The place we_call_home_zsp6_sp_27_prezentacja


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The place we_call_home_zsp6_sp_27_prezentacja

  1. 1. Primary School nr 27 in Rzeszów – POLAND.
  2. 2. ZSP No 6 - Primary School No 27 – the front viewOur School consists two modules: Public Kindergarten No 21and Public Primary School No 27.
  3. 3. The Primary School No 27 in Rzeszów is: a modern building consisting of three segments and a gym, football, volleyball and basketball fields, and a tennis court well-equipped classrooms a modern computer room with the connection to the Internet a common room a library a canteen a dentist room a hygienist’s room
  4. 4. The mission of our school is:- educating children and adolescents on the level which will guarantee them a solid preparation for further education- providing well-organised and attractive classes in a well-equipped school- developing children’s interests and gifts- passing on some positive educational values- equipping the students with the knowledge and abilities useful in the process of further education- meeting the challenges of modern life- preparing the children to become the citizens of the United Europe
  5. 5. The Commemorating Plate withthe Picture of the School’s Patron
  6. 6. It is a tradition in Poland that schools take names after famousand well-known people.The teachers show a particular person as a pattern to follow for thestudents. Fifteen years ago our school took a name after a very famous, worldwide known Polish composer, pianist and politician who was also a Prime Minister of the Polish Government – Ignacy Jan Paderewski. Marshal Pilsudski and Prime Minister Paderewski .
  7. 7. The school corridor.
  8. 8. Class „0” , 6 years old children
  9. 9. Classrooms
  10. 10. The lesson of science.
  11. 11. Elementary education classrooms
  12. 12. Computer room
  13. 13. Language laboratory
  14. 14. Gym
  15. 15. The school’s common room
  16. 16. The reading room
  17. 17. Library
  18. 18. Canteen
  19. 19. THE END