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  1. 1. The Future Of Online Shopping“The Webcam Social Shopper” (WSS) Matthew Szymczyk Founder & CEO 310. 344.8224 Confidential – Please do not distribute
  2. 2. Our Story We’re founded as an In the midst of the recession Fresh off a DEMOgod win, Interactive Marketing we build an ecommerce the Webcam Social Agency focused on branded augmented reality (AR) Shopper is built into a web development. Sony prototype, The Webcam market ready product. On PlayStation enables our Social Shopper. Several July 20th 2011 it goes live founding by putting us on months later uses throughout Banana retainer from day one. it for a campaign. Flame’s site. 2007 20102001 2009 2011 Primarily creating strategic, We are named to Ad Age’s UX focused web applications Creativity 50 list for our we are nearly 40 employees work with AR. We refocusand doing $5 mil in revenues. the business on creating Key clients include Reebok, AR software that willLexus, PlayStation, Activision, revolutionize shopping. We & Toyota. Image above is of officially become a official “Build Your Lexus” “bootstrapped startup”. application on Confidential – Please do not distribute
  3. 3. The Problem: The Online Shopping “Experience” Doesn’t Exist • Conversion Rate: 20 – 40 % • Conversion Rate: 2 – 3% • Return Rate: 25 - 40% An improvement in conversion from 2% to 2.1% would equate to a 5% lift in sales. Confidential – Please do not distribute
  4. 4. The Solution: Replicate The In Store “At The Rack” Shopping Experience, Online.Live Demo – PATENT PENDING Represented by Pillsbury Provisional Application Filed in 2009 Patent Filed 2010 Confidential – Please do not distribute
  5. 5. Candid Reactions To WSS KEY FINDING: • Nearly 2/3rds of participants said that WSS would help them in making a purchase decision. SOME ADDITIONAL FINDINGS: • Over 83% of users answered between “Interested” and “Very Interested” when asked the question: “if an online store had this product, how interested would you be in using it?” • 88% of users answered between “Interested” and “Very Interested” when asked the question: “How interested do you think your friends would be in using it?” • When the users first viewed WSS “the typical initial reaction was a surprised exclamation.” • It took first time users about two minutes to understand, and become comfortable with the motion capture interface. Confidential – Please do not distribute
  6. 6. We’re Gaining Traction GloballyOver 500 Inbound Inquiries In Our Pipeline – 21 Advanced ProspectsKey: Clients (C) & Partners (P) NORTH AMERICA EUROPE (C) La Mania (C) Reebok (C) Banana Flame (C) National Guard (C) Bealamode (C) Rich Relevance (P) Sinet Italia (P) ----------- Omeco (P) 8 Prospects (C) Uncubator (P) ----------- 6 Prospects (C) 1 Prospect (P) ASIA 1 Prospect (C)SOUTH AMERICA 4 Prospects (C) AUSTRALIA 1 Prospect (P) City Chic (C) Confidential – Please do not distribute
  7. 7. On July 20th We Launched On Banana Client Testimonial “As an online retailer, it’s critical to our business that we create the best and most enjoyable shopping experiences available to customers, so that when they do choose to shop online, they do it with us. And that’s what the Webcam Social Shopper gives us, a brand building and personal shopping experience tailored to each individual that they will not only love but also return to time and time again.” - Emily Walker, Creative Director Confidential – Please do not distribute
  8. 8. A History Of Innovation First Product To Market; Patent Pending First E-commerce Motion Capture UI First Flash Solution First To Integrate Photo/Sharing Features First Truly Markerless Solution First Video Conferencing AR Shopping Prototype First To Have No Backend Integration First To Integrate Throughout Client’s Site Confidential – Please do not distribute
  9. 9. Two Software Products Currently Being Sold Confidential – Please do not distribute
  10. 10. New Features & Site Improvements MarketOnline Apparel Retailers, U.S. Market Only SOURCE: eMarketer & SORO Report 2007, Forrester Research & $1.20 $1. 14 Bil $1.10 $1.04 Bil Billions $1.00 $940 Mil $0.90 $860 Mil $0.80 2011 2012 2013 2014 76% of people who shop online more than once a month say advanced product viewing features are “extremely” or “very” important in their decision to stay and purchase from a site and return to the site to purchase again. SOURCE: Limelight Networks Confidential – Please do not distribute
  11. 11. What Do Analysts & Journalists Think Of WSS? “Apparel retailers worldwide can benefit from this kind of tool, which could appeal to younger shoppers in particular.” “The idea has great potential and could benefit up and coming brands and retailers, big and small.” “Though hundreds or thousands of Augmented Reality products hit the market last year and a handful have been widely seen - many people still doubt the utility of this technology. Zugaras approach seems to be one of the most clearly useful.” “We mentioned Zugaras neat augmented reality clothes shopping experiment before--noting how cool it could make online shopping by letting you try out virtual clothes. Well, its an experiment no more: Online fashion store Tobi has launched it for real.” “What cannot be ignored is that shopping with this feature is very exciting, and will surely attract shoppers to your website.” Featured in the Gartner Group’s “Cool Vendors In Retail, 2010” Research Report. Confidential – Please do not distribute
  12. 12. Thank You!Please Note That This Is An Abridged Version Of Our Deck, And That Information We Deemed Too Sensitive Was Removed. Please Feel Free To Contact Us For The Un-Abridged Version. DEMO Presentation: Blog: Facebook Page: Matthew Szymczyk Jack Benoff Founder & CEO Vice President Product & Marketing Confidential – Please do not distribute
  13. 13. Appendix Confidential – Please do not distribute
  14. 14. Q: Why Aren’t We Focused On Mobile Today? Less Reach • *75% of “Digital Natives” Don’t Use Smartphones • Only 7% of web traffic comes from Phones/Tablets • Handsets With Forward Facing Cameras? Poor Usability/Experience • What’s The Consumer Benefit? • GPS Inaccuracy • Not Enough Processing Power Fragmented Mobile Market • Several Operating Systems With Significant Share • Numerous Handsets * Source: & Forrester Research (9/30/2010) Confidential – Please do not distribute
  15. 15. Q: What Are Webcam Adoption Rates? 79% of laptops now have webcams. Source: PC World More than 70 % of laptops now have webcams Source: PC World 72% of 18 – 29 year olds own a laptop. Source: Pew Internet & American Life Project 83% of college students own a laptop. Source: Student Monitor More than 50% of Gen Y owns a webcam. Source: Cisco a laptop 72% of 18 – 29 year olds own Source: Pew Internet & American Life Project As of July 2011, 50% Of Skype minutes involve video. Source: Skype Given the technology adoption trends seen across generation, it is safe to assume that Gen Z will have higher Webcam adoption than any generation prior. Confidential – Please do not distribute
  16. 16. A Digital Experience For A Digital Generation (SOURCES: Twitter & TechCrunch Commenter) © COPYRIGHT 2010 ZUGARA | CONFIDENTIAL AUGMENTED REALITY 16