TailCurrent Enagagement and Methodology Overview


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This is an overview of the TailCurrent Lead Generation Methodology

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  • 70% of emails globally are delivered to spam folders. It is often times one way communication. With us it is two way communication. One of the first challenges of personalized email marketing is making sure the email reaches the inbox. We use a standard that tells the recipient that it originates from genuine servers. We have that plugin. Then there is a digital key – we have a private key that we digitally sign and it matches the public key on the recipients end. Return Path certifies their signature, so with all those things we end up with a 97-98% delivery rate. Our technology allows us to reach much higher. We are also CanSpam compliant and more with our policy controls. MailGun is a rackspace subsidiary. We use some of their program hooks to help us with our feedback loop.
  • Launching staggered campaigns allows us to PDCA and shorten our learning curve. Campaign management is our proprietary technology. Someday we may make that UI simpler and license our software. On average 50 emails are sent each day during the launch week. Then as they progress they slowly ramp up by ten additional emails eventually reaching an avg of 120 emails per day at the peak of the campaigns. They constantly design and modify campaigns throughout our relationship with our client.
  • Lead: interested nowHot: Interested but have not expressed time or have asked us to reach back out at a later dateCold: Not interestedNegative: Remove, Do not contact, etc… automatically noted by our technology and that contact is frozen.
  • TailCurrent Enagagement and Methodology Overview

    1. 1. TailCurrent Overview TailCurrent is a B2B Lead Generation Company TailCurrent provides fast and scalable lead generation throughPersonalized Email Marketing.
    2. 2. Why TailCurrent ?: First Leads within 4 weeks of start of engagement: Easy to scale up or down; Open new geographies within 4 weeks.: We charge only for qualified leads.: Team has experience of generating sales qualified leads frommarkets across the world.Quick ResultsScalablePay for PerformanceProven Success
    3. 3. WeekUnderstanding Customer Sales ProcessCampaign Design, Funnel Building and Account SetupCampaign LaunchAppointment Setting ProcessResearchCampaign Management1 2 3-4 5 6-12How do we generate leads ?
    4. 4. WeekUnderstanding Customer Sales Process 21 3-4 5 6-12Products/ServicesTarget GeographyTarget IndustryDecision MakersCommon ChallengesCurrent ProcessExample of Sales DealsCustomer AnalystUnderstanding Customer Sales ProcessLead Qualification CriteriaIndustry ReportsCase StudiesWhitepapersWebsite Content
    5. 5. AnalystKnowledge TransferCampaign Design InputsResearch TeamResearch 21 3-4 5 6-12Research on Eco SystemIndustry sizeCurrent Market trendsBudget AllocationRoles of Decision MakersSeasonal TransitionSources of the CompaniesTotal Customer baseMarketing CollateralCompetitor CollateralSales ProcessUnderstandingCustomer SalesProcessLead QualificationCriteriaWeek
    6. 6. Research TeamFund ManagementHedge Funds Investment BanksEuropeAsset MgmtAUM 1BN-10 BNT+0 CampaignCFO/COOUSAWealth MgmtSystem ConsultingCampaignHead of Operations,FinanceMiddle EastAUM >350MNCTO CampaignCTO, Head of ITCampaignsCampaign FunnelsCampaign Design and Funnel Building 21 3-4 5 6-12ListingMappingMiningWeek
    7. 7. CustomerAnalystCampaign DraftsSales Pitch CampaignAwareness CampaignDisclaimerSales Bridge NumberDo Not Contact ListAdvanced mail deliverability setup– DKIM/SPF/Dedicated IPSPAM Feedback loop SetupOutlook ConfigurationTailCurrent Proprietary CRM SetupAccount SetupTechnical TeamAccount Setup 21 3-4 5 6-12Week
    8. 8. Campaign Launch 21 3-4 5 6-12DAY -1DAY -2DAY -3DAY -4DAY -5Launch System Consulting CampaignWeekLaunch Fund Management CampaignLaunch CTO Campaign Launch Hedge Funds CampaignLaunch T+0 Campaign
    9. 9. CONTINUEMODIFYSTOPCONTINUEHedge Funds Campaign - Response ManagementT+0 CampaignCTO CampaignSystem Consulting CampaignFund Management CampaignLeadColdNegativeHotResearch TeamTailCurrent Proprietary CRMResponse AnalysisMarket InsightsPeriodic ReportsCampaign Management 21 3-4 5 6-12Week
    10. 10. T+0 campaign CTO campaignLeadResearch Team ForwardsAnalystAUM > 350MNCOOMid / Back Office ReqMeeting with a DemoLead QualifiedContext (Call/Meeting)Company ProfileKey Decision MakersCampaign DetailsCalendar InviteLead DisqualifiedLEAD ACCEPTEDFormat ExchangeLeadResearch Team ForwardsAnalystNo need, but ready to learnCall me anytimeMid / Back Office ReqMeeting with a DemoAppointment Setting Process
    11. 11. Do Not Contact List ManagementSpam Feedback LoopCustomer Periodic UpdatesDNC from customer endList of nurturing LeadsResponse UpdatesCold Response: Give themCooling off period 1 MonthNegative Response: NeverTouch ThemMarketer OutlookDNC List1. Avet Capital2. KS Capital3. TechnologyCrossover Ventures4. Ada Investments
    12. 12. Geography Served Industry Segments Decision MakersCFO, Revenue ManagerCMO, VP Digital Marketing Brand ManagerDirector IT/QA, Head of Testing, CTOEurope / UKAPACUSAMiddle EastTailCurrent ReachHealthcareRetailISVCOO, Partners, Head of Operations/FinanceBFSI
    13. 13. """Customers SpeakTailCurrent has enabled us to generate real customerinterest instead of casual and noisy traffic. Our investmenthas been paid many times over in a few short weeks.Founder and CEOOne of the worlds largestsoftware testing companiesAs discussed, please do congratulate your team on thelead that has now become a deal.Please have them go for a dinner and drinks and includethat in your next invoice to usExecutive Vice PresidentOne of the leading IT Services CompanyThe other Michigan based opportunity that camethrough you was closed last week. we are waiting fortheir data dump to work on – Thank youA nice hot lead on a cold Monday morning.Director SalesOne of the leading providers ofCustomer Loyalty and CRM SolutionsThis is a very good lead - The company is a potentialmajor prospect for us and we have tried to get into thisaccount before. Thanks for getting us in!“ “"Founder and Directorleading provider of Revenue Cycle ManagementHealthcare industry - US“ “"Director SalesOne of the leading providers of onlineAdvertisement platform - UK“““ “““
    14. 14. Next Steps …1. Give us a brief of your services, markets and target customers. Define lead qualification criteria Define geography or vertical to target.2. We come back with a pilot proposal. Number of leads in pilot. Time frame of pilot. Cost of pilot, Cost per lead in the pilot. Support required to execute campaigns.