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Katalog Tupperware Isu 2/2013
11 Feb - 30 Mac 2013

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Katalog tupperware februari mac

  1. 1. reen livino ade easy" pg.02 Every little bit helps pg o.i Keeps everything market fresh pg 10 Beaut from nature pg26 1 I February - 30 March 2013 Catalogue 2/2013Tupperward nutrr rnetrcs rrseur,iienne- 6..ryanor* xtz*r* ."""fnt[iiJ"^ CIE
  2. 2. :w ffir:Wwwffi-Wwwamry Wffiffiffi ffiffiffiW ##** g-,* ffi ffi*uw* E* rw#vxw* ffiK#ffiffis wm*te, mee€ ffima&g fuww"wwfuw"ffi m**&s m*nffi ww*kmr"m €he p$mrx wK €*r y#ffiFs t* c*me. ffim #& What we do today matters tomorrow. That is why Tupperware Brands, always strives to make a difference when it comes to protecting the environment. We are committed and focused on creating green product solutions. Solutions that not only meet your daily household needs but help sustain the planet simultaneously. With these solutions, you too can do your bit to help preserve our planet and make a continuous effotl to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Leaf through to view our array of green product solutions that will make your home more environmentally friendly.
  3. 3. J=j -f"- F I f € €fs
  4. 4. )ry bit helps I Even the smallest act, like reusing a water bottle can maki: a big imOiettlT - Every year, we celebrate World Water Day, a global movement to promote the importance of sustainable management of fresh water resources. Committed to this cause, Tuppenvare Brands continuously strives to create smart solutions, like the eco bottle to eliminate waste and to ensure everyone does as much as ffi* they can to reduce and reuse to save the earth. wxKffis f""w 4 reasons to use Tupperwares Water Solutions:#*rf ffi *a ,*-&H A reminder to keeP hYdrated! You will be reminded to drink the right amount of water daily. Proper hydration helps regulate ""."1 ffiT" ry rd!! body temperature, eliminate toxins, maintain stamina and reduce fatigue. .".3 ?l Saves Time & Space :- *dtr irrt" There is no need find space to store disposable bottles. Plus, you conserve time and energy spent for shopping and transporting them. J}i ,: .$, Saves Money It eliminates the need for expensive bottled water. Bottled water cost 3,500 times more than tap water. Saves the Planet It prevents billions of disposable bottles from ending up in landfills, where it takes an estimated t,b00 years to biodegrade and leaches toxic waste into soil that will eventually endanger our drinking water.
  5. 5. Smart solutions no pollutionEXCLUSIVE PURC-HASE -. - FREE1110 1066 2/ 1110 6082 3/11106083 1 /4671Eco Bottle Brush 61 Baby Candy Little Sunshine Water Day SetFlv]2a.9C Reta i Square Eco Bottle (1)soomrr Square Eco Bottle (1) soomr- Compiises;Only RM1 1.90 Nett Worth RM16.20 Worth RM16.20 E.c Boil e wilh iilp too .ap 12) 1 .0 Ecc Bcltle (2) 500n1with every purchase of 4671 with every purchase of A671 with every purchase of 46/1 tffi8%1" RM84.4o .Colar chaice depends an availability at Busmess Cerlers
  6. 6. World n&L,er 1105 2662 Fridge Water Bottle (1) 2.oL RM39.90 {ffi € q 1 105 8479 11058182 Beverage Buddy Thirstbreak Turfiblers (a) azoml {includes drinking spout) Cool Aqua61 e.ol & RM52.80 { I RM39.801 .,:, ; :l,i ) Iit.ll
  7. 7. 11105804 Water Wonder-All* 6y ro.or- RM129.00 1105 8462 Thirstquake Tumbler with Pouch* 61 ooomr RM39.90 . LrP-shaped and slanled ."..i spout for easy drinking. . Si icon gasket seals tighi to prevenl sp lls. # ;;" . Deiacfab e base tc keep sma I iens like coins , - . Lz*,i 144, r&?i.,: fis inlc car console. I 1 05 8455 4504.1 1110 2216 High Handolier TIWI Baby Bottle 121 soz Activ Quencher Jet Black 6looomr with Pouch* (1) 1.51 RM70.20 RM38.80 RM52.90 Pauch is iai ccvetel bl lhe [uppeil/are,, Lifetirre V/.xrantl ,aps and pars ?te .ct .overed b,v the TLtDpervare Lifetitr)e WarranLt
