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Great ScrumMaster - Big Apple Scrum Day


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Great ScrumMasters are rare. If you have one in your company, you have greater chance to be successful. Regrettably, the role of ScrumMaster is underestimated in most of the organizations, but without great ScrumMaster, your team will never "shine" or in other words be efficient, high-performing, self-organized, or proactive.

Let's have a look at this role and see how great ScrumMaster works and how he/she helps the company to be more successful. It's not an easy job where for the ScrumMaster it is essential to learn several different concepts concerning team theory, system thinking, and coaching. The talk is based on concepts described in my new book The Great ScrumMaster - #ScrumMasterWay published by Addison-Wesley Professional as part of the Addison-Wesley Signature Series (Mike Cohn).

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Great ScrumMaster - Big Apple Scrum Day

  1. 1. #ScrumMasterWay Great ScrumMaster @zuzuzka Zuzi Sochova
  2. 2. Languages of Papua New Guinea today number over 850. The most linguistically diverse place. With very different cultures.
  3. 3. Margaret Mead 1901 – 1978, Philadelphia American cultural anthropologist cooperation, competition, and individualism.
  4. 4. ScrumMaster
  5. 5. ScrumMaster
  6. 6. What is the one ultimate goal of every ScrumMaster?
  7. 7. Do "nothing"
  8. 8. Can I have other roles...?
  9. 9. Work for more teams
  10. 10. #ScrumMasterWay Myself Dimension
  11. 11. #ScrumMasterWay State of Mind
  12. 12. Teaching, Mentoring
  13. 13. Help Remove Impediments
  14. 14. Facilitation
  15. 15. Coaching
  16. 16. Observe
  17. 17. #ScrumMasterWay Metaskills
  18. 18. Curiosity
  19. 19. Respect
  20. 20. Patience
  21. 21. Playfulness
  22. 22. #ScrumMasterWay Learning
  23. 23. Unlimited learning...
  24. 24. #ScrumMasterWay Leadership
  25. 25. Servant Leader
  26. 26. #ScrumMasterWay World Dimension
  27. 27. Great ScrumMasters
  28. 28. System View
  29. 29. System Rule
  30. 30. Be one step ahead
  31. 31. How to become Great ScrumMaster?
  32. 32. Work at 3 levels of #ScrumMasterWay concept Observe: Look at organization/team from system level Be one step ahead only Summary
  33. 33. The Great ScrumMaster book Practical guide for all who want to improve their organizations.
  34. 34. Zuzi Šochová @zuzuzka AGILE & SCRUM COACH ANDTRAINER, CST Thank you Author of The Great ScrumMaster book