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Workshop sofia1


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Presentation showed at the Art and Culture in the eTwinning Project. - Multilateral Seminar 14th 17th July 2016

By Milena Jorge and Rita Zurrapa

Published in: Education
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Workshop sofia1

  1. 1. Tell a digital story Sofia 14-17 July 2016 eTwinning Seminar Art and Culture in the eTwinning Project
  2. 2. These are your students!
  3. 3. ‪Rubik's Cube: A question, waiting to be answered‬
  4. 4. Puppets http:// 2015/06/29/ainda-nada/ Ways to tell stories Fingers Hands … … Stop Mo4on http:// 2014/06/24/bruna-e-a- galinha-dangola/ Shadows http:// 2014/06/24/o-pinoquio/ / Graphical Environment http:// 2015/06/29/kodu-e-a- floresta-ameacada/ Theater http:// 2015/06/29/d%C2%AA-rata- sabia/
  5. 5. Teelling stories in the web 2.0 Powtoon Storybird Animata index.html
  6. 6. Here you can find everything
  7. 7. Time flies when you are having fun! 5 minutes – Decide the gist of your story 10 minutes – write your story with your group - up to 3 minutes 20 Minutes – record your story Presentations