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  1. 1. Appropriate Attire for Dance class  Vests T-shirts Leggings Leotard/Unitard Jogging bottoms Shorts Sports Bras Hairbands Hoodies/Zip Hoodies Cardigans Dance Pants Footwear Bare Feet Socks (where appropriate) Ballet Shoes Jazz Shoes Trainers (where appropriate) Feet Thongs
  2. 2. Inappropriate Attire for Dance Class  Jumpers Loose, long hair Jeans Skirts Restrictive Footwear Bare Feet Trousers Socks (where appropriate) Jeggings Ballet Shoes Caps/Hats Jazz Shoes Trainers (where Extra short shorts appropriate) Tight Feet Thongs fitting, restrictive tops
  3. 3. Be a responsible dancer and consider personal safety •Ensure you are wearing correct clothing that will allow you to move. •Trousers need to short to avoid slipping over, have no zips / buttons in places where the performers may injure themselves. •If footwear is worn it needs to be appropriate to the dance style as well as being in good condition. •Performers need to ensure that they are not wearing any jewellery, and that hair should be tied up. •Dancers shouldn’t perform if they have an injury, fever or immediately after eating •Be aware of others in the class and always consider spatial awareness to avoid collision, this also follows with use of energy and speed. Dancers should not attempt anything that is too hard for them