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a famework for analyzing template security and privacy in biometric authentication system


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a famework for analyzing template security and privacy in biometric authentication system

  1. 1. A FRAMEWORK FOR ANALYZING TEMPLATE SECURITY ANDPRIVACY IN BIOMETRIC AUTHENTICATION SYSTEMSOBJECTIVE: The main objective of this system is to prevent an attacker to compromiseprivacy of users or biometric data and not necessarily to thwart bypassing of thebiometric authentication itself.PROBLEM DIFINITION: The main problem statement of our existing system is security. The securitylevel is relatively very low. So that, The hackers easily hack the securedinformation. To avoid this problem, we use the biometric authentication in ourproposed system.ABSTRACT: Biometric authentication schemes have great potentials in building securesystems since biometric data of the users are bound tightly with their identities, andcannot be forgotten. Typically, a biometric authentication scheme consists of twophases. Such as,  Enrollment Phase  Authentication Phase Z Technologies www.ztech.ininfo@ztech.incall : 91760 91765
  2. 2. During the enrollment phase, a user, Alice, registers her biometric data witha trusted server. A biometric template is created for Alice, and is stored on somecentral server or a device carried by Alice (e.g., smartcard). During the authentication phase, Alice would provide another biometricsample, which is then compared with the template in the server or device, andAlice is authenticated if the new sample matches the template according to somematching function.In this scenario, the biometric template of Alice would containcrucial information for successful authentication.EXISTING SYSTEM: In Existing system, contain only PASSWORD authentication. So thehackers easily hack out password and communication to authentication server. Sothis system didn’t provide fully supported security to users.DISADVANTAGES:  Low Performance  Less Security  High attacks from hackers  Server cannot assume authenticated user  It didn’t contain Matcher application for matching the user needed things. Z Technologies www.ztech.ininfo@ztech.incall : 91760 91765
  3. 3. PROPOSED SYSTEM: In proposed system model contain password authentication as well asbiometric authentication. The process of this system as, first user login this systemthan the user give their biometric sample. The user id & biometric sample sent toserver. The authentication server communicates to database and identify whetherthe user authorized person or not. If the user is unauthorized mean, the server givesthe error message to that user. If the user authorized mean, the server give theacknowledgment to user for further actions. Then the user search the key, theserver communicates to Matcher for whether the key is in our system or not. It’s asecure way for communicate secret information over the online.ADVANTAGES:  Secure Communication  High security  High Performance  Without hackers attacksALGORITHM USED: 1. AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) 2. PCA (Principle Component Analysis) Z Technologies www.ztech.ininfo@ztech.incall : 91760 91765
  4. 4. ARCHITECTURE DIAGRAM: USER SECTION DATABASE USER ID PASSWORD AUTHENTICAT ION SERVER BIOMETRIC MATCHER SENSORSYSTEM REQUIREMENTS:Hardware Requirements: Intel Pentium IV 256/512 MB RAM 1 GB Free disk space or greater 1 GB on Boot Drive 17” XVGA display monitor 1 Network Interface Card (NIC) Z Technologies www.ztech.ininfo@ztech.incall : 91760 91765
  5. 5. Software Requirements: MS Windows XP/2000 MS IE Browser 6.0/later MS .Net Framework 4.0 MS Visual Studio.Net 2005 Internet Information Server (IIS) MS SQL Server 2000 Windows Installer 3.1APPLICATIONS: 1. Deductive Agencies 2. Military Sector 3. Banks Z Technologies www.ztech.ininfo@ztech.incall : 91760 91765