  8. 8. water on ttGleanrich water for the whole taP tl S"f", nutrient tamtlV- 7, m your homes.Only 2.5o/oof all the eadhs waier is fresh water. Everyday a lot of human waste is dumped into our water supply. mwater is filtered to drinking qualitY in water treatment Plants. chemicals are added to this includes illegal disposal kill bacteria but residual of toxic waste, harmful chemicals may remain. chemicals and
  9. 9. 1 105 9083 Nano Nature Water Filtration System (r) RM25s0.00 0H 1 1 05 9084 Customer RM2.15.85 per month Nano Ceram Filter Cartridge 61 RM480.00 Consultant RM161.90 per month This is the main filter cartridge that needs to be replaced once a year or every 5000 liters, which ever comes first. Smart LED panel will indicate when change is needed, Enioy gteat sanings asaTuppen larc Brands @]tsllltant Pay Only R1V360,00Thats why every home needs theNano Nature Water Filtration System! 11 05 9085It filters, purifies and enhances drinking water Enhancement Tank (1)with beneficial minerals and breaKhroughNano Ceram Technology, providing RM133.00piece-of-mind with every glass of water. This media contains I9 beneficial minerals and increases the pH value of water, giving you ando Effectively removes 99.9tlYo bacteria and viruses your iamily nutnent-rich, healthy water. To be repiaced with its patented Nano-Ceram Technology. every 6 months, as indicated by Smart LED panel.o Reduces contaminants, with its carbon filtration block. Enioy grcat sanings. Sustains the natural beneficial minerals in water. asaTuppenvarc Brandso Contains 19 beneficial minerals consultarft for optimum health benefits. Pay Only RM99.75. lncreases the pH value of water making it more alkalinized to balance the acidity in your body.. Water is clean, purified and safe for consumption without boiling. Evqy purchase of Nano Nature Filtation Systffi is ffititled to 7 set of Hosfess G/ft only (ree page 53) r0% htterest lnstellntent Plans, please refer to page 55.
  10. 10. 11 06 8255Modular Keeper with Grid (t)g.+t-RM92.00 ,,"Ft.. a l ,!6lfNov:l|,e trase g-lal keePsccilgiis aI)ove anY waief.osioue io prclong ireshness
  11. 11. 11 05 9984 11 05 9986 Square Round 1+1 sooml Large Square Round 1s1 z.or- RM55.60 1 1 06 8040 FreezerMate Medium Set 8001 17 Compises; Vegesafe 6; +somr Freeze.Vlale N,ledrun i i3l 550ni RM31 .00 FreezerN4aie Mledium I i2) 1.51 Freezerlale Medium lll il i 2.31 . removes pestrctdes. =fiectivei f !nglcides, waxes. h:roicices, G1 Bcx ilacie!a and chemicals {r0r! RM154.30 iresh l:roduce. . Ccnoleteiv r,is,oaLle.See page 48 far mate FrezerMate sets
  12. 12. ffi.:,f:-ft. ;: -.8 :F "q" - c, - !g. -a&: -ffi*++e*.aew *g"ssffi* Yi)*g.** < * k{"q*a ffiffiHffi *w.mwffi u i .{., r^-F .-" l-.tr*-: "-"ria Organize cabinets the modular waY Modular Mates Rounds 11OO 6978 MM Found I (1) 2o0ml 11006979 M[,4Roundll (1)440m1 11030233 MNil Foundlll (1)65oml 1100 8219 lVlM Round lV(1) 890ml RM117O FM145) RM18@ RM?3OO O O a 11058456MM RoundSaL BLack 1105 8457 NIM Round S€i Chili qrl _i€: @ 6S78 Before Modular Mates Squares 11OO 6984 MlVl Square 1100 6985 MM Square I1OO 6986 MlVl Square 1100 6387 [/M Square I a I (1) ll (1) lV(]) 1105 8179 MM Square Seal - Biack 1.2L 2.6L lll (1) 4 0L 1 105 8178 MN,4 Square Sea - Chlli 5.5L RMSO4o RM38.30 RM/13.00 RM525O t+ @$ 6984 T E o q I a!@!-rT :E "ll,+6d.E *i%*+ s =tr#;t"; I 6986 o
  13. 13. 1 105 8315 1 1 05 B40B 1 1 05 8478 11058319 One Touch Topper One Touch Topper One Touch Topper One Touch Topper Alwavs fresh. Junior (a ooomr Small 6l osomt Medium 61 r.+r- RM25.40 Large (r) e.r I notliing waited RM31.80 RM20.80 RM31 .50f-iIi f- 11 05 B4B0 1 1 0s 8297 1 105 8390 11 05 8323 1 105 B31B Giant Canister 61 e.or- One Touch Canister One Touch Canister One Touch Canister One Touch Canister RM62.90 Junior 111 r.or- Small (r) z.or- Medium 6y s.or- Large 61e.el RM22.80 RM28.30 RM35.70 RM42.00 + 18.3crn --{ Modular Mates Ovals GT +I-&:I - 100 6963 N4M Oval I (1) 500m1 1 RM17. r0 T nkl -F 11030236 NIMOval ll (1)1,1L {;.i RM24.00 * s ,#i 1103 0237 IMM Oval lll {1) 1.71i 6966 lvlM Oval lV (1)2.3L RM30.(o T -5 x@ii . 