Forr yourr Conveniience!!
Non Fund Based (facilities obtained from OHER BANKS & NBP):
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Advance salaryapplicationform


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I need Advance salary loan from national bank and have already drawn one lac last four yeara ago

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  • M qasim memon s/o ab.qadir memon pst from dadu
    nic no.. 41201-8380040-5
    salary account no........... 8215-1
    plz answer to my aplication on this acoount
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Advance salaryapplicationform

  1. 1. Forr yourr Conveniience!! Fo you Conven ence APPLICATION FORM Application Form No. ___________________ Date: ____________________ 1. PERSONAL DATA: Name: ___________________________________________ C.N.I.C Number::__________________________________________ Father/husband’s Name with CNIC #: ____________________________________________________________________________ Current Address: _____________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________ Phone No: _______________Email: __________________Fax_____________ Permanent Address: ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________ Phone No: _______________________________________________________ Date of Birth: _____________ Age: __________ N.T.N Number: ___________________________________________________ Nationality: _________________ Next of Kin with address: ___________________________________________________________ 2. EMPLOYMENT DATA Occupation: _____________________________________ Name of Employer: _________________________________________ Address & Contact # of Employer:__________________________________________________Office Contact No: ______________ Designation / Job Title: _____________________________ Department: _______________________________________________ Monthly Gross Salary: ________________________ Monthly Take Home Salary: __________________________________ Mode of Salary Receipt: 1) Direct 2) via DDO 3) consolidated cheque issued by DDO 4) Other(if any, please mention) Length of Service: _________ Remaining Service: _________ Salary disbursing Officer’s Name & Contact #. __________________ 3. FINANCE REQUEST DATA: Request for: 1) Fresh Case 2) Rollover Case Running Finance Limit requested: Rs.__________ equal to ___ month(s) of advance net take home salary. Purpose of Finance: NBP Salary Account No: __________________ Name of the Branch & Region: __________________________ The customer agrees to furnish a customer request for roll over of facility and confirms that the terms, conditions and employer undertaking of this application shall be binding and valid in relation to the roll over as well. 4. PLEASE ATTACH THE FOLLOWING WITH YOUR APPLICATION: - Last Salary Slip/Certificate. - Copy of CNIC (duly attested by concerned NBP branch) - Customer Roll Over Request (in case of roll over) - Employee ID Copy (attested by NBP branch) where applicable. - 3 undated cross cheques covering the whole finance amount. 5. TWO REFERENCES OF WORK COLLEAGUES (ONE OF THE SAME OR HIGHER GRADE AND ONE OF THE OFFICER / EXECUTIVE CADRE, WHO BANK WITH THE SAME NBP BRANCH OR ANY NBP BRANCH OR ANY OTHER BANK SUBJECT TO THE VERIFICATION BY THE BRANCH MANAGER.) i. Name: ____________________________________ Signature:_________________________(Verification Stamp)_______ A/c No: ___________________________Phone (Off.)_______________(Res.): ____________________ Fax___________________ Email: ________________________CNIC Number: ________________________National Tax No: __________________________ ii. Name: ____________________________________ Signature:_________________________(Verification Stamp)_______ A/c No: _________________________Phone (Off.)_______________ (Res.): ____________________ Fax_____________________ Email: ________________________ CNIC Number: _______________________National Tax No: _____________________ 6. OTHER FINANCE FACILITIES ALREADY AVAILED FROM NBP / OTHER BANKS (Attach sheet Fund Based (facilities obtained from NBP): Amount Sanction Expiry Installment Current Status Sanction Date Date Amount Regular Amount Over- due (if any) Amount Rescheduled/ Restructured (if any) Product 1 Product 2 Fund Based (facilities obtained from OTHER BANKS): Amount Sanction Expiry Installment Current Status Sanction Date Date Amount Regular Amount Amount Rescheduled/ Over- due (if any) Restructured (if any) Name of Bank & Product Type Name of Bank & Product Type
