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Deividas Talijūnas Golden Hammer

  1. 1. Riga, September 25-26 Interactive advertising trends. How it will affect Baltic markets Deividas Talijūnas Adnet, Lithuania
  2. 2. media trust RSS digital blog/weblog html AdWords budget Google advertising search iPhone contextual video WEB 2.0 display network banner web java social mobile XML sharing engagement local
  3. 3. Global Spending by Medium, 2006 - 2010 ($ Millions) 600.000 450.000 300.000 150.000 0 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 Newspapers Magazines TV Radio Cinema Outdoor Internet 2008 - to overtake radio advertising; 2009 - to attain a double-digit share of global advertising (10,4%); 2010 to overtake magazine advertising, with 11.5% of total ad spend; Suorce:ZenithOptimedi
  4. 4. Advertising budgets UK (%)‫‏‬ Group M forecasts that the UK will be on the brink of passing the milestone at the end of 2008, when the internet will account for 24.8% of UK media spend, just behind the 26% share held by the TV ad sector
  5. 5. Advertising budgets Baltic's LT LV EE 3% 6% 8% 6% 1% 7% 9% 7% 27% 35% 7% 10% 13% 46% 11% 17% 25% 22% 40% TV Newspapers TV Newspapers TV Newspapers Magazines Radio Magazines Radio Magazines Radio Outdor Internet Outdor Internet Outdor Internet Cinema
  6. 6. Smart guys know :) I don’t know anybody under 30 who has ever looked at a classified advertisment in a newspaper. With broadband they do more and more transactions online Rupert Murdoch
  7. 7. Where do money go? UK 2007 The internet is not one medium, its growth rate is a blend of three distinct businesses growing at different speeds: search, display and classified
  8. 8. Google Google is becoming the “operating system” for marketing
  9. 9. Google Google - Media company Google - the biggest internet advertising network &
  10. 10. Google Google Trends – research company? Google Ad Planner? Some are calling it the ‘ad agency killer’.
  11. 11. EE Google 1% 1% 1% Neti Google 38% Delfi 58% WWW Others LV 2% 3% 3% Google Search advertising in Baltics? 3% Delfi Siets MSN Others 89% LT 1% 0% 1% 1% Google MSN Delfi Yahoo Others 97%
  12. 12. Mobile internet Speaking on US TV, Schmidt said, “We can make more money in mobile than desktop eventually because the mobile computer is more targeted. You carry your phone everywhere, it knows all about you, it knows what you’re up to. We can do a very, very targeted ad. Over time, we’ll make more money from mobile advertising.” Photo:
  13. 13. Mobile internet IPhone initiate 50 times more searches than other handsets Says Google
  14. 14. Mobile internet
  15. 15. Mobile internet. Why now? 1) handsets becoming small functional computers; 2) cheaper / faster / more data; 3) more content - 450MM (48%) of new handsets shipped Mobile Internet ready (can run Java applications...), 2006 - 2,9B subscribers with <2.5G (~50kbps) network access; 311MM 3G subscribers have broadband-like services (browsing, full track music), 2007E - Mobile content improving steadily - consumers are spending billions on it Source: Informa, Morgan Stanley Research
  16. 16. Mobile internet. Japan Source:
  17. 17. Mobile internet
  18. 18. Mobile internet. Portal reach LT 250 000 unique users 180 000 unique per month. More 250 000. unique users per month. than 8 mln. users per month. More than 2 mln. pageviews (SurfPort More than 4 mln. pageviews + SurfOpen) pageviews Source: portal’s data
  19. 19. Mobile inernet >100 000 000 Lithuanian websites ranked according page views. Gemius Audience 2008 August. data
  20. 20. In ad we trust! We do! What about consumers?
