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  1. 1. Volume 30 | Number 3 | June/July 2008 CONTENTS President’s Message . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1 Kari McConnell, SOHN President President’s Message Congress Highlights . . . . . . . . . . . .2-4 Meet the Candidates . . . . . . . . . . . .4 Nothing great was ever Chair: Wendy Mackey, Adult ORL Issues Chair: Welcome New Members . . . . . . . . . .5 achieved without Penny Fisher and our Comprehensive ORL and enthusiasm. Head-Neck Nursing Course Coordinator: Erin - Ralph Waldo Emerson Committee Corner . . . . . . . . . . . . . .11 Ross, for facilitating this superb educational event. Dear SOHN Colleagues, The ENT-NF Board of Directors also met Calendar of Events . . . . . . . . . . . . .12 Just a few days ago I returned from our suc- during this time to discuss and finalize our ENT- cessful Spring Seminar Series and 22nd Annual NF special event plans for the upcoming SOHN Pediatric ORL Nursing Spring Meeting held at 32nd Annual Congress and Nursing Symposium, the beautiful JW Marriott Grande Lakes Resort September 19–23, 2008 at the Hyatt Regency in Orlando, Florida. This year our attendees McCormick Place, Chicago, Illinois. The ENT- enjoyed taking in the hot Florida sun, as much as NF Board is very excited about our Congress this they did taking in the marvelous educational ses- year and you should be too! sions offered at our meeting. My sincere thanks Our theme this year is “The Winds of to all of you who attended this spring education- Change: ORL Nursing 2008”. I feel this theme is al event, as well as those who participated as especially appropriate for all of us working in speakers. I was truly inspired by the passionate health care today, as we face constant change, and dedicated ORL nurses who willingly shared new technology and greater challenges within their professional advice and approaches to our collective practices every day. These daily patient care with such amazing enthusiasm. challenges cause us to expend so much of our This educational experience would not take time and energy that we often wonder if we can place without the support of the Ear, Nose and continue to give so much of ourselves to the pro- Throat Nursing Foundation (ENT-NF) and the fession. An event as special as our Annual efforts of our educational planning team. I SOHN Congress is needed – for some of us would like to personally thank our Education required – to recharge our personal nursing bat- Director: Lorie Sparacino, Pediatric ORL Issues teries, renew our spirits and inspire us to improve nursing practice to achieve our personal goal of providing excellence in ORL patient care. Society of Otorhinolaryngology PRESORTED Those of you who have attended our SOHN STANDARD MAIL and Head-Neck Nurses, Inc. Congress in the past are already acquainted with U.S. POSTAGE PAID Dubuque, IA 202 Julia Street the “amazing effect” this event has on both our PERMIT NO. 184 personal and professional lives. Congress New Smyrna Beach, FL 32168 reignites the inner flame of our passion for the profession, while rewarding us with a new out- look and an improved attitude toward our careers. I am so pleased Congress will begin this year with our Keynote Speaker: Dave Rodney. Dave Continued on page 2
  2. 2. Update is a publication Continued from page 1 es in this national forum and pointed out that we of the Society of Rodney is a successful, high-energy, goal-orient- share many common goals. He recently viewed our website and was impressed with the vision ed humanitarian who not only risked his life Otorhinolaryngology and climbing to the top of the world’s highest moun- and mission of SOHN, as well as our tobacco Head-Neck Nurses, Inc. cessation information, which is a topic he also tain, Mt. Everest, he did so twice! Dave will feels strongly about. Dave is truly looking for- share with us what it took him both physically ward to speaking to us as our Keynote, as well and psychologically to achieve his goals and President as meeting all of you in Chicago. what he has done since to help others through If you have never attended our Congress his multiple works of charity. I believe Dave Kari McConnell RN CORLN before, please consider this event the perfect will inspire all of us to take the necessary steps Vice President opportunity to re-energize your nursing spirit, so toward achieving our personal goals and over- make your plans to attend our Congress now! coming our daily challenges with integrity. I Lucille Kingston MS RN CPNP CORLN recently spoke to Dave regarding our Congress Secretary and his enthusiasm and excitement for speaking Kari E. McConnell to our attendees was palpable. Dave expressed Janice Adams BSN MPA CORLN to me how honored he is to speak to ORL nurs- Kari E McConnell, RN CORLN – President, SOHN Treasurer Linda Meason BSN RN CORLN 32nd Annual Congress and Please Send Publication Information to the Editor Nursing Symposium Sandra L. Schwartz MS RN CORLN Executive Director September 