves a natural plant essences.<br />Environmental and user friendly.<br />Conforms to European Standard EN1276<br />13<br />
  14. 14. Product Properties<br />Soil Removal<br />Emulsifier Potential<br />Plastic Compatibility<br />Foaming Properties<br />Filing Properties<br />Anti Streaking<br />Skin Compatibility<br />Green Life Group<br />
  15. 15. Green Life Group<br />Active mechanism Green up<br />Remove solid or liquid soil/dirt.<br />First stage - Examine the dirty surface and identify the dirt that should be removed.<br />Second stage -Reduce the interfacial tension between the water phase<br />the variety dirt, reducing the grains & dirt into tiny particles from the surface.<br />Third stage -wrap the dirt with hydrophobic units and absorb it in the water as a suspension -at the same time the hydrophobic units are linked to the water.<br />Forth stage - the microscopic tiny particle of dirt –wrapped by the Green up micelles are removed from the treated surface.<br />15<br />
  16. 16. Green Life Group<br />Green Up Main Characters<br />Eliminate bad smells, rotten and fermentation next to garbage cans.<br /> Protecting the environment, naturally breaks down in nature - Readily Biodegradable.<br />Minimal impact on earth, water sources and reservoirs, ground water and sea.<br />Protects sewerage pipes and drainage systems, sterilizes and cleans cesspits.<br />Does not affect the lungs.<br />Does not leave marks on skin or hands. (avoid prolonged skin contact)<br />Not toxic , not flammable, non ionic.<br />Does not discharge toxic gas or synthetics smell like some cleaners do.<br />Does not contain solvents, caustic soda or heavy metals.<br />Does not attack the surfaces, including stainless steel.<br />Does not contain SLS and not foamy.<br />Does not leave greasy or sticky layers on the surface, not slippery.<br />Does no stain or leave deposits, leaves surfaces shiny and sparkling.<br />Can be applied to wet surfaces. <br />Can be diluted to suit application.<br />Economical in use. SAVES MONEY<br />Meets the health bureau standard.<br />16<br />
  17. 17. Green Life Group<br />Green Up line<br />Green up<br />your agriculture<br />Green up<br />your Hands<br />Green up<br />your Dishes<br />Green up<br />your window<br />Green up<br />your laundry<br />washing and rinsing your hands<br />Glasses,<br />windows ,car windowpane ,mirrors ,glass surfaces<br />Floors,Céramique tilles, granite, smoothed concrète, open sewerage pipes, glass flask, milking peat, milk tank, milks pipe (interior and exterior) and laying cells.<br />for rinsing dishes<br />laundry machine <br />& Manuel<br />Green up<br />your<br />Ship/yachts<br />Green up<br />your<br />Stain<br />Green up<br />your laboratory<br />Green up<br />your Garage<br />Green up<br />your<br />Transportation<br />Carpets, upholstery, cloth, furniture's in the house office and cars<br />Fluid suctions, doctor and nurse tolls, test tubes, glass containers,<br /> weigh-scale ,trays and the all laboratory surrounding.<br />Garage floor, lifts, jacks and working tolls.<br />Generators, separators, engine parts, bridge (compass, gyro, woods surface), anchor cranes and lift cranes, top deck, decks, kitchens, mess, passages, staff personal rooms, storage rooms, bilge and to the use of maintenance staff<br />Side curtains, loading ramp, cargo box, truck floor, back and side panel .<br />17<br />
  18. 18. Green Life Group<br />Quality and quantity benefits in using<br />Pioneer in using cleaners and sterilizerings products that protect the environment, employees and customers.<br />Reducing the risk of exposing and inhaling toxic chemicals by employees and customers. <br />Raising the level of sterilizing and cleaning in parameters of external site and smell at the places that uses Green up.<br />Saving money by using one product- one supplier (direct saving in time and material-indirect saving by human resources - accounting).<br />Cutting the quantity of material needed for every day use, as a result of quality and efficiency of compared to other cleaners.<br />Saves time and is easy to apply: rapid uses save up to 75% of the employ time.<br />Eliminates the use of soap and water post cleaning; only wiping is required (cut the cost of water and sewerage to the authorities).<br />Reduce the physical deterioration of workplace surface: metals, plastic, rubber- chemicals attacks surfaces include stainless steel.<br />18<br />
  19. 19. "Green up " are a cold, ready to use liquids – do not dilute or mix with other liquids but water, do not overheat, do not apply on to very hot surfaces.<br />Spray on the dirty surface you wish to clean * wait for 10 min. * scrub with a sponge or a "scotch bright" or a cloth or any other brushing toolappropriate to the size and type of surface you are cleaning * wipe with a wet or dry cloth as needed * there is no need to wash with water after using "green up " * in places with little dirt ,spray, wait for a shorter period ,about 5 min. scrub and wipe * "green up " used on a regular and daily basis will shorten the waiting period and the amount of liquid to be used is reduced * in situations of excessive and stubborn dirt & grease: repeat the action until you achieve a perfect clean surface * repeat action can be immediate.<br />Green Life Group<br />Direction of use<br />19<br />
  20. 20. Green Life Group<br />General Information on the Market<br />Overview Green Up Cleaning:<br /> Of publicly open and official facilities, offices, airports, hospitals and institutions <br />Cleaning in the commercial and mostly large-scaled food-and nonfood-industry •Hard surface cleaners <br />•Floor cleaners <br />•Carpet cleaners <br />•Machine ware washing<br />•Institutional laundry <br />•Commercial laundry <br />•Dairy cleaning <br />• Breweries cleaning <br />• Food Plant cleaning<br />• Bottle cleaning<br />• Metal working<br />• Metal cleaning <br />• Automatic vehicle cleaning <br />•Chain lubrication<br />
  21. 21. Green Life Group<br />We are here <br />
  22. 22. Green Life Group<br />We are there <br />
  23. 23. Green Life Group<br />We are everywhere<br />