1 100 RM33.90f F E iffil ,]:.:*. .. q O #1 ri. $ - - I05 Br83 MN4OvatSedt - B,ack 1105 B188 MM Oval Seal, Chili $ l_ 30233 B219 l$ Modular Mates Rectangulars +1B.scm--r 1104 3026 Nillvl Rectangular ll (1) 4.3L 11443027 MNI Rectansular lll (1) 6.5L T E l O I lob 8187 MV "ecid qL.ar Sedt Btac^ q I t1o5 8186 I,4N,4 FectanautarSeat Chil @ 5 q I Cr N N Modular Mates Mini Rectangulars 1 1 00 8403 l,41,4 l,4inlRectangular I (1 ) 850m1 FM2t.70 Gl .- 00 8404 :;:;:::-1 ..i *1. I 1 1 a 1 1 l,4[,4 llini Rectangular 11 (1) 1.91 05 Bl 85 IVM Mini Rectang! ar Seal - B ack RM31.10 #i."; :e:*l ; ,F l$ffiiG€ffii t 1 1 05 81 84 IVM Mini Bectanou ar Seat - Chiti 43026 43427 8403 8404
  14. 14. :: i: -:--{a:: :l:{: ::: :- l.-:*i>. Ei *:: -*1.-: * >-. ii >: A629 Purplicious Lunch Set Llofrrpr ses: Hefrealable Dvded Luncir Box (l) i.CL Pcuch 1r ^.D. save rrmited RM49.1O NOW I 5"" Felease EKCLT.ISiITE PURCFIASE _ 11106108 Portable Cutlery Set B[,432.8c Fetai Only RM13.90 Nett with every purchase of 4629,c asseffibie, fimll inseft cf,apsttcli. ic[k olspoan er(i inia the base @ush tagether).
  15. 15. l- middle Press open of vent to Small container is ideai fcr graw or sauces. Divider is into be{ore placing removeable and adjustable microwave. to store various ouanlities. 1 105 8191 1 1 05 B45B CrystalWave Soup Mug 121 aoomr Reheatable Divided Lunch Box 6l asomr RM42.60 RM42.40 1109 1610 CrystalWave Divided Dish trt RM39.50 Open steam vent beiore placing into microwave.
  16. 16. ke evetyday a partyn begin with cool stuff for kids.
  17. 17. Bt Y4 pieces GET I piece FREE Bt Y4 pieces GET I piece FREE 11 10 5877 111061 18 Small Rectangular Saver (q soo-r Medium Square Round lsl eaomr RMso.oo UHj|H" RM74.4O Limited , :, "Release FREE Small Rectangular Saver wofth RMl2.50 FREE Medium Sqiare Round worth RM18.60 included inside each set. in cl udedi n sid e each set. BUY4pirc GET 1 pflee FREE?.:iIIIL 11 10 6759 .1 1 10 5382 Lolli Plates 1s1 Small Goody Box RMrt8.00 Limited with Cariolier (4) Bsomr each Release FREE Lolli Plate worth RM12.00 included inside each set. FL476.80 Fetail save RM61.40 NOW 20%
  18. 18. 1110 5427 Lime Dreams Melamine Bowl 61+zomt RM20.00 Beia i Only RM9.90 Nett with every purchase ofTuppervvare Brands products worth RM300.. CHINESE NEIII YEAR SPECIAL Only RM4.90 nett with every purchase of Tupperware Brands products worth RM300. from 1 3 17 February 2013.dIT
  19. 19. 4606 Blossom Microwaveable Serveware Comprisesi Oval Seruer with Colander (1) 1 .BL & Seruing Spoon (1) Servlng Dlsh (1) 1.1L & Seruing Spoon (1) Soup Seruer (1) 1.BL & Soup Ladle (l) Servlng Platier (1) 600m1 & Serv ng Spoon (T) Gift Box RM249.00 Use coiander for steaming n mlcrowave. .,W 11106473 Preludio Pitcher 61 r.zr- RN147.70 Retail1110 2602 RM38,2O NOWBlossom Mugs & Seals 1a1 esomr saveFM46.B0 Rerail save 20% #E%1"RM37.40 NOW 20%
  20. 20. s P"+ l-:l 1 105 8190 J Large Store-N Pour (g) esomt RM65.10 .--r,r@r::::.:," 1 lir 1105 8914 Garlic-N-All Keeper 61 s.ot- RM63.20
  21. 21. an effortlessr105wt5 Rilged surface prevenls food i.om sticking wtiie the numberSfln lt ol hols allows for more effrcient cooking and sloweril49J0 evaporation. EXCLI,.FiIVE ruRCHASE I il : :: Comes with anti-slirt 11.10 7:J.48 Satt N,Spiee R-aqkill1105 8177 Base and ccver comes with speclally 1110 6142 , errdag.Ob.Ae ,tSeason Serve designed grids lor Salt N Spice Set 1+y soomr , OnbrtRlvlgig0.$att 61 r.sr-RM49.80 even marinating RM65.2o .sl.S"g" and easy drainage of excess marinade and oils,
  22. 22. Time savens( fnese save time-r in the kitchenhelpers not only way to save( handy but are a smaft energy r:]r}*!l*;{rBdtilfjjii usage, lt ff ".;, 11103786 Kitchen On The Move 11105133 Comprises: Turbo Chopper (1) 3ooml Nlodular Bowl (1) 4L RM129.00 Colander (1) ffiffi Cult ng Board (1) Grater 11) Smal cup (1) Limited RM171 .70 Release Put the ingredrents LnsLde- Hold f rm y by posltionng one Remove blade and transfer Ensure chopper is Placed hand of the cover and with chopped ingredients. or the couftedop before the other hand pull the cord in chopping. fast movements.
