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UltraSpectra Internet Marketing & SEO Services


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UltraSpectra is a full-service online company dedicated to providing the services of internet marketing and IT solutions to professionals and businesses looking to fully leverage the internet.
With a team of competent and self-driven professionals, we help you shape your ideas into workable and profitable output. In a broader term, we fulfill your need to brand yourself and strengthen your presence in the virtual world. UltraSpectra provide a range of services like web design and development, internet and e-marketing, SEO/SEM, blogging, content writing, event management and knowledge management.

We at UltraSpectra offer you a unique blend of opportunities in order to help you discover your passion and leverage your brand to its optimum position.

With our range of services, we instill in our members the driven ability to apply their expertise and passion to bring a difference for others. The diverse expertise of our people, when combined, gives us an edge to grasp your needs better and respond quickly. We work through the infinite possibilities, so we can deliver predictable results using custom-built solutions.

Ultraspectra’s client methodology is designed to create confidence and trust along with promoting the clients corporate portfolio. We have strategically applied the modern methodologies of customer care to eliminate risk & unpredictability, leaving our individual and corporate clients with a clear understanding of the results before they occur. Customer satisfaction is at the very heart of our methodology. Our team has always been striving for the best and that’s what we offer to our clients.

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UltraSpectra Internet Marketing & SEO Services

  1. 1. Brand Yourself! /’ Ul-tra-Spec-tra / Defined as a group of bright colors of spectrum. In its literal meanings it is a hub of people from varied skills and educational backgrounds
  2. 2. Who We Are Location UltraSpectra has a good presence in multiple coutries across the globe. Headquarted in Islamabad, it has its outlets in Canada, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia and Denmark. UltraSpectra (Pvt.) Ltd. provides IT, web design and development, e- marketing and SEO, blogging and content writing, event and knowledge management services. With a team of competent and energetic profess-ionals, we help you develop and implement your idea, products and services. We have internationally acclaimed trainers providing you with the best social media and IT trainings. UltraSpectra has taken the concept of web entrepreneurship to the next level & provides knowledge services in all spheres of web. In a broader term, we fulfill your need to brand yourself and strengthen your presence in the virtual world. We have been providing IT solutions and e-marketing services to various industries including CPG/ Manufacturing; Energy/ Utilities; Agriculture and Livestock; Financial Services; Healthcare; Higher Education; Hospitality; Insurance; Retail; Travel/Entertainment; and various Emerging Markets.
  3. 3. UltraSpectra’s Consumer and Brand Marketing Practice understand that today's world is consumer-centric and that relevant brands exist to provide their consumers with memorable experiences and a sense of community. Ultimately, brands are extensions of consumer aspirations and desires. That's why, whether our client's business goal is to increase mind-share among consumers or drive trial and repeat of products, our team creates unique, fully integrated programs— programs that capitalize on brand equity as well as leverage strategic partnerships and the interactive nature of today's consumer to broaden reach and stimulate demand. UltraSpectra understands the power of Companies spend millions of dollars on brands. Hence, our approach enables us their offline marketing campaigns and How our Social to create strategic, integrated programs advertisements in order to brand their for both leading and burgeoning brands. products and businesses. In this context, a Media strategy We follow a step-by-step roadmap to good online strategy is one that can easily make an authority brand online i.e. discover your passion; discover the need; be incorporated with the offline strategy and go parallel with it. With our Online PR fits in with test your market; focus your efforts; and be a brand. Management & Social Media Solution, your company will have an added benefit other Media of an overall integrated solution for all (Electronic & Print) their marketing efforts; online plus offline.
  4. 4. Reasons To Invest In Our Internet C Marketing Strategy At UltraSpectra's w shared values, prin When you work with UltraSpectra to develop and execute your Internet marketing strategy, you’ll be joining the long list of companies that has experienced exactly what the web can do, with our help. Enhanced Image Social media is currently the most effective way of reaching the to the target audience i.e. primarily the youth. With the blend of services UltraSpectra offers, your company not only gets to engage with its audience but also, enhance its image as a trendy, up-to-date and a creative company that the audience can relate to with ease. Differentiating From Competition People who get heard in the online world are the ones who command greater presence. As your company gets more socially popular, it can have an authority over the audience. This, in turn, can give Telenor a major competitive edge in the online world. Creating Positive Publicity In the online world, it is always the passive companies that get the most ragging from the users. With a combination of various techniques used, your company will have the opportunity to become active and attentive on the web. This will give news-savvy bloggers something to write about. As a result, Telenor will have an increased publicity via word-of-mouth. Driving Sales The ultimate purpose of any strategy is to drive sales. With its active participation in the online community, your company would be bound to attract prospects who are always hungry for a fresh change. We increase your website’s return on investment comes from conversions: sales, leads, or blog subscriptions to encourage future sales and leads. Client Conversion A typical Internet marketing agency will focus on increasing the number of visitors to your site. UltraSpectra isn’t a typical Internet marketing firm. While increasing the number of visitors to your site is important, it shouldn’t be your only goal. We at UltraSpectra, focus on increasing both the number of visitors and conversions of our clients’ website.
