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Chef's team


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Exceptional restaurants are built on team spirit of collaboration, experiments, and extreme customer focus which makes them Agile. Surprising, right? 

I've been observing how the best from the best places where you can eat run their business. I’ve been visiting many Michelin star restaurants and the exceptionally rated places across the world to see how they work, how they collaborate and what makes them so exceptional. I’ve been speaking with their chefs, service, and team members. Surprisingly, all of them have exceptional teams and focus on collaboration. All of them were not afraid to experiment. They invested in the growth of their people, and constantly searching for improvement, eager to get feedback. It is always a very intensive experience. They experiment, do things differently than most, looking for perfection. Thus, the product is different, there are similarities on how we work as Agile teams and how they work in those places. In many aspects, we can learn from those teams. 

This session brings you the notion of what this high-performing environment of Michelin star restaurants and exceptionally rated places across the world is about without traveling, waiting till late night to get a reservation and last but not the least covering the bill. I can’t share the taste of the food, but I can share my observations, photos, videos and insights from the people I’ve been speaking with. The food is always awesome, but the way these places work is often even more exciting for me.

Learning Objectives:
- get inspired how great teams work in different environment then SW
- see that collaboration is the key to build high-performing teams
- experience the true customer centric environment
- get a feeling how different it can be if you put excellence and perfection as the key value

Published in: Leadership & Management
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Chef's team

  1. 1. Exceptional restaurants are built on a team spirit of collaboration, experimentation, and extreme customer focus Chef’s Team @zuzuzka Zuzi Sochova
  2. 2. Alcron, Prague My story…
  3. 3. What makes some places so special?
  4. 4. Roman Paulus, chef of the Alcron Restaurant, Prague “You just have to have passion and love for what you do”
  5. 5. Perfection Eleven Madison Park, NYC
  6. 6. Noma, Copenhagen
  7. 7. Simplicity Alcron, Prague
  8. 8. Noma, Copenhagen Simplicity
  9. 9. Noma, Copenhagen
  10. 10. Momofuku Ko, NYC Transparency
  11. 11. Transparency Momofuku SHŌTŌ, Toronto
  12. 12. Transparency Momofuku SHŌTŌ, Toronto
  13. 13. Momofuku SHŌTŌ, Toronto Let’s see the collaboration…
  14. 14. Team spirit Noma, Copenhagen
  15. 15. Noma, Copenhagen
  16. 16. “We are one team in one kitchen and one hotel and we just have to work together” Roman Paulus, chef of the Alcron Restaurant, Prague
  17. 17. Pavel Bycek, head-chef of the Alcron Restaurant, Prague “We need to help each other”
  18. 18. Innovations & Experiments NomaNoma, Copenhagen
  19. 19. Be creative Lounge Bohemia, Prague/London
  20. 20. “Everyone can have some great idea” Pavel Bycek, head-chef of the Alcron Restaurant, Prague
  21. 21. Be different Momofuku Ko, NYC
  22. 22. Café Sebastienne, Kansas City Cafe & Art
  23. 23. Eleven Madison Park, NYC Experience
  24. 24. Noma, Copenhagen Surprise
  25. 25. Noma, Copenhagen Playfulness
  26. 26. Summary Collaboration is the key to your success Help each other, be cross-functional Give people trust and encourage them to experiment Excellence, perfection and improvement as the key values
  27. 27. The Great ScrumMaster Book Practical guide for all who want to improve their teams and organizations.
  28. 28. Zuzi Šochová @zuzuzka AGILE & SCRUM COACH ANDTRAINER, CST Connect with me… Author of The Great ScrumMaster book