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Sustainable development goals


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Sustainable development goals

Published in: Environment
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Sustainable development goals

  1. 1. Sustainable Development Goals Goal 1: End povertyinall itsforms everywhere Goal 2: End hunger,achieve foodsecurityandimprovednutritionandpromote sustainableagriculture Goal 3: Ensure healthylivesandpromote well-beingforall atall ages Goal 4: Ensure inclusive andequitable qualityeducationandpromote lifelonglearningopportunitiesforall Goal 5: Achieve genderequalityandempowerall womenandgirls Goal 6: Ensure availabilityandsustainablemanagementof waterandsanitationforall Goal 7: Ensure access to affordable,reliable,sustainableandmodernenergyforall Goal 8: Promote sustained,inclusive andsustainableeconomicgrowth,full andproductiveemploymentanddecentworkforall Goal 9: Buildresilientinfrastructure, promoteinclusive andsustainable industrializationandfosterinnovation Goal 10: Reduce inequalitywithinandamongcountries Goal 11: Make citiesandhumansettlementsinclusive,safe,resilientandsustainable
  2. 2. Goal 12: Ensure sustainable consumptionandproductionpatterns Goal 13: Take urgentaction to combatclimate change andits impacts Goal 14: Conserve andsustainablyuse the oceans,seasandmarine resourcesforsustainable development Goal 15: Protect,restore andpromote sustainableuse of terrestrial ecosystems,sustainablymanage forests,combatdesertification,andhalt and reverse landdegradationandhaltbiodiversityloss Goal 16: Promote peaceful andinclusivesocietiesforsustainable development,provide accesstojustice forall and buildeffective,accountable and inclusiveinstitutionsatall levels Goal 17: Strengthenthe meansof implementationandrevitalize the global partnershipforsustainable development