  5. 5. Increased Website Traffic If your website isn’t listed at the top of the search engines for your market's keywords, your competitors are taking away a big chunk of your profits. UltraSpectra can create the online buzz about your company, its products and services that brings in the visitors. A successful and relevant viral social media post implemented by a cutting-edge Internet marketing agency like UltraSpectra can drive thousands and thousands of visitors to your website. Marketing Consultancy We analyze your company, including your goals, customer-base, competition, industry, and budget. Then we build a personalized, detailed Internet marketing consulting that will take your company from where it is today to where you want it to be. We’ll work with you to tweak this game plan to perfection. Evaluation Of Performance We monitor your results and optimize your Internet marketing strategy as needed, so you’re always getting the most from the web. Client Satisfaction As a direct result of producing real, bottom-line results, we continue to grow at a record pace. We enjoy a nearly 100% renewal rate with all our clients. Accountability & Measurable ROI Everything we do is 100% measurable and we are accountable to our clients for producing a profitable ROI. One stop solution for Internet marketing If you had thought that your job is done once your website is made and you can sit back and watch it work wonders for your business, you have never been more wrong. This myth is one of the main reasons why a website fails - and because it is not maintained, you gradually find the information on it becoming out of date and irrelevant to your business. That brings you to the dilemma of who is going to do regular updating and changes that will be required, and that too when you have no clue of the technicalities that lie behind it. That is where UltraSpectra can help make your lives easier; by developing an Internet Marketing strategy just for you.
  6. 6. Our Internet Marketing & PR Management Plan encompasses the key Internet Marketing & PR aspects related to specific PR-related information flow, content creation and channels used to promote your brand. As a result of UltraSpectra’s Management Plan strong existence in print media as well as on the internet, we offer your company extensive benefits of wide press coverage in all UltraSpectra news channels; third-party PR agencies; and various distribution options; in addition to a team of professional writers to create the press releases specific to your company and industry. We have combative and preventive reputation management plans along with complete crisis management strategy to help protect your company’s reputation. Others Provide Services; UltraSpectra Builds and Executes Your Personalized Internet Marketing Strategy Chances are, you’re looking for a company that can provide you with the Internet marketing services you need to increase your online presence and extend your company’s reach over the marketplace. That’s what sets UltraSpectra apart from the sea of firms that call themselves Internet marketing providers. The end result of PR Strategy is a comprehensive, personalized PR campaign to boost effective, long-run public relations of your company with your stakeholders. For online PR management we use various tools including the Social Media and SEO. We help our clients get prominent in its niche. Following services explains all the components which we use for Online PR and Reputation Management. The foundation of any profitable internet marketing campaign is Search Engine Optimization a fundamentally- sound and optimized website. Search engine optimization is by far the best way to maintain a stream of free, Strategy qualified traffic flowing to your website. Search engines are the gateway through which potential customers find your product. Placement in the top ten rankings for relevant keywords is crucial for any business wishing to continue being competitive in the 21st century. Keyword Reseach & Pay Per Click Management Identification The most relevant and specific key-phrases are selected, PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising is the most accountable based on your existing analytics data (if available), form of advertising. You can set an exact budget and only competitor’s meta tags, and keyword discovery tools. pay when a visitor clicks on your ad to visit your site. We UltraSpectra then chooses the best key-phrases relevant to make graphically sound adds for you according to different the competitiveness of your search market. Ideal key- resolutions and sizes and then select and paste them on phrases range from extremely general (more competitive) the best websites, blogs, social media sites according to to very specific (less competitive). Specific key-phrases do your niche market. not necessarily mean fewer conversions: The more specific It has so many advantages over traditional marketing the keyword, the more focused the traffic. campaigns.