  2. 2. Non Fund Based (facilities obtained from OHER BANKS & NBP): Amount Sanction Expiry Current Status Sanction Date Date Regular Amount Amount Rescheduled/ Over- due Restructured (if any) (if any) Name of Bank & Product Type 7. AUTHORIZATION / DECLARATION: I, ________________________________ (S/o), (W/o), (D/o) ________________________ hereby confirm as follows: (i) That National Bank of Pakistan (“NBP”) may at its discretion extend to me a finance facility up to the aggregate amount stated in items 3 of the Application Form (“Finance Facility”). (ii) That the decision to extend the Finance Facility to me and the amount of the Finance Facility to be extended to me shall lie solely with NBP and I shall abide by NBP’s decision in this respect. (iii) That NBP has the right to reject any financing application without assigning any reason and to cancel the finance facility extended to me or any portion thereof and to seek immediate repayment of all amounts outstanding and payable by me in respect of the Finance Facility, or to convert such facility into any other facility without assigning any reason. (iv) That I will be responsible for any stamp duties or taxes that are payable arising out of the loan agreement. (v) That I shall provide all such further information and documents as may be requested by NBP, prior to extending the Finance Facility to me and or at any other time thereafter. (vi) That I shall not transfer my salary and employment benefits whatsoever to any other account, including any other branch of NBP, at any time after the submission of the Application Form, without the prior written approval of NBP. (vii) I hereby give irrevocable standing instructions to NBP to directly debit my salary account for monthly repayment or at NBP’s discretion of the above requested limit. I also understand and undertake to draw my finance limit from the NBP cash counter once a month only. This restriction does not apply on cheques presented in clearing, ATMs etc. (viii) That all information provided by me in the Application Form is true and correct and I hereby indemnify NBP and hold NBP harmless against any damage that may be suffered as a result of NBP’s reliance on the information provided herein (ix) That NBP shall consider allowing top up / roll over of the Finance Facility at any time during the tenure of the loan provided that the maximum amount outstanding under the Finance Facility subsequent to such top up / roll over will not exceed the approved limit. (x) I hereby confirm that I will inform NBP whenever I get transferred from my present place of posting. (xi) The Bank reserves the right to alter the pricing at any time without assigning any reason. (xii) I hereby authorize the bank and third parties including my bankers to exchange any of my information or make enquiries for the purpose of considering my application and for the conduct of any of my accounts. I confirm that in the event my signature herein below differs materially from the signature on my NIC, NBP is authorized and instructed to rely on the documents which I am to execute for this loan/or other communications signed or required to be signed by me in the manner specified herein below. (xiii) That I have read and understood the Application Form and whatever has been stated hereinabove, and I have kept a copy of the same duly filled in for my record. Signature of Applicant 8. EMPLOYER UNDERTAKING (EMPLOYER UNDERTAKING CAN BE ON LETTERHEAD ALSO) This is to confirm that Mr./Ms.____________________(S/o),(D/o),(W/o)____________________ is a confirmed employee since _________________ and his/her tentative retirement age is _______________________. He/She maintains salary account number _________________________ with National Bank of Pakistan ________________________branch____________ city/area. We undertake that this salary account and employment related payments would not be transferred to any other bank/branch and these will only be paid through this above salary account and no other mode of payment / method will be allowed by us unless prior N.O.C is obtained from NBP branch manager/authorized signatory at the above branch of National Bank of Pakistan. We also confirm that the estimated end of service benefits of the subject employee as of date less any liabilities thereon exceed the amount of limit requested. __________________________________ I give my unconditional consent to the above Salary Disbursing Officer/Authorized Signatory (Signature of employee with date &. Place) Official stamp N.B: -NBP will verify above undertaking directly from the salary disbursement / authorized signatory. -Reference Person(s) signature(s) will be duly verified by branch as per NBP’s policy and procedure. -All permanent Provincial Govt. employees in BPS-16 & above will get the undertaking signed from their concerned Accounts Offices, i.e. the offices of the concerned D.A.O or concerned offices of the A.G. in the province. For the Federal Govt. employees, the concerned offices of the Accountant General Pakistan will sign the undertaking. (For Official Use Only) Finance: Approved / Disapproved Amount : Rs._________________ Period: __________________ Other Conditions: _________________________________________________________________________________ Signatures with stamp: Recommending Officer Sanctioning Authority Received attested copy as Sanction / Approval : Accepted by customer Customer Signature & Date