  21. 21. In ad we trust? 76% of consumers don’t belive that companies tell truth in advertisements Yankelowich
  22. 22. person like me 68% “a person like me” is considered the most credible source of information about a company Edelman. Trust barometer 2006
  23. 23. What is - WEB 2.0 •The term “WEB 2.0” defines an era, like “DOT COM” •Read/Write - anyone can be a publisher (,, •Search (, Alternative Search Engines) •Social Networks (,, My Space, Facebook...) •Online media (YouTube, •Content Aggregation/Sindication (Bloglines, Google Reader, Netvibes...) •Mashups (Google Maps, Flcker, You Tube) Source: Read/Write Web
  24. 24. Social internet (WEB 2.0)‫‏‬ Text This shows massive growth in a very short period of time and users have gradually moved from passive consumers to active creators Source: Universal McCann Social Media Tracker – Power to the People
  25. 25. Social internet. The sources of information I trust 6,8 Personal recommendations from friends/family 6,2 Personal recommendations from professionals 5,8 Emails from a friend/colleague 5,7 Instant Messenger conversation with a friend/colleague 5,6 Consumers reviews on retail sites e.g 4,9 Blogs/Weblogs - personal blog written by people you know 4,6 Magazine/Newspaper article 4,3 Company/Brand website 4,2 Shelf information and product displays in store 4,2 Blogs/Weblogs - professional blog 4,1 Comments on social network sites e.g 4,1 Recommendation in a television programme 4,0 Blogs/Weblogs - written by people you do not know 3,9 Outdoor advertising 3,8 Online chat rooms/message boards 3,8 TV adverts 3,7 Magazine/Newspaper advertising 3,3 Emails from companies 3,2 Celebrity recomendation 0 2,5 5,0 7,5 10,0 Graph shows the extent to which global web users trust different sources of information on products, brands and services Source: Universal McCann Social Media Tracker – Power to the People
  26. 26. Social internet (WEB 2.0)‫‏‬ Paid advertising e-shop independent website e-shop 652 searches per corporate month e-shop wikipedia e-shop website price comparison engine
  27. 27. Social internet (WEB 2.0)‫‏‬ Paid advertising forum forum website 310 searches per month forum ...and only user generated blog content! blog classified
  28. 28. Reklamos biudžetai web Cut & Paste TRENDS: Information, entertainment and all web content is becoming portable SOLUTION: •Openness Make sure that every digital program •Users decide how to use content allows information to be consumed/ •Widget’isation engage with wherever the individual wants to engage with it
  29. 29. Reklamos biudžetai Cut & Paste web A Web widget can be best described as a mini application tat an add functionality to your web page, blog, social profile, etc. If you find a widget that you like, you simply copy and paste some code and add it to the HTML of your web page. Photo galleries, news, videos, advertising, mp3 players and prgnancy countdown tickers! You name it, there is probably a widget that does it. Yahoo finance Weather channel for for iPhone forecast for “giver” for desktop iGoogle Facebook
  30. 30. Reklamos biudžetai Cut & Paste web
  31. 31. Challenge for advertisers: new targeting models •Baiba (female/urban/high incomes/ 25 25-30 years old)? •Contextual targeting 29 •Behavioral targeting
  32. 32. Reklamos biudžetai Challenge for advertisers: new metrics TRENDS: The new Marketing needs not only to attract, but also engage & excite Reach & Frequency are not catering to measure the quality of Engagement & Exitement SOLUTION: The new metric is - Brand Expose Duration - BXD BXD is the lenght of time an individual is exposed to a given advertisment, branded website, branded game, online video... Suorce: Atlas DMT
  33. 33. Challenge for advertisers: new staff TRENDS: Some companies are hiring in-house experts who guide the company toward becoming more digital These professionals are “cross-trained” in talking technology and marketing, which often don’t mix SOLUTION: Consider hiring a geek marketer/digital proffesional
  34. 34. Localization The world is becoming more local and location-aware. The next internet and mobile wave of innovation are going to come from location based services able to provide locally relevant information to anyone anywhere in the world.
  35. 35. 3D/virtual worlds
  36. 36. Digital dominance Internet versus TV Source: Microsoft
  37. 37. Thank you!