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Nuevo presentación de microsoft power point


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This power point was made the 08/11/2009

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Nuevo presentación de microsoft power point

  1. 1. What tipe of shape it contains: Enclosed shape? Open shape? Positive? Negative? 1.-
  2. 2. Write down an objective and subjective description of Van Gogh´s painting 2.-
  3. 3. Make an objective and Subjective analysis of Roy Lichtenstein´s “ Mujer en el Baño ” 3.-
  4. 4. Define a positive shape and say if Chillida´s Euzkadi IV and Antoni Tàpies )(".JEAN DAIVE Libro are positive or negative. )(".JEAN DAIVE Libro Euzkadi IV )(".JEAN DAIVE Libro
  5. 5. Find an abstract painting with many vertical and horizontal lines 1.-
  6. 6. Look for an image you like and make a complete description of the picture: ARTIST TYPE OF IMAGE SHAPE MAKE AN ANALYSIS (OBJECTIVE AND SUBJECTIVE)
  7. 7. 1.- What is a dot? How can it affect a space? Give three examples
  8. 8. 2.- Look for a picture in the links where you can find lines used for shading. (Write down the web page where you found it)
  9. 9. 2.- What are natural textures? Give two examples.
  10. 10. 2.- What is a plane? Name the different types of planes.
  11. 11. Look for Henri Matisse, "The red table"1908 in the links and answer: What type of shapes can you see? (Squares?....) Copy and paste at least three different textures you find in the picture.