  7. 7. Social Media Networking Link Building UltraSpectra can help your company take advantage of this Developing an effective link building strategy is essential audience. We have developed a system to make the most to your website's success on the Internet. Link building of the outstanding traffic possibilities from social media. campaigns make a website more relevant, translating into higher rankings in search engines. The success or failure of We create the official groups and fan pages for your a link building campaign largely rests on knowing where to college on more all the major social media networking sites obtain links that maximize your site's search engine and then carry on the campaign on these sites to build a relevancy. strong fan following for you. In this way you become popular among the masses and become the most talked We review your company, your goals and your site to about institution in your niche market. As your social media develop a plan that is right for you. We utilize many firm, we'll help you define which kind of user you should different resources, from directory submissions and article be targeting and which channels to use to maximize your submissions to social media bookmarking and forum traffic and social media conversions. profiles. Electronic Newsletter Competitior’s Analysis Optimization An email newsletter offering your customers value-added At UltraSpectra, our highly professional team prepares a information is a great way to make the most of an opt-in Competition and Ranking Gap Analysis Report in mailing list. Once we establish your email list through sign- comparison to your competitors. This is done after careful ups on your website, your emails would be sent on a examination of the Page Rank, link-backs, and SEO levels of regular (but not too frequent) schedule and provide your your competitors. We analyze the possible reasons of the recipients with valuable content. Successful email gap and recommend and implement possible solutions to marketing campaigns include announcements of sales and make a stronger online presence for you. products.
  8. 8. Lead generation is increasingly becoming popular with all Lead Generation businesses, especially because the results are productive and encouraging. UltraSpectra advertises and promotes your goods or services on many popular websites and provide you with quality leads. Since the leads we provide to you are just suitable for your products and services the chances of converting them into sales are almost certain. This service allows you to make sales in the most cost and time effective manner. The current revolution in personal writing and instant Corporate Blogging publishing is called blogging. A business blog is an informal, easily maintained way to regularly communicate with your customers and employees. Unlike traditional media that require lead time for publishing, blogs are frequently updated, often daily, online journals of opinions, information and links to interesting content online. Blogging matters to business because blogging can represent your company in a positive light. Blogs can help you do market research. Blogging Trainings: We provide blogging trainings and conduct blogging workshops regularly and can provide it to your company employees to maximize the engagement of your brand family in blogging and thus creating an environment of interaction and loyalty. What You Gain? This training will enable you to understand the following blogging concepts:  Step wise procedure of setting up a blog  Performance check  Tools and SEO strategies  Meeting the professional bloggers from your own city  Why a blog is important and how to do one for yourself  How to manage your Facebook profile  What is twitter and LinkedIn and how to use it for business and work  How to create your own YouTube channel and do video editing  How to bring a culture of innovation in your life and company
  9. 9. We all understand that the new media presents a huge Webdesign & Development opportunity. The challenge is to cut through the clutter and get the customer to visit you. A bigger challenge is to Services sustain his interest, convert it into desire and then propel him to take a decision - in your favor. We set the stage and delight your customers through an artful and contemporary presentation of your website. The most important facet of the AIDA model (Awareness, Interest, Desire and Action) is action. All our efforts are directed towards making the customer act through our innovative and top class website designs. How Will A Website Benefit Your My Competitors Have Website, Business? Should I Worree? Having a web site is an inexpensive and effective Yes! Everyone has noticed the recent abundance and advertising tool. A web site will expand your client base popularity of a company web site. If your competitor worldwide because it allows your customers to visit has (or doesn't have) a web site your company your business and gather information about your definitely needs one! Your new web site will enable you products and services when it is convenient for them. to compete on an advanced, professional, and Having a web site turns your business from local to technological level with your competitors. international. Imagine a storefront with its door open to every country, every city, every home, and every business! Think about that for a minute. Having an electronic storefront (a web site) costs only a fraction of what a "brick and mortar" storefront would cost your company. Does My company Really Need A Website? Only if you want your company to grow. Your company  The customer feels as though your company sees can sell products or services worldwide directly to his time as valuable customers, and encourage them to obtain information  The customer will look at your products online with about your company while they shop/visit your web site. Consider this scenario: a customer walks into your a more relaxed and ready to purchase approach business, but is hastily browsing. He doesn't have much  You did not lose a customer - he went to your time, but would love to see more. He stops by the electronic storefront and your company maintained customer service desk and asks, "Do you have a web this customer because of the availability of your site?" The clerk smiles proudly and hands him a web site! business card with the company's web address boldly  Your employee knows that the company she is printed in large letters. "Please visit our web site whenever you like, sir." At minimum four things just working for is serious about staying competitive happened in this scenario: and successful
