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Saasu Conference: Service Design


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Presentation at Saasu Cloud Conference 2012 on application of service design in a small business context.

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Saasu Conference: Service Design

  1. 1. Service design 3M marketing ploy? Or real business value?Image:
  2. 2. Valueinnovation
  3. 3. Competitive differentiation Cost efficiencies
  4. 4. Image: New market opportunitiesBusiness benefitsNew markets & offerings
  5. 5. Business benefits Operational efficiency Image: efficiency
  6. 6. + Likelihood to recommend 6.7% Loyalty+ Willingness to buy more 8.2%+ Reluctance to switch 8.4%
  7. 7. Business benefitsReduced risk Reduced risk
  8. 8. Business benefits Low cost methods Big co vs. little coImage:
  9. 9. Image: Personal value
  10. 10. What is it? Service designImage:
  11. 11. NIELSEN/NORMAN GROUPThe first requirement for an exemplaryuser experience is to meet the exactneeds of the customer, without fuss orbother.
  12. 12. NIELSEN/NORMAN GROUPNext comes simplicity and elegancethat produce products [and services]that are ... a joy to use.
  13. 13. NIELSEN/NORMAN GROUPTrue user experience goes far beyondgiving customers what they say theywant, or providing checklist features.
  14. 14. NIELSEN/NORMAN GROUPIn order to achieve high-quality userexperience in a companys offeringsthere must be a seamless merging ofthe services of multiple disciplines ...
  15. 15. Organisation Stakeholder needspurpose & expectationsInternal view External view
  16. 16. Organisation Stakeholder needspurpose & expectationsInternal view External view
  17. 17. Organisation Stakeholder needspurpose & expectationsInternal view External view
  18. 18. Two-sided markets
  19. 19. Service design Human-centredImage:
  20. 20. Empathise Service designImage:
  21. 21. Example: Elder Power?
  22. 22. Food is central to Rachels enjoyment in Rachel’s situation life. If shes not talking about it, shes Goals/Motivation • Enjoy great food to share with friends and family thinking about it. • Find new ingredients or techniques (to share with other foodies) • Increase knowledge about food — cooking, preparation, seasonality, provenance etc. What is getting in the way? • Forgetting, or lacking time, to plan food for the week ahead Frustrations and pain points • Eating out • Not being able to find good quality, locally-sourced and • Lack of time to cook more complex meals affordable produce between market days • The "cult of organic" — people who dont really "get it"Rachel • Friends not being interested in food as much How will Rachel interact with • Online recipes and sites (like Epicurious) so American-centric FlavourCrusader?Cooking foodie Key words chefs, restaurants, recipes, cookbooks, ingredients, seasonal, local, Referrer Twitter mention farmers marketsAge 28 Introduction touchpoint iTunes pageOccupation Government policy advisorEducation Bachelor degree Questions Rachel’s storyFamily status Defacto • What produce is currently in season?Location Surry Hills, NSW • When is a specific ingredient come into season?Challenges Mildly dyslexic • What can I do with a specific ingredient? What goes with it? Food was always a big part of family activities — a chance each day to How do I prepare/cook it? meet around the table — and Im continuing in that tradition. OnOnline locations: Work, Mobile • What can I do with the food I have in the fridge? weekends Ill often spend the whole day going to the markets,Computer type: Windows desktop, iPhone • Where is a specific ingredient grown in Australia? preparing then cooking in the afternoon to host a dinner with friends.Connection type: ADSL2, 3G mobileInternet usage: 5–6 hrs Reasons to return My friends were getting sick of me talking about food, so I was really • Checking whats in season when planning the weeks meals glad to connect with food bloggers and people on Twitter who shareTop five bookmarked websites: • Finding when something comes into season to know when a my passion for food. I love the stories behind food — whether from• Twitter • Gmail recipe can be made food bloggers or the producers at my local farmers market. That direct• Facebook • Food blogs (various) • Finding recipes for a specific ingredient