Psdot 8 a weak security notion for visual


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Psdot 8 a weak security notion for visual

  1. 1. A WEAK SECURITY NOTION FOR VISUAL SECRET SHARING SCHEMESOBJECTIVE: The main objectives of this project is a sharing the secret informationthrough an encrypted color image based on LSB Method.PROBLEM DIFINITION: The problem found in our existing system is we must expand the originalpixels on the secret images in encryption, which aces lower level of contrast of thereproduced images.Many efforts have been devoted to minimizing the pixelexpansion and to maximize the contrast of reproduced images.ABSTRACT: In visual secret sharing (VSS) scheme, the alignment of the transparencies isimportant to the visual quality of the reconstructed secret image. Each pixel of theoriginal secret image is expanded to m subpixels in a share image. If a share imageis printed on a paper with the same size as the original secret image, the alignmentor the registration of the subpixels, which is only m times smaller than that of theoriginal secret image, could be troublesome. In this paper, we propose a (2, n)-VSSscheme that allows a relative shift between the shares in the horizontal directionand vertical direction. When the shares are perfectly aligned, the contrast of thereconstructed image is equal to that of the traditional VSS scheme.
  2. 2. When there is a shift, the average contrast of the reconstructed image ishigher than that of the traditional VSS scheme, and the scheme can still work incases where very little shape redundancy is present in the image. The trade-off isthat our method involves a larger pixel expansion. The basic building block of ourscheme is duplication and concatenation of certain rows or columns of the basicmatrices. This seemingly simple but very powerful construction principle can beeasily used to create more general (k, n) schemes.EXISTING SYSTEM:  GrayScale Image Based VSS(GI-VSS)  Water Marking Technique based VSS(WaterMarking Based-VSS)DISADVANTAGES:  We must expand the original pixels on the secret imagesin encryption, which akes lower level of contrast of the reproducedimages.  Many efforts have been devoted tominimizing the pixel expansion and to maximize the contrastof reproduced images.PROPOSED SYSTEM: In proposed system comes from the fact that VSS schemes need nocomputation in decryption Based on this observation, we can relax theunconditional security notion of -threshold VSS schemes to a weaker notion insuch a way that it is secure if the image obtained by stacking or fewer shares seemsto be a random dot image We also present two constructions of WS-VSS schemes.  US-VSS scheme (B/W Image based system)
  3. 3.  WS-VSS scheme (color Image Based Syetem).ADVANTAGES:  High Security  There is no need effort for minimizing the pixel expansion  There is no need effort for maximize the contrast of reproduced images.ALGORITHM USED: 1. LSB (Least Significant Bit) 2. AES (Advanced Encryption Standard)ARCHITECTURE DIAGRAM:
  4. 4. SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: Hardware Requirements: • System : Pentium IV 2.4 GHz. • Hard Disk : 40 GB. • Floppy Drive : 1.44 Mb. • Monitor : 15 VGA Colour. • Mouse : Logitech. • Ram : 512 Mb.
  5. 5. Software Requirements: • Operating system : Windows XP. • Coding Language : ASP.Net with C#. • Data Base : SQL Server 2005.APPLICATIONS: 1. Deductive Agencies 2. Government Services 3. Organization Administrative