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Zulfi azad


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Branding and Advertising Expert

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Zulfi azad

  1. 1. If you have the attention of an audience, you’re a leader already. And great leaders plan, listen, observe, inspire and then give direction
  2. 2. Zulfi Azad is an experienced business marketing professional who has made a mark in the global business arena with his aptitude and ability to analyze the situations which can give returns. This young man is also a qualified designer and business strategist with academic degrees from reputed educational institutions. In his young age, Zulfi Azad has been a part of many successful businesses and ventures where he showed his ability to convert start ups into success. Having won many awards, this flamabouyant young man has also earned a title from zee ofYoungAchiever. This man has been associated with big businesses handling all the branding and positioning needs in association with CII. He has been exposed to various business environments across the globe. He is always in tune with the changing global scenarios and can adjust to situations. With his strong interpersonal skill and multi tasking ability, this young achiever always proves to be the best resource for any business. With the fire to excel, this man is surely a multi tasker and a magician.
  3. 3. ZULFI AZAD +91- 99 100 100 39