connection to producers is much more important to me than if• Epicurious • Post a photo of a cooked meal from a listed recipe something is certified or not. I learn so much from them about • Post own recipe (via website) seasonality, techniques and tips on preparing and cooking food, and • Post a photo of interesting produce found at a market just whats involved in getting the food on my plate. I appreciate their efforts so much more since Ive got to know some of them better. Who influences Rachel? I really enjoy simple, produce-driven recipes and I get excited finding new ingredients and flavours and trying new techniques. Im alwaysTechnophobe Wired learning. I have so many cookbooks, but I dont really get into them as Friends Other foodies much as Id like. RachelMainstream retailers Farmers markets I dont like buying fresh fruit and veg from supermarkets because I find Cookbooks TV the quality and taste of the produce is pretty poor. I try to stock up at the farmers markets on the weekends instead. Its a bit more expensive, but it tastes soooo much better, and lasts longer anyway. I ProducersBeginner Expert Chefs & try to get to the local greengrocer instead of Coles or Woollies for the Ingredients Restaurateurs things I cant get elsewhere or if Ive not been able to get to the markets for the week — but I wish there were more options. This work is licensed by Zumio under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. To view a copy of this license, visit or send a letter to Creative Commons, 171 Second Street, Suite 300, San Francisco, California, 94105, USA.
  23. 23. Research Empathise Service designImage:
  24. 24. Saasu foundation story
  25. 25. Mobile diariesImage:
  26. 26. Behaviouraleconomics
  27. 27. Image: 964/
  28. 28. Research Empathise Service design Zoom out for contextImage:
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  30. 30. Image:
  31. 31. Service design Image: out for contextCollaborate Co-design Multi-disciplinary teams Co-opetition
  32. 32. Pulse Visualisation Find out more HideEnergy breakdown of a Sydney building with an NLA of 25029m2 at 2 Apr 2012 Discussions Data Tools Get Involved AboutExplore how much greener buildings can become. Get latest news and discussionsThis site shares rich data visualisations and stories on improving performance Enter email address Subscribefrom real commerical buildings. Anyone in the world can investigate, shareand comment on techniques for providing high quality indoor environmentsthat strive to use the least amount of resources. Latest discussions Data tools Pulse Taking the daily pulse of commerical buildings and How do New York City buildings measure up to Learn more... streaming live to the web. Sydneys for power use? 14 MARCH 2012, 8:45 A.M. BY BECK DAWSON • 0 COMMENTS The Modi Research Group at Columbia University have published a heat map of New York Citys power use, using a predictive computer model. Residents, workers and engineers alike can check how buildings compare to the neighbours. ... Pulse tool for building energy data Q+A March 16 Datalyzer A fully interactive way to investigate seven years of
  33. 33. Workshops
  34. 34. Service design Image: out for contextCollaboratePrototype & iterate
  35. 35. Prototyping: “Thinking with your hands”Image:
  36. 36. Image: IterateIterateIterateIter
  37. 37.
  38. 38. Example: Energy monitor Wever, R, Kuijk, Jv & Boks, C 2008, User-centred Design for sustainable Behaviour, International Journal of Sustainable Engineering, vol. 1, no. 1.Image: 2009/01/07/history-of-the-personal-digital-assistant.html
  39. 39. Prototyping: Image: to services & physical spaces too Example: Physical space apple (or Macdonalds) Store
  40. 40. Image:
  41. 41. About Work with us Example: Huddle Spaces We are a creative design space for prototyping services andbusiness models. Contact us now to discover how prototyping can help your business do more with less.
  42. 42. Service design Image: out for contextCollaboratePrototype & iterate
  43. 43. Competitive differentiation Cost efficiencies
  44. 44. Questions &Discussion Grant Young @grantyoung || @zumio This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. To view a copy of this license, visit or send a letter to Creative Commons, 171 Second Street, Suite 300, San Francisco, California, 94105, USA.