Syseneg Academy : The Value of Certification


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Certification in project management contribute toward productivity associated with organizational capabilities in delivering and integrating projects and services across all project stakeholders that had benefited many successful companies today. Certification is a means of ensuring your vendors which is an integral component of your project stakeholders complies with organization project management framework that is crucial to support project delivery

Syseneg Academy : The Value of Certification

  1. 1. Certified International PROJECT MANAGER for Information Technology This CIPM Certified International Project Manager for Information Technology certification program is a 32 hours program inclusive of an examination. This program has been specially designed to award deserving individual career path associated with information technology to acquire the CIPM credential. In addition this program help individual who is involved with information technology to utilise the processes, tools, techniques, and areas of knowledge needed to successfully manage information technology (IT) projects. The fields of Management Information Systems (MIS) and Software Engineering have their own bodies of knowledge that include various tools, techniques, and methods supported by a continually growing base of research. This certification program follows the System Development Life Cycle methodology that provides a framework for related to how IT projects are initiated, conceptualized, planned, executed, implemented, terminated, and evaluated. The SDLC methodology will take you through the different phases of the project lifecycle and introduce the processes that are appropriate for each specific phase or stage of the project lifecycle in alignment with the five phases of initiation, planning, execution, monitoring and control, and closure of the project management framework Global Academy of Finance & Management GAFM® The Global Academy of Finance and Management International Board of Standards (IBS) issues the CIPM® Certified International Project Manager to qualified information technology applicants who have met our requirements of: Education, Training, Experience, Industry Knowledge, Ethics, and Continuing Education. Get this credential if you want to make a difference and take advantage of the vast job opportunities in project management across the globe. This certification program provides an integrated approach to IT project management. The concepts associated with information systems management and software engineering when integrated with project management body of knowledge provides an important base of knowledge that builds a foundation for IT project management. This integration helps to distinguish IT projects from other types of projects such as construction or engineering. International Board of Standards GAFM ® Board of Standards has been Accredited by the TÜV Technischer Überwachungs-Verein Österreich, a 140 years old EU/Austrian Technical Inspection Association) which works to validate the quality of products and services of all kinds to protect the public and for safety. Our GAFM and Board of Standards Makes History and Becomes First EU/US Based Certification Body to Achieve Training Accreditation as an: ISO 29990 Certified for Non Formal Training . © Copyright GAFM®
  2. 2. GAFM® CIPM-IT Module 11 System Acceptance discuss the process to certify that the system satisfies the end customer's testing scope and detailed requirement specifications after system testing is completed. GAFM® CIPM-IT Module 12 System Implementation discuss the full deployment plan, initially developed during System Design including project monitoring and control processes will be executed and validated. GAFM® CIPM-IT Module 13 Closing the Project focuses on assessment of the project and derive any lessons learned and best practices to be applied to future projects. EXAMINATION Duration : 2 hours Format : 80 Questions GAFM® CIPM-IT Module 1 What is Project Management discuss the importance of project management and how this profession is widely required in almost any organization and across any industry. GAFM® CIPM-IT Module 2 Project Management Framework focuses on the phases of a project and the processes within each phase. GAFM® CIPM-IT Module 3 Project Organization focuses on the human side of project management, the formal and informal organization structure. GAFM® CIPM-IT Module 4 Software Development Life Cycle discuss the project development phases associated with software application development project and the integration with project management processes. GAFM® CIPM-IT Module 5 Client-Server Architecture discuss the computing infrastructure essential principles of client-server architecture, the differences between 2-tier, 3-tier, and multitier architectures, including their features and relative capacities. GAFM® CIPM-IT Module 6 Initiating the Project focuses on the processes involved with development of the Project Charter. GAFM® CIPM-IT Module 7 Requirements Analysis which is a function of project planning focuses on the processes involved with collecting user requirements, defining logical data model and producing the Functional Specification. GAFM® CIPM-IT Module 8 System Design focuses on defining technical architecture, creating physical database, prototype system components, and producing Technical Specifications in addition to Project Management Plan, Quality Management Plan, and other key planning documentations. GAFM® CIPM-IT Module 9 System Development focuses on all project execution activities required to build and validate the new system and to prepare for system testing GAFM® CIPM-IT Module 10 System Testing focuses on the system functions and processes that undergo a series of exhaustive testing cycles inclusive of integration testing to ensure compliance with functional requirements. © Copyright GAFM®© Copyright GAFM®
  3. 3. Global Alliances © Copyright GAFM® Program duration : 4 days The program includes • Training services • Examination • Certification • Membership • Shipping of certification document © Copyright GAFM®