  23. 23. Just chop and slide Small cNp can be lnseded rnio the frame nexl to ihe cutlng fioard, closing the sudace. Thls way you can slide cut rngredients lnto the smal cup rext to the board,ffi Simply flexible Colander can be used separalely. The leet on the bottom nrake it stable. It also nests pefectly rn tlre llowl.,m"* .;& Grates finely Frame v/lih graigr can 1110 0722 lnspire Fryer zocm be placerj on bowl or on RM698.00 Q"1g o rvrontnstrKry colander Pattem of ho es are angled lo cut thro|gh food eflicieflly.
  24. 24. ffiffi€#Wg,.SfRF $q$gfu em Ath fff ::si=q;:=i;-=:::R1$l!t;t*** w2 & ,..f.::,!,,._ . E 104 lnspire Cookware Collection Comprisesl lnspire Saucepan (l) 2.0L Insp re Fryer {1) 26cm FREE lnspire Casserole Pot (1 ) 3.71 Inspke Wok (1) 38cm Free Easy Fleryday Cooking recipe 9000 05 lnsplre Stock Pot (1 ) 7.01 Easy Everyday Cooking Fecipe Book (1) baoklet wilh every purchase of Tu ppef,)hef" lnspirc Cackware Universal SeriesrM Knife RM3294.00 Retail Compr ses; RM2790.00 NOW 0fF 12 Months tvY,) p" i.ase Jt rufDe,Cnpl lnsate 1/ U-seies Par ilg Kniie Coakware Set is entitled ta 1 se{ of 2/ U series Ut lily Kn ie Hosiess Gd1 ort fsee page 53) 3/ Useries Fll eting Knife 4/ U-series Chef Knife Gft Box1 1 10 0719 Worth RM373.00lnspire with every purchase of El04Saucepan z.orRM390.00 - EXCLI.SIVE RRCHASE 11069015 1110 0721 U-series Knife Sharpener 61 lnspire Stock Pot z.ot- RN,4128.00 Retail RM719.00 Q1$ o rvrontrs RM89.6O NOW with every purchase of E104 "36* ru8%1. @@@@ Ceranr c Stave C.s Stc-e fduction Halogen , ..,i/.irs ipes ofhclls. :ti,.:...tl ,.::1.:i ltt ia1(/P 55
  25. 25. ffiwffiffiEtuW tuWWffi ffi *Wffi WWi 1lr, ;1*r..-;i ,,,,!.1r, i.j_t ,1;-i1;._: U * ,_rv ii Iii ili,,i l1=- i= * iS i :: i :-= i I i-, : +. =-= +, No added MSG * No artificial colors & flavors No 3-MCPD += Gluten-free + No preservatives + No Trans Fat Non-GMO 9001 00 9001 01 Asian Meals Asian Meals Pineapple Sauce (z) roos Rendang Paste (2) loos Acjd a troplcal tang to Cishes with this special Cooking an authentic rendang is now quick, blend made from fresh juicy ptneapples, lt is easy and fuss free. lt goes well with all kinds great for stir-fries, drizzling over foocj or as a of meat provldinq a burst of aromatlc flavors, salad dressing. RM12.80 RM12.80 9001 02 9001 03 Asian Meals SOS SERBAGUN^ Asian Meals rrcntal Ss{ry 5auce Sambal Tumis 121 roos Oriental Stir-Fry Sauce 121 roos A hot and spicy chili-based sauce with blended The magic ingredlent that gives dishes an shrlmp pasie. l,,lix wilh seafood, meat or authentic oriental Asian taste. lt is ideal for vegetaLlles for a flavodul dish. Perfect for stir creating a variety of rreat, vegetable and fries or as a condiment. seafood dishes. RM12.80 RM12.80 9001 04 9001 05 Asian Meals Szechuan Asian Meals Thai Soya Bean Sauce 121 roos Green Curry Paste 121 roos A tangy, spicy sauce rnade frorn a special A mild and fragrani sprce blend made wiih blend of chilies and fermented soya beans. lt is great for stir{ries or dnzzling over food ffi fresh Thai herbs and a hrnt of green chlli. This perfect base w ll creatg a surnptuous s,J*d for added spice. Thai curry. RM12.BO RM12.BO .4M*,"ffi*r#w
  26. 26. qsautv J,WIure ll fI witn Nutrimetics, its alway$ easy to feel like a naturai woman. f , Derived from natural ingredients and I I botanical extracts, Nutrimetics draws on the essence of nature to give You skincare and personal care products that not only nourishes your skin but also enhances your natural radiance.[lrj11 I 1 I I l il ,i .1 )flid*;
