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Mock analysis 2


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Mock analysis 2

  1. 1. Mock Analysis
  2. 2. Please spend 10 minutes going through your exam paper and read each comment and feedback. If there is something you don’t understand please star the page so you can ask me later.
  3. 3. Grade Boundaries from 2012/13 Grade Points you need to get in order to reach this grade A* 51 A 47 B 42 C 37 D 32 E 27 U Up to 26
  4. 4. Feedback;  Siobhan, your knowledge of the origins of AAADT is still severely lacking. The information you provide is either irrelevant, extremely vague or completely incorrect. There is no way that at A2 you will be able to achieve a decent mark unless you better your understanding on the company and Ailey.  Cherilyn, you were able to make some good points but did not write enough information. You did not talk about elements of the company’s growth that were effected by the context the company existed in.
  5. 5. Overall Feedback;  You need to remember to use the P.E.A. system when answering questions; Point, Evidence, Analysis  You need to consider the key words in the question so you know what you are expected to do.  You need to be completing regular homework in your theory prep book twice a week.
  6. 6. Front of the Paper Time allowed 1 hour 30 minutes Instructions Use black ink or black ball-point pen. Pencil should only be used for drawing. Write the information required on the front of your answer book. The Examining Body for this paper is AQA. The Paper Reference is DANC3. Answer two questions. Answer one question from Section A and one question from Section B. Do all rough work in your answer book. Cross through any work that you do not want to be marked. Information All questions carry equal marks, and are marked out of 40. The maximum mark for this paper is 80. You will be marked on your ability to: – use good English – organise information clearly – use specialist vocabulary where appropriate. Advice You are advised to spend 45 minutes on each question. You will be expected to draw on your knowledge of choreography, performance and appreciation in answering these questions. You may use diagrams and/or floor plans where appropriate.
  7. 7. 04 Discuss the historical, political and economical issues that surrounded the development and growth of Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater from 1958 to current How this question is marked; demonstration of the historical, political and economic context in which AAADT was created and developed throughout the years it has been in existence; Historical: - segregation of white and black and the effect it had on Ailey and the creation of AAADT -Civil Rights Movement and what it signified, court case and what it signified -modern dance and its significance to AAADT and Ailey -What being black signified throughout the time of AAADT’s creation and growth Political -Implications of being invited to tour by President Kennedy -Expectations of black dancers and how they were seen -Other companies not recruiting black dancers and the effect AAADT likely had -Implications of the work that Ailey was creating Economical