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Flipping love letter


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From here you will learn to make a flipping love letter yourself.

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Flipping love letter

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  2. 2. Why we need flipping love letter?• Hey, gentlemen, in our electronic time, do you want to give your beloved lady a surprise? If so, do not miss this ppt.• I will show you how to DIY a flipping love letter. Just follow me!
  3. 3. What is flipping love letter? Traditionally we think love letter is a paper with many romantic words to express our feeling to the beloved one. In our modern days we almost lose it. Flipping love letter is an e-letter with romantic words and pictures, even flash and video to convey your affection to your valentine. Reading it is just like a real flipping papers which make you reexperience the old way of expressing love!
  4. 4. How to make flipping love letter?• Firstly, be sure you have download PDF to Flipping Book at http://www.flipping-book-• secondly, start the software and click to import your PDF file.
  5. 5.  Then, click to another dialog box. All you have to do is to click . The process will take you several seconds. As it finishes converting, you can open it and enjoy the amazing flipping love letter.
  6. 6. A brief way to make flipping loveletter... Start the software Import PDF file Enjoy the flippingConvert to flipping book love letter Convert
  7. 7. Pictures below is the screenshot