19-23, 2008~Hyatt Regency McCormick Place SOHN National Headquarters Chicago, Illinois 202 Julia Street New Smyrna Beach, FL 32168 H i g h l i g h t s o f t h e w e e k in c l u d e : See the May Update for Registration Forms, Phone: 386-428-1695 or register online at 0 Keynote Speaker, Dave Rodney, brings us Chicago, Illinois ~ “SOHN’s Kind of Town” “Lessons from Everest”. Fax: 386-423-7566 and host city for SOHN’s 32nd Annual l Featured Speaker, Eva Grayzel, will share E-mail: Congress offers bold activities, amazing archi- with us her story of survival. Website: tecture and a one-of-a-kind arts scene. Theaters, l Closing Day Speakers, David Parsons, SOHN National Headquarters an aquarium, and unmatched museums await, MD and our own Connie Lusk, will chal- 202 Julia Street not to mention Chicago’s adrenaline-packed lenge us with their presentation on “ORL sports and recreational opportunities. Medical Missions”. l Invited Guest Speaker, Mary Alice Lavin, T hings You W ill Love A bo u t Ch ic ago RN, MJ, CIC will reveal the latest in 1. Feeling the crisp, refreshing Lake Michigan “Infectious Diseases 2008”. breezes from aboard a cruise boat. l Join SOHN President, Kari McConnell, 2. Digging into a deep-dish pie at famous aboard the Mystic Blue Cruise Ship for Pizzeria Uno. the President’s Reception, Saturday 3. Strolling along Michigan Avenue, one of Evening September 20. Dance with the New Smyrna Beach, FL 32168 the world’s greatest thoroughfares. SOHN Stars while enjoying a delightful (386) 428-1695 4. Marveling at Sue, the largest, most com- dinner buffet and the dazzling Chicago sky plete T. Rex skeleton ever found, on view at line. the Field Museum. l Headlining for the first time this year is 5. Taking in the city skyline during a morning the “Sweet Success Event” on Monday The Update is Published for SOHN by jog along the Lakeshore path or during evening, September 21 from 6:30 – 9:00 “Stepping Forward for the Foundation”. PM. Sweet Success will feature the 6. Gazing down on the bustle of Michigan Chapter Showcase, the SOHN and ENT- Avenue and Oak Street Beach from the NF Awards, Scholarships and Lectureship 96th floor Hancock Observatory. recipients, the exciting ENT-NF Raffle 7. Catching tomorrow’s Saturday Night Live Drawings and decadent desserts. stars today at sketch comedy palace, The 0 Another not-to-be-missed event is the For Advertising Information on the Update, Second City. Government Relations Luncheon on ORL-Head and Neck Nursing or for 8. That wonderfully nasal “sheh-Cah-go” accent. Monday afternoon, September 21 at 11:45 information on publishing your corporate 9. Exploring Chicago’s diverse neighbor- AM. Highlighting this session is guest newsletter, contact us at 800-977-0474, hoods, from Lincoln Park to Chinatown. speaker Michael Maves, MD, Executive or 10. Finding your reflection in “the Bean” at Vice President and Chief Executive Officer Millennium Park. of the American Medical Association. Dr. 2 o Update June/July 2008
  3. 3. Keynote Speaker Maves is a practicing Otolaryngologist, a past Nursing Foundation and is a long-time friend of Executive Vice President of the American the Society. Lessons From Everest For more information on Congress 2008 Academy of Otolaryngology- Head and Neck happenings, refer to the Noteworthy Courses Surgery and a recipient of SOHN’s Presidential Dave Rodney and Events Section. Citation Award. Dr. Maves was instrumental in the formation of the Ear, Nose and Throat Saturday, Sept. 20 2:15 p.m. Dave Rodney (BA, Noteworthy Courses & Events BEd, MRE) is one of the few in world histo- ry to summit the Ad vancin g Ev id enc e-Based Pr actice in nurse who is new in the otolaryngology world's tallest moun- O R L N u rsing: S t ra te gies to Move specialty or for the seasoned ORL nurse tain, Mt. Everest, not For wa r d seeking a good review. just once...but twice! Marita Titler PhD RN FAAN Mr. Rodney's efforts transcend mountaineering Laura Cullen MA RN APN Ad va n c e d P ractice expeditions. He has also achieved much in Michelle Farrington BSN RN Fle xib le & Rigid N aso laryng oscop y business, education, charity work, and public C o u r se & P ra cti cu m Friday, September 19, 1:00 – 5:00 p.m. service. He is the president and CEO of (ticketed course – additional charge) Friday, September 19, 1:00 – 5:00 p.m. SpiritQuest Enterprises, an internationally (ticketed course – additional charge) Hear nursing’s foremost experts on evi- renowned keynote speaker/educator/filmmak- dence-based practice (EBP). Learn practi- Didactic information and hands on prac- er/writer, co-founder of the “Top of the World cal strategies for nurses to apply EBP in tice to develop the skill of performing flexi- Society for Children”, and an elected legislative ble and rigid nasolaryngoscopy. Note: their professional environment. EBP is representative. Dave has been named Participants must have a Masters degree or becoming the standard in nursing as nurses “Humanitarian of the Year” and “Top Alumni of higher with