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ETHZ CV2012: Information


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ETHZ CV2012: Information

  1. 1. Computer Vision Laboratory 2012:Computer Vision on Mobile Devices Info Event, 21.09.2012 Institute of Visual Computing
  2. 2. Computer Vision Laboratory 2012 Lecturers: Kevin Koeser Kalin Kolevl office: CNB G104 office: CNB G102.2 e-mail: e-mail: available: 15.10.2012 - 21.12.2012 Teaching Assistant: Lorenz Meier office: CAB G86.3 e-mail: Institute of Visual Computing
  3. 3. Course Details180 h project work per personPrerequisite: Computer Vision Lecture (or similar)Final presentations and demosHand in written report (~2-3 pages) and sources (+ wiki doc)Participation in tutorials mandatoryWorkspace/mobile devices provided if necessaryWebpage: Institute of Visual Computing
  4. 4. Important DatesBy Fri., 5.10.: hand in work plan (1 page: work plan, milestones, when what, template provided)Fri., 28.09: Tutorial “Android SDK/NDK”Fri., 05.10.: Tutorial “OpenCV Basics and Camera Calibration”Fri., 09.11.: Mid-term presentationFri., 21.12.: Final presentationBy Fri., 21.12. (31.12.): final report + documented sources Institute of Visual Computing
  5. 5. Offered Project TopicsSilhouette-based live 3D reconstruction (2 persons)Stereo-based live 3D reconstruction (2 persons)Markerless augmented reality on a cell phone (2 persons)3D reconstruction on a stereo tablet (2 persons)On-site event re-living (1 person) Institute of Visual Computing