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HR Goes Agile


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Agile HR or Talent Management as we call it in Agile organizations turn the entire organization around. It’s employees centric, delivering value to the whole organization. At a glance, not much had changed. We still need to hire people, take care of people growth, do evaluations. Only the way we work changed significantly as the focus shifted to support the overall employee experience. Interested in what does that mean? Let me guide you through the change of mindset, practices, and tips on how to build the new Agile HR.

- Understand the fundamental need behind the Agile HR shift
- Be aware of how HR can help the organization to change the mindset
- Know what practices to avoid
- Get a number of useful practices to become your Agile HR journey

Published in: Leadership & Management

HR Goes Agile

  1. 1. Change the way of work Agile HR @zuzuzka Zuzi Sochova
  2. 2. What is the change about?
  3. 3. collaborative, creative, and adaptive network. From fixed hierarchy...
  4. 4. From individuals... ... to team and system focus.
  5. 5. From fixed annual cycles... ... to flexible ongoing conversation.
  6. 6. From defined structures... ... to purpose driven dynamic structures.
  7. 7. In one word, we optimize for Adaptiveness
  8. 8. Be Agile
  9. 9. How can HR help organization to change the mindset ?
  10. 10. From internal processes support... ... to employee experience focus.
  11. 11. Positivity... ... brings experiments.
  12. 12. Decentralization... ... brings empowerment.
  13. 13. Go and See... ... brings innovations.
  14. 14. Which practices shall be avoided ?
  15. 15. System CoachingForget... If you achieve it ... then ... If you don’t ... then ...
  16. 16. Career path and positions
  17. 17. Bonuses and evaluations
  18. 18. Annual KPIs
  19. 19. Which practices are useful?
  20. 20. Start with Purpose
  21. 21. Build Servant Leadership
  22. 22. Ongoing Peer Reviews
  23. 23. Apply System Coaching
  24. 24. Decentralize
  25. 25. Don’t Create Things Alone
  26. 26. Create Strategic Value Driven Culture
  27. 27. Agile HR… ...focuses on overall employee experience ...coaches the organization towards the evolutionary purpose agile leadership + system coaching + large group facilitation. #1 #2 #3
  28. 28. The Great ScrumMaster book Practical guide for all who want to improve their teams and organizations.
  29. 29. Zuzi Šochová @zuzuzka AGILE & SCRUM COACH CERTIFIED SCRUMTRAINER, CST Connect with me… Author of The Great ScrumMaster book