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War against terror ( presentation )


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War against terror ( presentation )

  1. 1. WAR AGAINST TERROR Zuwwar Khan Jadoon Dec 18, 2012
  2. 2. WAR AGAINST TERROR I. II. III. IV. V. VI. VII. VIII. IX. X. British India Creation of Pakistan Background Geographical Location Soviet-Afghan War Role of USA Rise of Al-Qaida Musharraf Era US Invasion PPP third term
  3. 3. BRITISH INDIA         landed as an East India Company Started political interference Gained power day by day Fall of Mughal Dynasty India became British India War of mutiny 1857 Formation of Congress and All India Muslim League Allahabad Address 1930
  4. 4. CREATION OF PAKISTAN         1947, Muslims obtained independence and created Pakistan Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the first Governor General Liaquat Ali Khan, the first Priminister War of 1948 (Kashmir) Era of Field Marshal Ayub and General Yahya War of 1965 and 1971 Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto became the first nominated Prime Minister of Pakistan General Zia-ul-Haq an important figure
  5. 5. GEOGRAPHICAL LOCATION      Sub-Continent was divided on the basis of Muslim and Hindu majorities Geographically our location is quite important Center of the third world countries Warm waters and trade routes Sharing borders with Iran, Afghanistan, China and India
  6. 6. BACKGROUND        The geographical location of Pakistan has strategic significance Since 1947 we were inclined towards USA and West Pakistan became victim of terrorism during 60’s and intensified during 1971 USSR, one of the super powers prior to 1980 Remained greedy to reach the warm waters The next thing was spreading Communism A system in which all the property belongs to the class less society rather than the individual citizens
  7. 7. SOVIET-AFGHAN WAR     December 1979, Red Army invaded Afghanistan 1980, Babrak Karmal installed as ruler, backed by Soviet troops 1980, anti-regime resistance intensified along with assistance of Mujahidin groups as backed by Pakistan, USA, China, Iran and Saudi Arabia 1985, Mujahedeen joined hands and formed alliance against Soviet forces under support from Pakistan
  8. 8. SOVIET-AFGHAN WAR     Half of the Afghans were displaced due to war and many fled to Pakistan and Iran 1986, US assisted Afghan Mujahidin through Pakistan 1986, Babrak Karmal replaced by Najibullah as head of Soviet-backed regime 1988, Afghanistan, USSR, the US und Pakistan sign peace accords at UNO
  9. 9. SOVIET-AFGHAN WAR  1989, Red Army quit but civil war increased  1992 Najibullah govt. toppled but civil war intensified
  10. 10. ROLE OF USA       USA realized the increasing strength of USSR USA never wanted communism to spread in whole world USA assisted Afghanistan financially and strategically Pakistan as a bridge Role of Zia-ul-Haq Role of ISI
  11. 11. RISE OF AL-QAIDA        After 1992, when Red Army quit, civil war started in Afghanistan Mullah Omer rose and ruled Afghanistan and imposed Islamic law In 1993, name of Al-Qaida appeared with purpose of assisting aggrieved Muslims Headed by Osama Bin Laden USA openly opposed AlQaida and threatened Afghanistan Mullah Omer rejected the American demands, being unjustified Al-Qaida responded tit for tat to USA
  12. 12. MUSHARRAF ERA       General Musharraf toppled a democratic government and became head of the state in 1999 Voiced for Enlightened Modernization Announced full support to USA after 9/11 Apparently made 180 turn from previous policies about Taliban The Gorilla war was taken inside Pakistan by so called Taliban and caused terrorism due to Musharraf policies The deteriorating law and order situation became worsened due to interference by CIA/KGB and RAW etc
  13. 13. US INVASION      2001, Coalition forces led by USA invaded Afghanistan Turkey was the only Islamic country among the coalition nations Many religious groups stood against the invasion Mujahidin groups migrated to Afghanistan from all over the world Mullah Omer and Osama fled to far mountainous region and fueled Gorilla war
  14. 14. PPP THIRD TERM    2008 saw departure of Musharraf and third term of PPP in the Government Desire for command and poor economic situation forced PPP Govt to continue Musharraf policies Above situation coupled with interference by our enemies intensified and spread terrorism and the whole Pakistan became the victim
  15. 15. CONCLUSION War on Terror has probably benefited very few but Pakistan lost thousand of lives (military/civil)  Our economy suffered by billions  The so called “Taliban” inflicted bad name to our beloved religion, Islam  Law and order situation became worst and despite appreciation about geostrategic location, Pakistan went in isolation 