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How to motivate eTwinning teachers


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Presented during the PDW for eTwinning Ambassadors.
Rhodos 2016

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How to motivate eTwinning teachers

  1. 1. How to motivate teachers Rita Zurrapa English Teacher, NSS Portugal
  2. 2. Future
  3. 3. Aims of the Workshop How to motivate teachers? • To share experiences • To discuss • To collaborate • To share good practices examples • To share useful resources • To make us think!
  4. 4. NOTE! • You are free to disagree! • You are free to agree! • You are free to add! • You are free to share! • You are free to speak up! • You are free to collaborate! DuringtheWorkshop You are free to be an eTwinner!!
  5. 5. Question Time Are/Were you a teacher?
  6. 6. Question Time Have you done any eTwinning Project?
  7. 7. Question Time Do you yourself do sessions for teachers?
  8. 8. Question Time What do enjoy most about teachers sessions?
  9. 9. Question Time What do you enjoy less about teachers sessions?
  10. 10. Question Time What do you focus on in a session?
  11. 11. Question Time What complaints do you have from teachers?
  12. 12. "How to Motivate Teachers?"
  13. 13. Rita Pierson Ted Talk a_champion?language=en
  14. 14. Change teachers
  15. 15. Teachers get frustrated because they can not teach...
  16. 16. Write 5 things that you think motivate teachers the most.
  17. 17. • Stand in two circles. • Show and tell. • Cross one out. • Change partners. Move to your right!
  18. 18. In your own words What motivates teachers? • That minute when your students “get it,” and you know you’ve witnessed learning take place. • Those times when your students email you outside resources they think you would like. • The gift of lifelong learning that comes with being a teacher who teaches about teaching! • My students and my own research that keep me up-to-date on the newest research as well as the latest strategies and methods. • The opportunity to learn from and meet so many new people from so many walks of life.
  19. 19. What do students want? In their own words "Know our names. When teachers know who I am, I act better.” "Try not to be boring. Teach us stuff we need to know. Make class interesting." All down the line similar responses emerge: Know us. Care about us. Engage us. It is clear kids want to like school. They want to be motivated.
  20. 20. What is 21st Century Education?
  21. 21. If we teach today’s students as we taught yesterday’s, we rob them of tomorrow. Jon Dewey (1859 – 1952)
  22. 22. Schools have excellent teachers, but working badly. It doesn’t make sense to have 21st Century students learning from 20th century teachers, using 19th century techniques. José Pacheco
  23. 23. Sir Ken Robinson – Animation TED Talk RSA ANIMATE: Changing Education Paradigms
  24. 24. Teachers fears
  25. 25. THE 21ST CENTURY demands! Times are changing rapidly! Teachers fears Testing!
  26. 26. Too late…
  27. 27. It’s not all about…
  28. 28. 14th Century
  29. 29. eTwinning Sessions
  30. 30. What to tell them? • Praise them • Recognize their work • Show empathy • Don’t arrange extra work • Integrate Curriculum • Do what you usually do. Do not invent. Adapt! • What’s in it for them? • HAVE FUN!
  31. 31. eTwinning Session • Believe in what you are saying. • Show passion. • Do not focus on technology. Focus on methodology. • Present eTwinning as a mean to help teachers. • Make yourself available at all time.
  32. 32. eTwinning Session • Good practices examples – Teachers (peer learning) • Be real and positive • Present examples of simple projects • Emphasize the collaboration factor. • Listen to them and offer real solutions.
  33. 33. Present eTwinning projects as… Share M A R T Agree on a Shared Plan with partners Involve students.
  34. 34. Present eTwinning projects as… Share Motivate A R T Get students excited -Topic of interest -Authentic audience
  35. 35. Present eTwinning projects as… Share Motivate Adapt R T - Be flexible - Have an open-mind It’s the journey that counts, not the destination.
  36. 36. Present eTwinning projects as… Share Motivate Adapt Record T - Document the work. - Try to involve eTwinning work in the regular Lesson-planning.
  37. 37. Present eTwinning projects as… Share Motivate Adapt Record Take it easy - Enjoy yourself!! Enjoy the experience of communicating and collaborating with teachers and pupils.
  38. 38. Act-in-Art
  39. 39. "How to Motivate Teachers?"
  40. 40. Resources used in Sessions Sir Ken Robinson – Animation TED Talk RSA ANIMATE: Changing Education Paradigms 21st Century Competences – Above and Beyond What is 21st Century Education?
  41. 41. Resources used in Sessions Julian Treasure: How to speak so that people want to listen Sir Ken Robinson – schools kill creativity Ted Talks Education