  27. 27. N211 1107Nutri-Rich Oil oo-rApic.it l{e.irai O: . Viiar-rrri E . a3i..l r-irHighly cofcerlraled. it intensive y soitens skirto fe ieve dryness and reta n moistlrfe. Anl ag ngpropenies protsct, promol ng ce I regeneralronior rad ant r/oulhiul skin.RM125.00 rcdry-ingfliin oal test resrliS alfter 28 dale all icoll{ri Lrsr:Skin is up to 25% smootnerSkln ilrmness aod elasticlly ncreases up to 38% rwdiwvstrtr Entoy beautv frorn the heart of the Apricot.Ttrre oil of rnore ftan {SSApric{sb in every 6SmB jarfl
  28. 28. 1/ 8272 Nutri Clean & Clear Set Get double the hydration with this essential set that not only boosts hydration and nourishes the complexion but smoothes anC soothes the delicate eye area. rlfrrr,eilas Coflrpfises: 5/ Mineral lMasque 125m1 6l Honey & Almond Scrub 1 25ml Fl1145.00 Retail save il{ii^L I*ASQI* RM13o.oo Now 10% dtY aLlg*n hor5Tunb€R APF icRfIlE HYDfiA?ANiI NON GhA$T sFT IF isr:iefj{ iii)r 2/ N211 0557 Nutri-Moist Moisturising Creme tzsmt Apricot Kernel O I . Soybean Oil . Shea Butter Naiurally derived oxldants replenlshes moisiure and proiects skin from premature aging, delivering up to one ihird more molsture in iust three hours. RM85.00 3/ N21 1 0556 Nutri-Moist EL Extra Light Moisturising Creme rzsmt Apricot Kernel Oi1 . Peach Kerne Oll . Wiid Pansy Fxiract This light moisiurizer with botanical oiis boosts hydralion and nourishes the compiexion, while regulating oil produclion to reduce ciogged pores and excess sh ne, so skin looks radiant and healthy. RM82.00 ilt.[ilg**# -ur,.rc;n{f ds * r9*tli5r:i D _.-,4.
  29. 29. 4 N21 1 0b5E Foaming Facial Cleanser tooml llrllftltl€tl(5 Apicot Fruit Exiract . Wheatgerm Oil Enrched with bolanical orls th s gentle formuLa del vers the deep cleansing results of a foam ng cleanser wllh the gentle, nourishing care of a FA*ta€ crdme cleanser, leav ng skin iooking #,* crlls4 clear and radiant. {roir- G RM45.00rtt r-s*"r nq,rs*r rHa !!ir,"r,,i.t lgs Available fram 1 I February 2A13 onwatds. 1 8,, trt* | rr.:t*,I ,s 5/ N21 1 0551 Skin Clean 6/ N21 1 0552 Skin Fresh Cleansing Milk zoomt Toning Lotion zoomt Sesame oll . Soybean oil Lemon and Orange Essentia O)ls . Apricot Kernel Oil . Aprlcot FrLrit Extract . Rosehip Exlracl Genuy cleanses io lifi impurities from the Supporting the cleansing pr0cess, this alcoho[free foflnuLa tones and irores while nourishing afd prclectlng nalural molsiure ieveLs for evef soiler and slightly exfci ates the complexion protecilng molsture ba ance lor even ihoroughly ceansed skin. cleaner, llrl0hter looklng skin, RM59.00 RM59.00 ii.,l-t r,:ta j{] a 1 7/N211 0550 B/ N211 0562 1s-3 NAl -& Nutri-Eyes Eye Creme tsmt Hand & Nail hHiH *St qrkririla Apricot Kernel Oil . Avocado Oil . Treatment Creme toomt Chamom le Extract Alpha Hydroxy Acids . Peach Kernei Oi ffiffi, l.4lnimize the look of prematureiy aged e [4ytrh Extract skin with this triple action eye crdme Speclally formulated to absorb, nourish and repair that hydratds, smooths and soothes dry and Canraged hands and nails revealing softer g the delicate eye area. smoother skin wilh renewed texlure afd tone. r{ RM70.00 RM45.00 -$; H+# cDiscouer +i., *i ^cqIil€ HB| lil eaeflasting Rever inrhe,h#rg,H"tf of Apricot Kernel Oil. w I