graduate education as a Clinical no longer can rely on ritual to care for the Century” by his Alma Mater, is a recipient Nurse Specialist or Nurse Practitioner. patients – they must use best evidence to of the “Queen's Golden Jubilee Medallion for support their practice at the bedside. Community Service”, and is on the list of I n s id e r ’s Secrets to Congr ess 2008 “Presidential ‘Who’s Who’ of Leaders & O R L P h a rmacolo gy C o u rse Saturday, September 20, 9:00 – 9:50 a.m. Executives, 2008”. Friday, September 19, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Each year a number of attendees come to (ticketed course – additional charge) SOHN’s Congress for the first time. If you Featured Speaker Topics include: are a first-timer, choose to attend the First- • Better Treatments for AOM, OME, Time Attendee Orientation. First-Timers TTO, OE and Otomycosis will be greeted by SOHN’s National Oops, Stage IV • Subacute Bacterial Endocarditis Congress Planning Committee and many Oral Cancer? Prophylaxis volunteers who have “been there and done • Pain Management at the End of Life that”. In addition to meeting other first-time Medical • Migraine Associated Vertigo: Appro- attendees, you will hear insider’s secrets to Errors from a priate Treatment and Referral help you get the most out of Congress • Parotitis and Sialoadenitis 2008. Seating is limited – Register by Patient’s • Bugs and Drugs: How to Choose August 27. Only pre-registered participants Antibiotic Therapy Appropriately may attend this event. Perspective • Pharmacotherapy in Sudden Sensor- Eva Grayzel ineural Hearing Loss SOHN’s P resident’s Rece p ti o n Mystic Blue Dinner Cruise Monday, Sept. 22 C o m p rehensive O R L N u rsi ng C ou rse 10:45–11:45 a.m. Saturday, September 20, Friday, September 19, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. 7:00 – 10:30 p.m. Eva Grayzel conveys her inspiring story in (ticketed course – additional charge (ticketed event – additional charge) the powerful way only a master storyteller can. includes lunch) Join President, Kari McConnell for She motivates listeners to embrace life, work, The overall purpose of this course is to a magical evening of excellent food, and all the people therein as she shares the pro- provide the ORL nurse with an overview of magnificent dancing with the SOHN found knowledge she attained while battling common ear, nose and throat problems/ dis- Stars, and unforgettable views of the Stage IV oral cancer. With engaging vocal orders and their management. The material Chicago skyline. Enjoy a 3-hour scenic expression, Eva highlights concrete skills for has been divided into sections to include: cruise featuring Chicago’s glittering helping yourself and others through life’s dark Otology; Disorders of the Nose, Sinuses skyline; a dinner buffet menu featuring moments. Through intimate details of her family and Oral Cavity; Pediatric Otolaryngology; a salad bar, main entrees, side dishes life and support network, Eva allows us to Head and Neck Disorders; and Treatment and desserts, all freshly prepared on explore our work’s purpose and renew our dedi- Modalities for Head & Neck Cancer. Each board; and an interactive DJ. This will cation. With charisma and sincerity, Eva infuses of the anatomical sections will review the be a SOHN affair to remember! her entertaining presentation with stories that normal anatomy, common disorders, etiolo- evoke passion and inspire change. gy, symptoms, diagnostic evaluation and management. The course is ideal for the June/July 2008 Update o 3
  4. 4. E N T-NF Even t s Sunday, September 21, 7:00 – 8:00 a.m. Society of Rise and shine and put your best foot The Ear, Nose and Throat Nursing forward for The Foundation on Sunday Otorhinolaryngology & Foundation is pleased to present and morning from 7:00 am to 8:00 a.m. Start underwrite the following sessions this year: Head-Neck Nurses 32nd your day with an energetic, fun-filled walk led by SOHN leaders along beautiful Lake Lois M oore Ro ge rs Ped iat ric Annual Congress Michigan and raise money for ORL nurs- O t o l a r yngolo gy L ec t u reship ing education and scholarships. Each regis- Register Early Advocating Gardasil in the Prevention of trant will receive an ENT-NF t-shirt. The Respiratory Papillomas • Save Money $25 fee is tax deductible. Pre-registration is Paula Dimmitt MS RN CPNP encouraged; however congress attendees Saturday, September 20, 3:45-4:45 pm • Save Time will also be able to register at the SOHN Highlights registration booth until the close of regis- K a l y n n Q u i n n H e n s l e y H e ad - tration on Saturday. Breathtaking views of Nec k / L a r yn g olo gy L e c t u res h ip • Keynote Address Dave Rodney Chicago’s waterfront are promised along A Multidisciplinary Approach to the Lessons from Mt. Everest the way! Evaluation and Treatment of Laryngological Disorders • Featured Speaker T h e Sw e e t Su c c e s s E v e n t Eva Grayzel Edie R. Hapner PhD CCC-SLP Oops, Stave IV Oral Cancer? Medical Monday, September 22, 