Psdot 16 a new framework for credit card transactions involving mutual authentication(with code)


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Psdot 16 a new framework for credit card transactions involving mutual authentication(with code)

  1. 1. A NEW FRAMEWORK FOR CREDIT CARD TRANSACTIONS INVOLVING MUTUAL AUTHENTICATION BETWEEN CARDHOLDER AND MERCHANTOBJECTIVE:The main role of this system is to avoid the credit card frauds, and provide themore security for online transaction.PROBLEM DIFINITION: The main problem statement of our existing system is security. Thesecurity level is relatively very low. Another problem found in our existingsystem is fraud detection. That is detection and avidness’ of hackers iscomprehensible.ABSTRACT: Credit cards are widely used in onsite payment and online paymentsystem. In the onsite payment system, the user physically present in themerchant shop and pay the bill for shopping things using credit card. In theonline payment system, the users communicate to merchant through the onlinefor e-shopping. In those transaction, there are three types of credit card frauds areavailable, such as Card Related Frauds, Merchants Related frauds and InternetBased Frauds.Card related frauds include frauds such as use ofstolen cards,counterfeit cards, shoulder surfing, account takeover etc. Merchant relatedfrauds include merchant collusion where a person at merchant’s side stealscredit card information of their customers. But the most severe of all the frauds Z Technologies www.ztech.ininfo@ztech.incall : 91760 91765
  2. 2. are Internet related frauds which are made during online transactions such assite-cloning, creating false merchant sites, snooping, man-in-the-middle attack,and denial-of-service.In this system using five types of security features foravoiding those frauds, there are Authentication, Confidentiality, Data Integrity,Biometric and Non-Reputation.EXISTING SYSTEM: In Existing system, contain only two types of authentication services.Such as, address verification and Card Verification. It is not enough to detectthe credit card frauds.DISADVANTAGES:  Less Security  System security is not enough to fraud detection  Address verification and card verification had insecurePROPOSED SYSTEM: In proposed system contain the following five security features for detectthe credit card frauds. Such as,  Authentication  Confidentiality  Data Integrity  Non-reputation  Bio-Metric Z Technologies www.ztech.ininfo@ztech.incall : 91760 91765
  3. 3. In Authentication, customer and merchant should be authenticated againsteach other before the transaction takes place. In Confidentiality, sensitive datasuch as credit card number and customer’s Personal Identification Numbershould be inaccessible to any unauthorized user. In Data Integrity, datatransferred during the transaction should be tamper-proof. In Non-repudiation,Denial-of-Service from any entity during the transaction should not take place.Taking into account all security considerations, we propose a new frameworkfor credit card transactions based on mutual authentication and trust buildingbetween a customer and a merchant for online transactions by integrating one-time-password and digital signature technique using public key infrastructuresystem. In Biometric, we use fingerprint verification for more secure credit cardtransaction.ADVANTAGES:  To avoid the credit card frauds.  To transfer the credit card details in secure path way.  High security performance.  Got a onetime password from gateway services for secure communication to merchant.  Using Biometric Identity Card for Biometric authentication.ALGORITHM USED: 1. PCA (Principle Component Analysis) 2. Triple DES (Data Encryption Standard) Z Technologies www.ztech.ininfo@ztech.incall : 91760 91765
  4. 4. ARCHITECTURE DIAGRAM: Gateway Verification Service System USER MERCHANTS VerificationTo Bank User for TransactionSYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: Hardware Requirements: Intel Pentium IV 256/512 MB RAM 1 GB Free disk space or greater 1 GB on Boot Drive 17” XVGA display monitor Z Technologies www.ztech.ininfo@ztech.incall : 91760 91765
  5. 5. Software Requirements: MS Windows XP/2000 MS IE Browser 6.0/later MS .Net Framework 4.0 MS Visual Studio.Net 2005 Internet Information Server (IIS) MS SQL Server 2005 Windows Installer 3.1APPLICATIONS: 1. Bank 2. Online Purchasing 3. Onsite Payment Z Technologies www.ztech.ininfo@ztech.incall : 91760 91765