  30. 30. 3/N211 1948 Softening Cleansing Creme tsoml Soybean Oil . Shea Bulter . Black Tea lhis rnoisture rch lormu a thoroughly cleanses inake-up and impurities, gently hydrating anC nourishifg natured sklr for a reireshed, nurlured - .,,-. -e :.._ and alean ccmplexion. 1:-.:;. -. --{F q-;::::, RM129.00l ttrn-t back time Restore your youthful glow with these anti-aging treasures,1i N211 1S73 ,lRestore Anti-Ageing iDay Creme SPF 15 oomtSauvignon Blanc Concenlrate . Peptides. Night Jasmine ExtractHydrate$, lrms ard sflroothes lhe con]plexlonurithort dogging pores and fades the look olPq ltl.n o .cevet ron u:li.RM149.002/ N211 19t1lntense Anti-AgeingNight Greme 60p1,r1. : I rtl rSauvigm Eanc Oohbeilti.. te :, ?,.F11. Niqhl JasmlrigrFxrtrditi ;1.,: .rii.iI his deepli no!1tj$.[ridmoru hidfsl6dekDull raiidlii ebeiiubi4s,,ilre.r
  31. 31. 8290 B288 Bestore Cleansing Set Restore Set l.: -iprises: Sauvlgnon Blanc Concentrate . Peptides . Soybean : "21 1 948 Softening 1 Cleansing Creme 150m oii - 2r 1 1 065 Foaming Cleansing Lotion 200m1 Compiisesi :.t:58.0C Retait SaVe N8061 Restore Set (1, 3. 4. 5. 6) RM232.00 NOW 10"/ N2l 1 19i3 Ant Ageing Day Creme SPF 15 60ml RM80.1.00 Fetail save gf RM723.00 NOW 10% 6Monrhs.tt 4r N211 1966 Refining Toning Lotion zooml U!6nilrn Extracl . African Whitewood Extract . : :::l ::ee icnrulS enflched vrlth botanlcal ::-:::: :r..irletes the cleansing process, * :_ :.1.i i-e :ast iraces oi cleanserto firm :t ;:le ihe si<rn s appearance, RM129.00 J, N211 1965 Foaming Cleansing Lotion zoomt ,-;-.:- € Exact. ComYey Exlracr . +,aurT€ Acd with every purcltase af NBA61 (RN1589.00) and - : l:-::lar a.c:ecis noislure evcis as N21 1 1973 (BM134.AA) .--..r ;s:r.9lrg a sat siying cleanse, -:^-.. -:.mountres. make up and excess oils ,, : -: -.: --.iNg l-he sKiil feeling taui or dry For best resull use Resiore RM129_00 Anti-Ageing Day Clene SPF 15 6Anl to camplete your daily regime.{. "A.r. htep-sl hstallment Plans. please refer la page 55ui -6aseo or rrdeperdent clinical testig fat 28 days.:t:: 6i N21 1 1970 Anti-Ageing Eye Creme tsmt SaiHtllflon Blanc Concentrale . Peplids . Back Ta St:iia ,, ;Tuleieo Jor the delicate ere area, this rrr:irg crdme nounshes and hydrates de ivenng acfSssf,e antiagrnq resu ls for smoother, ttrnet .:,;aqe. iooking eves. Ophtha mclogicai y tesied. RM109.00 N211 1S76 Anti-Ageing Serum go-r Sauvianon Blanc Concentraie . Probiotics Bbck Tea . Night Jasmine Extracl -- s ::,.:Er{ul serurf prolecis lhe skin with . ca aniroxrdant value, restoring Tirmness while : .r:i3rsusv preventing ceii danrage and .":anng UV damage, to rereal a noliceall y . Sunge( glowing complex0n. RM139.00
  32. 32. litai: @ i:::ii:ii,=
  33. 33. at vourse to tlte rtftimal skTN SO The intensive treatment that continuously protects. nUtrrmelrcS g @.L DAILY coPrRp<loN REFT.€R EXFOUANT €cLAl*clSsANT e QUOIOIENnutrrrrretrcs @ @ NGHT FIR!i & FILL EYE SERUI" :F ,***iinl*e ttfrY:i€ri9+r SERUM d-.--ili!* F€RMET€cag*DC.€rns+ rs YEUX*r*$tl**Sea l+l€{3.38 tl O:;{ffits"^-.4tgdte*@ ffi* t= t*- d*EE}5ira4 ffi ffi*e-*--s€Fq+*tr+g4r E
  34. 34. t4vJ vv I IGinger Plus Virgin Ginger Bio Oil rzomr 1 / N203 001 5Coconut Oil 2-in-1 RM36.00 Ginger ShowerHair Shampoo zsomr Milk Scrub rsomrRM22.00 RM25.00 N203 00 4 1 Ginger Plus 2/ N203 001 3 Virgin Coconut Ginger Body Oil Hair Cream tsomt Serum comt RM29.00 RM33.00 3/ N203 001 6 Ginger Body Wash soomt RM28.00 7/ N203 001 0 4/ N203 0009 Citrus Bilberry Citrus Bilberry Body Wash soomt Body Polish tsomt RM28.00 RM25.00 .8 B/ N203 0023 11q 5/ N200 3008 Floralzest Citrus Bilberry Body Wash soomr Body Lotion zsmr RM28.00 RM15.00 6/ N201 8009 Citrus Bilberry EDT somt RM79.00 9/ N203 0021 Orchard Fresh Body Wash soomt RM28.00 il H