6:30 – 9:00 p.m. Sunday, September 21, 10:30 – 11:30 p.m. Errors from a Patient’s Perspective The Chapter Showcase returns again this year. Visit the chapter booths during • Poster Displays C y n t h i a M ab ry O to l a ryng ic Allergy the “Sweet Success” event while indulging L e c t u re s h i p • Comprehensive ORL – Head and Neck in a tantalizing dessert paired with a com- Pediatric Eosinophilic Esophagitis Nursing Course plimentary glass of wine. The ENT-NF Wendy Kochevar RN CPNP • ORL Nursing Pharmacology Course Raffle drawing will highlight the gather- Sunday, September 21, 12:45 – 1:45 p.m. ing. S t e p p i n g Fo r w a r d Fo r T h e Fo u n d a t i o n • More Than 60 Educational Offerings • Exhibits • Research Forum Election Notice Join us for • President’s Reception The Slate of Candidates for the SOHN Election 2008 is presented on the following pages. All Full • ENT-NF Annual Raffle Members of SOHN are eligible to vote. Voting shall take place at the SOHN Annual Congress. Full Members who do not attend Congress may request an absentee ballot (by filling out a “Request for • Annual Business Meeting Absentee Ballot” form printed on page 8). A “Request for Absentee Ballot” form must be received by • Ear, Nose and Toes Morning Walk SOHN no later than August 15, 2008. The deadline for receipt of the absentee ballot in the SOHN office is September 5, 2008. See the May Update for Registration Forms or register online at Meet the Candidates ENT-NF Annual Raffle Candidate for the Position of: • Clinical Care Coordination “Star” Clinic Award: Hospital Dentistry, 2002. President-Elect • Semi-finalist for Clinical Nurse Excellence C i n d y J. Da wson, MSN, RN , C O R L N Celebrate “The Winds of Change: ORL Award, Leadership, 2004 and 2006. Years of SOHN Membership: 23 Nursing 2008” by investing in your • “Improving Our Workplace Award” by the E d u c a t i on al Foundation! You’re invited to all the excite- University of Iowa Worklife Program for B ac k g r o u n d ment and fun of the Ear, Nose and Throat Patient Education, 2006. • University of Nursing Foundation’s “Sweet Success” • Outstanding Service Award” from SOHN, Iowa – BSN Raffle. This event offers participants an 2006. • University of opportunity to purchase chances to win out- • Chaired workgroup revising Scope and Phoenix – MSN standing and “outrageous” prizes, while mak- Standards of Otorhinolaryngology and S i g n i fi c a n t ing a valuable contribution to ORL nursing Head and Neck Nursing Practice, 2005- Ac hievemen ts/ scholarships. You must be present to win. 2008. C a re e r H i g h l i g h t s • CORLN 1996-present. • Ambulatory (Drawings will be held on Monday, Co mmittee Wo r k (Unive rsity of Iowa ) Clinic Operations September 22 at the Sweet Success Event) • Department of Nursing Human Resources Management and Committee, 1996-present. Performance for • Recognition Day Committee, 2001-present. Otolaryngology Clinic by Clinical Care Check out Update Online In '09 • Value Analysis Program: Establish Coordination, 2001. 4 o Update June/July 2008
  5. 5. 2008 SOHN Summer Standard Protocol for use of High Level 1997. Disinfection Team, 2000. • Member of Evidence-Based Practice Regional Program • Department of Nursing Patient Education Project, “Patient Education Pre and Post Committee, 2004-present. Otologic Surgery,” 2005-2006. Rock On With ORL • Cancer Fatigue Task Force, 2004-2006. • Leading a taskforce on evidence-based tra- • Planning Committee for “The Manager’s cheostomy care, 2006-present. Nursing Affilia tio n w ith S O HN a n d o th e r Role in Evidence-Based Practice” CEU, P rof essional Organ iz ations 2005. • Chair for Ambulatory Care Protocol • Test Writer for Certification Exam, 1992- J uly 12, 2008 Taskforce, 2007-present. 1993. E m b a s s y S u i t e s - B e e c h w o od • Taskforce on Electronic Medical Record • Founding member of the Heartland Cleve l an d, Ohio Implementation, 2007-present. Regional Chapter of SOHN, 1996-1997. • President of Heartland Regional Chapter, P u b l ic a t i o n s Presentations on: 1996-1998. • Iowa Head and Neck Protocols: Surgery, BAHA • Member of National Education Committee. Nursing, and Speech Pathology. Henry Nasal Irrigations • Board of Director, 2002-2004. Hoffman M.D., Gerry Funk, M.D., Sinusitis Update • Chair of National Practice Committee, Timothy McCulloch, M.D., Scott Graham, Facial Trauma 2004-2007. M.D., Cindy Dawson, R.N., Kari Cancer Survivorship Panel • Manuscript Reviewer, 2005-present. Fitzpatrick, R.N. and Michael Karnell, The Cleveland Chapter Reorganization • Co-chair for Education Program, 2005- Ph.D. Singular Publishing, 2000. Meeting will follow the program. 