  10. 10. E-Commerce Enabled Websites Standard Web Applications The site will be optimized according to the The most common web application you must be international standards of e-commerce website. The using almost every day is an e-mail like hotmail, subscriber will be able to make a personal account yahoo etc. Other web-based application that are on the portal and maintain it. used frequently to interact with clients, partners and other businesses are:  Customer Relationship Management Embedded Blogging Mechanism  End-to-end web based recruitment Blogging solution will be another feature that will  Online customer support software be embedded in the system in-order to capture the  Online product database development attention and get maximum subscribers through the  Online ordering systems word spread through the embedded blog.  Secure client areas  Web Content Management Systems Website Maintanence Service Data Management System Your new website design and development is live! Data Management Solutions offers multiple Now you need a way to keep your site updated with alternatives to meet your data entry needs, with a 99% accuracy. Samples of some services include, fresh, accurate content. By regularly updating your but are not limited to: site, you’ll improve your search engine rankings,  Customized database design to house your data increase your number of visitors, and strengthen entry needs your company’s online presence. A website  Next-day return services of project materials maintenance plan is key to the ongoing success of  Report generating your website. As Internet trends and technologies  Electronic data transfer are constantly evolving, and your business is  Label/Envelope production growing, UltraSpectra website maintenance plans  Meeting daily deadlines ensure your site evolves with the changing demands. Website Copywriting Service Web Portal Mentoring & Support The best website copywriters don't write. They This phase will include all the initial training related speak. Their words jump off the page and into your to portal, its handling, e-commerce and the blogging ear; they talk right to you. They can weave a web of training as well. Our correspondent will train step by intricate information for the informed investigator, step systems about the portal. or just sit and chat. They don’t write to be read, they write to be heard.
  11. 11. Our Services No matter what your business, we all want more traffic, and more importantly, we want that traffic to turn into customers. With this common goal in mind, UltraSpectra is dedicated to providing our clients with the tools and feedback to make your website and services successful. We provide a complete software solution package for companies and professionals. Our services fall under following 5 categories: Online PR & eMarketing IT Solutions Training Programs PCC & SEO Social Media Marketing Web Design & Development Software Product Development Social Media Marketing Knowledge Management Our Product Branding & Promotions Software Product Maintenance Productions & Graphics FranDesk™ – Franchise Management Solution Video/Audio Podcasting System Integration Event Management Print & Graphic Design Data Entry Professional Blogging From restaurant chains to financial institutions, Corporate Identities Graphics Designing and industrial supply chain management; our Professional Blogging sofware solution “FranDesk” offers the most high- tech Processes Management, Franchising, and Social Media Add-ons Technical Writing & Copywriting Blog Awareness Programs Communication Solution with a wide range of functionalities to the clients. Social Media ROI calculation Surveys Including Employee/Customer Trainings & Seminars Satisfaction Blog Consulting Our highly optimized solutions have been Social Media Applications Feasibility Reports Blog Design accredited worldwide and we have a diverse Mobile Applications Content Writing for Websites Custom Newsletter Design clientèle in all time zones. Article Writing Blog Branding & Identity
  12. 12. Highly Motivated All UltraSpectra's executives and employees receive comprehensive training and remain in constant contact with their colleagues all over the world. Support At Personal Level ZunNurain Khalid Executive Director Muhammad Saqib +92 332 5141048 Qazi Shahbaz Director IT Director Media & HR +92 321 5270610 Twitter: @zunnurain +92 333 5338211 Zulkifl Khalid Qazi Saleem Director Projects Asma Chang Director Operations +92 321 5021298 Director Marketing +1 647 7708615 Twitter: @qazisaleem Twitter: @asmachang Twitter: @zulkifl
  13. 13. Interested? Connect With Us Contact us to find out how we can help you increase your online visibility and brand presence. Simply visit to find out the best internet marketing solutions available on the internet or email at If you are interested in our services and products and/or want to know more about UltraSpectra, do not hesitate to contact us: UltraSpecrta (Pvt.) Ltd. Plot# 61, Office# 10 GF, Justice Arcade, I&T center, G-10/1 Islamabad Tel. +92-333-5 422 422