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How NOT TO KILL your startup


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A slidepack for the presentation, based on my article:
how NOT TO KILL your startup

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How NOT TO KILL your startup

  1. 1. How NOT TO KILL your startup Zsombor Vasvari 2014 Nov
  2. 2. Follow the money
  3. 3. Build, what customers…
  4. 4. Pivot fast
  5. 5. Make developers part of the team
  6. 6. Don’t go virtual on the core team
  7. 7. Customers first opinion, money, attention, time
  8. 8. Spend on necessities only •MVP •jkj MVP Marketing Customer contact Final product
  9. 9. Be, where your customers are
  10. 10. Don’t choose a cheap location
  11. 11. Choose your industry wisely
  12. 12. Thank you!