2006. • “Standard High Level Disinfection • Representative from SOHN to Guidelines Protocol Development,” 2003, ORL-Head Contact SOHN Headquarters for more infor- Development Taskforce of AAO-HNS, and Neck Nursing. C. Dawson, R. Nielsen, mation: or phone 386- 2006-present. D. Dawson. • Co-chair National Practice and Research 428-1695. • Spotlight on Research: Nurse Practitioner’s Committee, 2008. Knowledge, Practice and Attitudes About A Warm Welcome to • Sigma Theta Tau Tobacco Cessation and Lung Cancer • American Organization for Nurse Screening, 2004, ORL-Nursing. New SOHN Members Executives • Patient Assessment”, Head and Neck Q u a l i f i c a t i o n s fo r t h i s P o s i t i o n Cancer, ONS, Pittsburgh, PA. 2006. • Management and leadership experience at Lyd ia A rr ia ga B e r n a d e t t e M i t c h e ll • Core Curriculum for Otorhinolaryngology The University of Iowa Hospitals and Baton Rouge, LA & Head-Neck Nursing, 2008. Chapter Kidlington, Oxford Clinics for over 26 years. reviewer. United Kingdom S u s a n B ra ga n • Active involvement in SOHN R e s e a r ch / E v i d e n c e - b a s e d P r ac t i ce Little Sutton, • Coordinating education programs. • Principal Investigator for the study K a t h r y n O c a ll a g h a n Cheshire, England • Participating in research and evidence- “Quality of Life: Impact of Head and Neck Nashua, NH based practice. R e n e e C h a m b e r l a in Cancer”-1993-1995 with M. Means, RN, • Involvement in validating practice. Cedar Rapids, IA K. Hanrahan, RN, M. Colwill RN, M. • Mentoring and encouraging ORL nurses to Aimee Pe i rce Boyd RN, M. Titler, RN Ph.D, Dr. G. Te rr y G aynes present, publish and have a voice in nursing. Deptford, NJ Funk, Dr. H. Hoffman, and Dr. T. Lyons, IL P o si t i o n S t a t e m e n t McCulloch. Over the last three decades, I have cared • Member of research utilization committee Ang e l a G r ig gs C h e r y l Pu c c i London, England -Continued on page 6 on split-thickness skin graft donor site care, Oshkosh, WI Su e M . H a d de n J o n at h a n Ra m o s Ann Arbor, MI Cincinnati, OH S u sa n M . H o l m e s Wayne, PA Attention All SOHN Students!!!!!!! E mi l y S a n d e r s Tampa, FL K r is ti n I l le s We want to help PAY for your professional education! Lafayette, IN Apply by July 1st for an educational scholarship to pursue your H e a t h e r S c h w a r tz M e g Ja co b s Mt Laurel, NJ studies Novato, CA M a rga re t S u m n e r • Allied Health to BSN degree M a ry Anne Ketch am Seattle, WA Florence, MS • RN to BSN degree • Graduate Degree M a ry Swallow C yn t h i a M a l l o n Philadelphia, PA Littleton, CO Scholarship Awards $1,000—$1,500 Nan cy Vysoky D i a n e M c B r i ne Madison, WI Tweksbury, MA June/July 2008 Update o 5
  6. 6. Continued from page 5 • 2005 SOHN Congress Chair nursing and SOHN. Nursing faces the chal- • 2004 SOHN Congress Co-Chair lenges of on-going advances in medical tech- for ORL patients, educated staff, participated • 2003-2005 Board Liaison to the Education nology, the nursing shortage, and downsizing in research and validated practice through Committee and restructuring in health care. As a small guideline development from a SOHN enriched • 2000-2002 Co-leader of Pediatric Special and very unique specialty we must continue to knowledge base. Now I would like to play a Interest Group find innovative ways to survive in the ever major role in the future of SOHN. The organi- • 1999-present member of the National changing health care system. zation has prepared me through mentoring and Education Committee My platform as leader will include listen- encouragement. My goal is to exceed the • 1998-2000 Nominating Committee ing to members, looking for new opportunities acceptable and strive for the exceptional as • 1999-2000 Chair of the Nominating that will help us to move forward as nurses in President-Elect. I will consider it a great Committee our very unique specialty and to cultivate honor to serve and lead SOHN! • 1995-present Nurse Planner for National innovative ideas for the growth of SOHN. I Candidate for the Position of: Education Committee will continue to support my colleagues in Q u a l i fi c a t i o n s fo r t h i s P o s i t i o n ORL and educate our members about the President-Elect • Active member of SOHN since 1982 importance of the Ear, Nose and Throat Lucille M. Kingston, MSN, RN , P N P, • Certified in ORL Nursing since 1993 Foundation. Insuring the growth of the ENT- AP RN, BC, C O R L N • 2006-present Vice President of SOHN NF will be critical for the future of SOHN, Years of SOHN Membership: 26 • 2006-present Vice President of ENT-NF and an important part of my tenure as presi- E d u c a ti o n a l • 2003-2005 Board of Director for SOHN dent. Ba c k g r o u n d • 2000-2002 Co-leader of the Pediatric SIG As your President-Elect I am sure I will • Buffalo General Group have opportunities to learn from our current School of Nursing – My active involvement in SOHN demon- President and as I continue to learn the intri- Diploma 1975 strates by commitment and dedication to the cacies of SOHN. While serving my term as • SUNYAB – BSN organization. Serving in multiple roles in lead- President, with my passion for SOHN and 1980 erships roles has prepared me well to be able ORL nursing, I look forward to leading one • SUNYAB – MS, accept the responsibilities for the position