  35. 35. cBath time bliss BB72 N203 0007 Nutrimetics Unscented Nutrimetics Scented Enjoy daily essentials that relax, Roll-On Deodorant ssmt xz Roll-On Deodorant ssmt refresh and rejuvenate. FN126.00 Retarl sqvg ^, RM13.O0 RM22.oo ruow 1O% N200 1745 lntimate Wash-pH Balance With Menlfiol raomr RM20.00 .ratsa. :,,4;,&r" .. ..,.nFqt{8r4,!# 10/8871 Hair Fall Control Set Comprises: 12 Halr Fall Control Sham,Joo 300m1 Hair Fall Control Conditioner i Bornl RN46s.oo Ferai s,"E_ RM58.00 Now lu" 1 1/ N201 8005 a, Nourishing Honey :I) N200 1097 Shampoo soomt D Cracked Heel RM30.00 ,.cke&. Smoothening r rFEL:ii , .,."r,,.qotiF: Cream sog 12l N201 8006 i:ii*i*,!l l Nourishing Honey ii RM26.00 -l Conditioner goomt lil+ : RM34.00 :5: rl.tlii:,
  36. 36. SpraynCInamiet of frleshness that allures., r * $el ;g " N203 0034 g rlrrrl G ll Darling EDT somr Fer nrne serv. /et plea.ani. Lhis tagrd-cc orth kuity peach, orange, giapefruit and rose is ideal o. d pe4trr nrghi ou. E r1,,i i Fl479.00 Retd. save q r: RM71.OO NOW 1Ov. ""_*2 *-: + +.c-- r$ I * tr .,r, *,9 #n+ i$h..:: ::.::ti:i..::.-l!-i.n l
  37. 37. wlth everv purchase of any Nutrtrlgtics products warth RM390 in a single receipt from pg 27-39. l%l lnside vlew. Lock securel), closes case.,,,,ic every purchase of Cos,arei/cs & Personal1=,e craCucts wafth RM180 in a single receiptfffl.re
  38. 38. Vibrant Berry Orange Plump Up Rose Delight Sherbet Collagen Lipstick g.gg [,4arine Collagen . Vitamin C Apple Seed Oil . Myrrh Resin Extract RM42.00N201 9511 N201 9513 N201 9512Cheny Captivating NudeBlossom Coral Temptation N200 1006 N200 1002 Orange Fire Scarlet Prestige Gold Lipstick s.sg Lavender Oil . SPF 18 RM30.00 "Whle slocks laslN200 1003 N200 1004 N200 1001Tea Rose Richly Red Satin Peach N2000161 N2000163 N2000164 Coral Natural Honey Glow Peach Plum Colour Essentials Moisturising Lipstick e.ss Apple Seed Oil . Vitamin E SPF 1B RM25.00N2000162 N2000158 N2000160Sweet Bloomingffi Light 1/N221 9020 - Radiant PinkRed 4/ N201 3391 Brown O Rose Berry 2/ N221 9021 - Golden Peach Eye Pencil r.rs Quad Blush os RM25.00 RM39.00 5/ N201 3680 Black O 3/ N201 3394 Dark Brown O Magix Curvy Lash XL Mascara romr Eye Brow Pencil t.rs Lip Colour s.ss RM39.00 RM25.00 Vitamin E RM18.00 6/N204 0001 Cool Glamour 7/N204 0000 Natural GlamourN2040002 N2040004 N2040003 Nutri Makeup PaletteSunflower Lavender Green Mint Rl1120.00 Reiall Save RMeo.oo Now 25%
  39. 39. t upur {loe on O vun.-up musr naves ro &in-l Gream enhance your look. Anti- inflammatory ;;{diit11:1 NC RN u",.J *lfl,1i::r* ai i*[At SPf {},:;rss6o((1.6&ts ru ?3r(r!.r a. L€ N210 1.131 lnstant Eye Make-Up ll5tde(3.89 Fl Oel Remover ttsmt RM55.00 Anli-wrinkle Brighlening B.B CrearB,: a .": ::ii5;:=.; ltzo+ ooe5 ffi N204 0006 - Medium ffi N204 0007 - Pink
  40. 40. t Vg ll l9 tal I r !9r rl lr47i Just2sachetsaday. J2OB NaturCarerM BerryGenrM (o) 15gm x zos Flh,1fl57 il(l llel;:rl Save RMse1.3o Now 1 0% ln 7 days lOAo/oseerience . FREE . brighter skin #-*l Combining 3 powerful . . firmer, lifted skin W] Iine |nes and wrinkres reductron antioxidants - Apple Stem Cell, Gluta White and Multi- berries extract, NaturOarerM BerryGenrM turns back the clock, enhancing your 401 B 86 complexion for a more NaturCarerM Paper Bag 1r1 refreshed and youthful FREE wilh {}v(x)/ purcltase {f J2A8 appearance. Apple Stem Cell Rejuvenates skin stem cells.l Gluta White A "master anti-oxidant" that inhibits melanin production to lighten skin.2 Premium Berries Extract Rich in Vitamin C and anthocyanins to help fight free radicals and protect against skin aging.3 ffi@ ln 2 rnonths 71 7o experience . iightening of spots and Before After Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen pigmentation lncreases collagen level to reduce the1 Schmid et al. LASET. Plant Stem Cel Extact for Langevity af A EKTRA visible signs of aging. 