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From Water For Water Italy


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Published in: Business, Technology
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From Water For Water Italy

  1. 1. “ From water for water” project Maria B. & Fausto M.Giulia & Giovanni 5F M. Mazzini – Genova Italy 2008/09 We are collecting plastic tops, we send them to a factory involved in recycling special waste. With the proceeds we can contribute to build 8 wells in some villages in Tanzania. We can contribute to save our environment too.
  2. 2. We can collect big amounts of plastic tops from bottles of milk, water, drinks, orange juice, jars… The tops must be made of PE plastic
  3. 3. They need water to wash their clothes, dishes, to wash themselves, not only to drink.
  4. 4. Tanzania is a big country in Africa. They have some problems with water . They haven’t got water everywhere. People have to walk several kilometres to get water. They dig the ground looking for water , then carry it back to their villages… Quality of water is not the best
  5. 5. New well in Malungo Village, Tanzania. They are showing how to take water from the well. There’s a pump. The children fill the tanks and buckets. They can carry 10, 12 litres of water. It’s very hard!
  6. 6. We often loose water, we don’t close the taps and let water run away A little boy uses a leaf as a glass to drink water We have to help our planet. We must stop bad habits and start saving water! Little children are in a line to wash their hands at school