of small part of the journey along with Board of PNP 1991 President. Directors, on behalf of our members, while • Certified Pediatric P o si t i o n S t a t e m e n t we all commit to improving the heart and soul Nurse Practitioner, As a member of SOHN for 26 years, I con- of our organization. American Nurses Credentialing Center tinue to see the best in nursing care for ORL Candidate for the Position of: since 1992 patients embedded in the fabric of our mis- Vice President • Certified in ORL Nursing since 1993 by sion. ORL nurses are the nursing experts in National Certifying Board of Otolaryn- our specialty providing excellent care for M a r y B . H u n t o o n , M SN , R N gology and Head and Neck Nurses patients with ear, nose and throat problems. It Years of SOHN Membership: 26 Signific an t Ac hieve m e n ts /C a reer High lights is through the principles and philosophy of E d u c at i on al • 26 years experience in ORL Nursing SOHN that our strategic plan can guide us to B ac k g r o u n d : • 2005 Lois Moore Rogers Lectureship continue to provide a high standard of care to • MSN - Boston Award our patients. Through educational programs University • 2004-2005 Empires Who’s Who, Inc. and research in otolaryngology and head and • BSN - Duke • 2002- ENT-NF Fun Run Winner – 2nd neck nursing we show our commitment to University Sigma Place, On-going Ear Nose and Throat excellence in ORL patient care. Our member- Theta Tau Foundation Contributor ship in SOHN provides us an avenue to con- SO H N: • Presented numerous papers at SOHN tinue to achieve excellence by encouraging • 2008 - Co-Editor of Annual Congress and the SOHN Spring certification, mentoring and providing educa- Core Curriculum for Meeting tional opportunities for our members Otorhinolaryngology • 1993 Development of a Tracheotomy Care As a leader in various capacities it has been and Head – Neck Manual for Parents an honor, and a privilege to serve the member- Nursing (Second P u b l ic a t i o n s ship of SOHN over the past years. As my Edition) • Development and Assessment of a Home participation increased I became knowledge- • 2004- 2008 Board of Directors Care Tracheotomy Manual. L.Kingston, able in the operations of SOHN and have • 2006- 2008 Member of Scope and PNP, L.Brodsky, MD, M.Volk, MD, and learned the importance of carefully listening Standards, Bylaws, Policy, Job Description J.Staniviech, MD: Int.J.Ped.Otolaryngol to the members. It is necessary that we work and Evaluation Revisions Committees pp: 213-222, 1995. together to continue to advance the practice • 2007- 2008 Liaison to Nominating • Common Topics in Pediatric Otolaryn- of ORL nursing. The opportunities for leader- Committee gology. L.Kingston, PNP, M.Pizzuto, MD, ship have allowed me to become a better prac- • 2004- 2007 Liaison to Nursing Practice M.Volk, MD: Ped.Clin.NA: pp 9, 73-1012, titioner and a more confident and creative Committee August 1998. leader. I hope these experiences will allow me • Member - Editorial Board, ORL-Head & Affiliatio n with S OH N a nd o th er to continue the vision of SOHN and to bring Neck Nursing Journal P rofession al Orga n i za tions forward and to fruition new ideas for our • Congress - Speaker, Focus Group Leader, • Active member of Pediatric SIG members and our organization. VIP, Moderator, Coordinator, Registration • 2007 to present Comprehensive ORL and Fun Run Volunteer Over the past several years as a Board of Nursing Course Faculty • 2001- SOHN Outstanding Service Award Director and Vice President I am acutely • 2006- present Liaison to Policy Committee • 1982 to present - Member of SOHN aware of some of the challenges that face 6 o Update June/July 2008
  7. 7. Candidate for the Position of: Q u a l i fi c a t i o n s : (2006), Clinical Nurse Expert Recognition- Secretary As a longtime, active SOHN Member, I Exceptional Level from MD Anderson Cancer feel I have been able to contribute both my Center Division of Nursing (2007). Poster pres- M aggie Chesn u tt M S N F N P -C CO RLN knowledge and skills while serving on the entation - Third place award for Oral Mucositis: Years of SOHN Membership: 14 Board of Directors for the past four years. I A Painful Experience at the Thirty-first E d u c a t io n a l would be honored with the opportunity to Anniversary Congress and Nursing Symposium Ba c k g r o u n d / continue to serve in the position of Vice of the Society of Otorhinolaryngology and Ac hievemen ts/ President, as I support the President and the Awa rd s / P u b lications/ Head-Neck Nurses, Inc. President-Elect of SOHN. Thank you. C om m i t t ee s: Affiliati o n w it h S O HN / Ot h er P rofessional P o s iti o n Sta t e m e n t : O rga n i z ation s: • MSN, FNP – Emory It has been a pleasure to serve SOHN for University Nell Active member since 1988. Frequent the past four years as a member of the Board Hodgson Woodruff speaker at Annual Congress, Chapter of Directors. In addition to learning even Nursing School, President (see above). Have served on the more