98% absorption Wittl regular and prolonged use, Skin and Hair 2OA82 ArjinpatheDe end Asewenan.Je. JoLtrnel of Dermatalagical rate for visible results in less time. ] you can also expect: Tteetment. Glutetflone e9 sn arel whlening egml: A rendamized, dauDle b)ind, plecebo contralled stutly. 2014. l3 Lila, M. J Biamed Botechnal. Anthacyanins and Human Health: An ln vira tnvegaqailveAppraach. 2AA4(A: 346 313. ] . tirmer vieil-foneri arrns. chesl I anci slonut(-n. t-
  41. 41. #ru Staying beautiful 7003 30 the natural way NaturCarerM BerryGenrM (1) 15gm x 2os RM219.00( ( H:"Jsi;t,t"j1 i:;:.::HHItl? u:lil: i:;"ff gxg"fl : t;:yii [[ I I
  42. 42. Wmffm,lral & 11066418 Mini QuickEmmd foryou Shake 61 soomr RM23.40A great way to detoxify and maintain ahealthy digesiive system.Eating healthy is essential for maintaining good ffimjey tlle benefits of hlatun**nerM &e"gan*c Last*-Fiberrwhealth. However, we do no always focus oneating well, choosing to consume fast food An erganic, rsholefood fiber mea!high in fat and cholesterol instead. This can Provides 49 of complete fiber together with vitamins, minerals and naturaltrigger numerous health risks like heart attacks, enzymes; similar to normal food intake in just 1 servinglstrokes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol,diabetes, and respiratory diseases. &Ei-natural and ef{eetive inner eleanse Complete fiber promotes a healthy digestive system, normalizes cholesterolNow you can rebalance, your digestive health and fat; with added Milk Thistle to protect liver,with NaturOarerM Organic Lacto-FiberrM.Enriched with 59 natural and nutrient rich- Restores and rejr.*venates b*dillr funeticningredients Lacto-FiberrM binds toxins and lmproves energy level, general well-being and restores healthy, radiant skin.fats to flush them out of the body to ensure Str*ngthens the Imnnune systemoverall wellbeing. Enriched with pre- and probiotics, fruit enzymes to strengthen our defence, Relaxixrg & L.Bp!*ftfr mg Perfect for clearing the mind 7004 00 and melting away NaturCarerM Premium Green Tea (1) 2gm x 2os RM18.00 stress after a long day.
  43. 43. 1 . . ii:i::i:, ;i:!:l l : : : i ; iiti::ili:.r::l::i :. 7402 20 l NaturcarerM Organic Lacto-FiberrM (i) 3oosmi.: RM129.00;L t & w {} 7002 22 NaturCarerM Organic Lacto-FiberrM 0) r zs 8M59.00
  44. 44. <==. sii-" ::i. ::: >- "!r !:r: !r::-::*:-ii:l :-l_ :r:1 :-- =i =: .= S =!.-1 vi i?". i|j;*ip:,.eb.1}.g.*r+. Si.-"- *its.q S $ ., %iW& *s*=..+= S FS$ *" E€FF€.S -- : : t-.i_: :i.::: j-i :.i: l : :l 1 iI:l.:..i:,r ffii:-€ . -:.- -: .. -.:i:.. -:,, . ! :: :l :.:.:; ij!j i:,:i: i i, ri., i i :::i $J l/7005 00 Vanilla or 2/7OO5 02 Chocolate Natur0arerM Colostrum +DHA Chews 0)120s RM139.00 3/7005 01 Vanilla or 4/7005 03 Chocolate NaturCarerM Colostrum +DHA Blister Pack 1r;rss RM20.00 J74 NaturCarerM Colostrum +DHA Vanilla Chews 121 t zo. i:.:Fr-3j1"."?i i : FlM273.uo Fetai save r: i:t:iii.gr::: 10% RM250.20 NOW _FREE _ . . . . a.. : :t .: : :. : . . 3/7005 O1 Vanilla & L 4/70O5 03 Chocolate ql NaturOare" Golostrum *DHA Blister Pack (zt rss Worth RM40.00 ; Il1,, vtitn evervllLllyalnz: ) rl ,l !|lille aiocks /arsl. 1 I I l