about the society, I have been able to Atlanta, GA 1999 Board of Directors, Nominating Committee, contribute in many ways to the organization. • BSN Nursing,– Chapter Coordinating Chairperson, Task Force I would like to continue to promote the many Georgia State Leader- Tobacco Cessation; member, activities that SOHN embraces by serving as University, Atlanta, Education Committee, Head-Neck, Outpatient your Vice President. GA 1986 and Gerontology SIGs. Co-chair for SOHN I believe that by remaining on the Board, I • BA Psychology – Maryville College, Congress Planning 2008. will be able to use my skills and abilities to con- Maryville, TN 1981 Member, Oncology Nursing Society tinue to serve SOHN as it moves into the future. • National Health Service Corp Scholar – (ONS), American Nurses Association (ANA), 1998-2002 Texas Nurses Association (TNA). Member of Candidate for the Position of: • Certified in Otorhinolaryngology (CORLN) the American Cancer Society- Fort Bend Vice President by NCBOHN – 2004-present League. S h a ro n Ja m i s o n , RN , C O R L N • Certified Family Nurse Practitioner by the Q u a l i fi c a t i o n s : Year of SOHN Membership: 20 American Academy of Nurse Practitioners Long-standing participation with SOHN. E d u c a t i on al 1999-present Management/leadership skills gained as Head B ac k g r o u n d : • ORL-Head and Neck Nursing Winter 2008, Nurse of large institution in Houston, as well Diploma degree in Vol. 26, No 1, p26, publication – book as numerous supervisory positions throughout Nursing from Altoona review my career. Presently coordinate clinic activi- Hospital School of • SOHN Membership Committee Co-chair, ties of several clinics in Texas and New Nursing (1972), Basic 2005-present Mexico. Actively involved in educational Science courses from Affilia tions efforts of our Society locally, regionally and Pennsylvania State The Society of Otorhinolaryngology Head- nationally through seminar planning commit- University. Presently Neck Nurses, Inc (SOHN) tees and National Congress Planning activi- pursuing BSN Degree • 2005 – 2007, Vice President - National SOHN ties. Cognizant of issues facing our organiza- at Angelo State • 2005 – 2007, Vice President - Ear, Nose tion in the future. P o s iti o n Sta t e m e n t : and Throat Nursing Foundation University, San • 2002 – 2004, Board of Directors - National Our Society has always been based on the Angelo, Texas. SOHN mission of providing quality education to our Significan t Ac hieve m e n t s / Ca re e r • 1994 – Present, Member of SOHN membership. My personal experience has Highlights/Awa r ds/Committee Wo r k /E tc. : Atlanta Regional Chapter of SOHN - been one of personal and professional growth Certified Otorhinolaryngology/Head-Neck Founding Member as a result of SOHN. I know that I would not Nurse (CORLN), serve as Greater Houston • 2003 – Present, Nurse Planner be the person-or nurse-I am without the Chapter President of SOHN, served on plan- • 2001 – 2003, Treasurer priceless experiences and education SOHN ning committee of the Annual Greater • 1997 – 2001, President has given to me through the years. I have Houston/ Dallas-Fort Worth Regional Other reconsidered SOHN’s value to me this past Seminars, provide ORL/H-N related podi- • 1999 – Present, Member - American year, as I have restarted my official educa- um/Power Point presentations locally, Academy of Nurse Practitioners tional path. My eyes were opened to the awe- regionally, nationally and internationally • 1999 – Present, Member - Sigma Theta Tau some power we possess as an organization over the past 6 years. Created the Fort Bend International Honor Society of Nursing, and profession. I am also overwhelmed by the Area Cancer Dialogue Support Group, Alpha Epsilon Chapter, Emory University, magnitude of experience and expertise we serves on the planning committee of the Atlanta, Georgia have accumulated in our organization. My American Cancer Society Relay For Life- • 2001 – 2007 Member - Healthcare for the work as Congress Planning Co-Chair this year Fort Bend. Team Captain of Team MD Homeless Clinicians Network has been rewarding and inspiring. I’ve always Anderson-Fort Bend, Relay For Life-Fort • 2004 – Present, Member - United felt that SOHN members were the best of the Bend. Advanced Practice Registered Nurses of best- now I know it. Awa rd s : Georgia Honor Award from SOHN (2005), Kalynn Q u a l i fi c a t i o n s Quinn Hensley Head-Neck Laryngology Huge interest, strong passion, and long- Lectureship (2005) by the Ear Nose and Throat standing history with SOHN. Nursing Foundation, nominated for the TNA Twenty Outstanding Nurses of Houston Area Continued on page 8 June/July 2008 Update o 7
  8. 8. Congratulations to our Q u a l i fi c a t i o n s : Continued from page 7 Over the last 5 years I have become P os i t i o n S t a t e m e n t CORLNs that have increasing involved with the leadership of I believe it is up to each of us to participate SOHN. As listed above my commitments to in continuing education and become active recently recertified! the organization have grown from joining professionally to make a difference in the the Membership and Education Committees care we provide for our ORL patients. I have to recently becoming National Chapter been a long-time active member of SOHN Cynthia B. Blair Coordinator and Chair of the Nominating and would like the opportunity to serve as Debra A. Cheval Committee. Having attended the Mid- secretary. I fully support the mission of Winter Board Meeting the past two years I SOHN and will bring my passion, diligence Janet G. Peterson have become well acquainted with the direc- and skills to fulfill the mission and goals of Mary R. Reichert SOHN. tion SOHN continues to move towards. I Gail Ribikawskis have the energy and talents to contribute to Candidate for the Position of: Erin J. Ross the growth Board of Director Brynne K. Seville and leadership of SOHN. Michelle Fo rcie r, BSN, RN , C N O R P o s it io n Sta t e m e n t : Ann E.F. Sievers Years of SOHN Membership: 5 The future of SOHN lies in the hands of Shannon L. Whitney E d u c a t i on al every member. To ensure the success of B ac k g r o u n d : SOHN we must continue to identify and S i g n i fi c a n t mentor our future leaders. Each member can Achievements/ contribute to the continued growth and suc- C a re e r H ig h l ig h ts / cess of the organization by volunteering their Awa rds/ Committe e time, talents and efforts to SOHN. Driven by Wo rk/ my passion for ORL nursing, once elected to P u b li c a t i o n s / O t h e r : the Board of Directors, I will continue to Request for I received my contribute all I can for SOHN to foster the BSN from Sacred professional growth of ORL nurses and con- Absentee Ballot Heart University, tinue to be the foremost organization for Fairfield, CT in 1998. ORL nurses. With the support of SOHN I achieved CNOR sta- leadership and my mentors I will continue to Please send an absentee ballot for the 2008 tus in 2007. I have had the opportunity to serve identify and mentor the future leaders that Society of Otorhinolaryngology and Head-Neck the Membership Enhancement and Education will bring continued growth and success to Nurses election. I understand that mailing of this Committees for the past four years. I have SOHN. ballot to me in the manner and form approved served as the National Chapter Coordinator Candidate for the Position of: discharges SOHN’s responsibility to me in the since 2007; Nominating Committee Chair 2008; Co-Chair of the Adult Spring Seminar matter of absentee voting. Board of Director Series 2007; Otology SIG Leader 2005-2008; I further understand that requesting an absen- E ri n Jane Ross, AP RN , MS , BC, NP, Guest Attendee at the Mid-Winter Board tee ballot removes my name from the list of eligi- C OR LN Meeting 2007; multiple speaking engagements ble voters at Congress. Absentee ballots must be Years of SOHN Membership: 13 at Annual Congresses and Spring Seminar received at SOHN Headquarters by September 5, E d u c at i on al Series. Contributed to an article on Sudden 2008. B ac k g r o u n d : Sensorineural Hearing Loss published in the “ R e q u e s t fo r A b s e n t e e B a l l o t ” • 1997-1999 - Nursing Spectrum May, 2008. m u st b e receive d at S O H N H e a d q u a rt e r s b y Master of Affiliat io n w i th S O H N/ Ot h e r P rofessional August 15, 2008. Science in Nursing, O r ga n i z a t i o n s : No “group requests” will be honored. DePaul University, In addition to the above activities in Send “Request for Absentee Ballot” to: Chicago, Illinois SOHN I am an active member of the SOHN • 1988-1990 - Association of Peri-Operative Registered 202 Julia Street Bachelor of Science Nurses. I have been a member of AORN for New Smyrna Beach, FL 32168 in Nursing, the past 8 years. Chapter 2203 activities or fax this form to 386-423-7566 Mennonite College include: currently elected to the Board of _______________________________________ of Nursing, Directors; past chair of the Bylaws Bloomington, Illinois Name Committee (4 years); member of the Annual • 1985-1988 - Nursing, Illinois State _______________________________________ Seminar and Annual Banquet and Installation University, Normal, Illinois Address of Officers Committees (5 years). I served as C e r t if i c a t i o n s _______________________________________ Chapter representative to the AORN • Certified Otorhinolaryngology and Head- City Massachusetts State Council (4 years) and Neck Nurse (CORLN) by the National _______________________________________ MA State Council Bylaws Committee Chair Certifying Board for Otorhinolaryngology State/Zip (2 years). Attendee of AORN National and Head-Neck Nurses _______________________________________ Congress 2003-2008, serving in the House of • Certified Adult Nurse Practitioner (ANP) Signature (Required to receive ballot) by the American Nurses Credentialing Delegates 2004-2008. I am listed in National Center (ANCC) Speakers’ Bureau (3 years). 8 o Update June/July 2008